Hello AstraAngel, may I have a reading please?

  • I dont really know where to begin honestly, just have had a lot of different things happening in my life the past 2-3 years or so. I am currently on a very intense spiritual/introspective journey, in a personal development program and not completely sure where my life path will take me after this is completed.

    My love life is pretty flat at this point in time although I an focused inwardly a lot lately. There was a man in my life the past 2-3 years (initials JB aka Ronnie) but he has faded away the last 2-3 months as he suffers from PTSD from time spent in war. I love him but we cant seem to get on the same page and he is several hundred miles away 😞

    Please tell me what you see in my future for love, career or otherwise? I appreciate your time and focus.

    Love and Light,


  • Hi TheTransformed

    Okay on all that you shared... I can tell you are certainly seeking.

    Looking at some cards for you, here is what I get.

    Significator - This is the Ace of Pentacles to represent you in the reading. Which is a very wonderful card, so as "you" this seems to really say great things for you in general. New beginnings in Earth, which means your Earth life is like a new form, getting ready to hatch!

    1. This covers you, The Universe (r) - All I get is that you are certainly on the right track. This is completion and perfection anyway you look at it. You began as "the fool" and this is where you are headed, taking all of your experiences and what you learned and this is weaving an amazing story of perfection, this is represents your situation right now. Crossed with...

    2. This crosses you - The 7 of Wands. 7's are pauses, and some real deep introspection. This is crossing the Universe, so that seems to say that at this particular point in your life toward highest greatest fulfillment (Universe) you are at a "pause" of your purpose. You could be wondering a lot about your path, who you are, what really turns you on, what your passion really is. This could be experienced as some anxiety at times because you KNOW you are heading for the stars (universe) and so being very anticipative you could feel that as a little confusion at times, like "I thought I was to do this, and now I am feeling more like this (path)" so that is 7 wands, and the message is this is normal and a part of your journey, so no problems.

    3. This crowns you - the Judgment card. This is your aim right now, that is "release or freedom" in your life experience. More than anything you are aiming to be free, free to be YOU (7 wands) in whatever way that needs to be to achieve your Highest best (universe). There could be some aspects about your present life setting that is restrictive and feels like a prison almost at times, that is the way your consciousness is "interpreting" Earth life, so for some reason it is important that you feel the "cocoon" of Earth as something to be freed from. This stretches your wings in preparation for your soon coming liberation.

    4. This is beneath you - The Moon. I got you have weathered a lot emotionally so far, some really deep anguish even at times, as You contended with your emotional nature, fears, illusions, uncertainties, more fear, tears like rain, and lonely walks at midnight gazing up at the stars and the Moon. This is beneath you, the Moon at your feet. So you have achieved this, you know what this means for you, and it will always be yours.

    5. This is behind you - The Page of Cups. Okay, now right here we transition to your love life. So far it has been mostly about YOU and your path and personal journey. Now... we look at your emotional life and your relationships. You have something of your past that is a fading or receding influence that was experienced as "messages" of love, you reaching out perhaps to this man JB, Ronnie. I would say that what you felt with him was the closest you have ever come to feeling like a child again in love. So simply, it was so beautiful and perfect, and the love letters flowed from your fingers like blood of your own soul to him. So this was really special I can see that. The Page of cups is the tenderest, most delicate card in the Tarot, very innocent and willing to play at love, take risks. You took a great risk in love, and that has not been overlooked.

    6. This is before you - The 9 of Cups. This is the fulfillment, conclusion or a possible culmination/ ending of what that page of cups represented to you. I think you have really spent a lot of time pondering what this man meant to you, you have dreamed and wondered about him, and that seems to be a part of your work in life, to "conclude" him as a 9 of Cups, 9's are wishes come true, although "how" they come true is up to the universe. The love was and is real, and what now approaches you is a fulfilling of that love in some way, this seems to be a real dawning awareness for you emotionally so I see a period very soon where you are going to be realty happy emotionally, and it has some sort of connection with him, or what he represented to you (As the page of cups).

    7. Self - your present attitude, your position in the matter - The 4 of Pentacles, this is a very grounded card of Earth stability and dependable and secure structures. SO your attitude at this time seems to be "I need secure structure" in my life, so everything is weighed in those terms. Is this dependable? I can hear you asking. You are looking at a lot in life with that question, can I trust this setting, this person. Is it dependable, or is it going to lead me to more heartache or questions that I don't need at this time in my life. This is also an Earth card meaning this is a result of your other energies you are working with (wands, cups, swords) and is not something you are having to do, be, achieve, force, make happen, this is a RESULT of everything else in life, and so you can relax and accept that attitude you have that you are looking for STABLE and DEPENDABLE structures in your practical Earth life. This touches everything, career, relationships, even when you go to Home Depot and are shopping for a new faucet, you are weighing all of your decisions in terms of "how long will THIS one last?" So you are a savvy shopper lately TheTransformed! πŸ™‚

    8. House - your environment and some influences around you. This is the Chariot. So there is something about your environment that could be putting pressure on you to race forward, or be this or that. You could be feeling some pressure from your outward life concept to "race off" or away. The Chariot can relate to your career quite a bit (cheth, or "field" is one meaning of it), so I think you are surrounding yourself with books, or research, or asking others questions related to career path. I think you are really seeking to resolve a career question, a work question, and the environment around you is helping you to do that.

    9. Hopes and Fears - Hermit. This is a "deeper everything" card. The Hermit is not satisfied with what life served up so far, as something you "have to accept", the Hermit says, "really? This is it? I think I will go off by myself and see if can get another opinion". So this is something you are really hoping pays off for you, you are banking on the fact that your deeper search will pay off and still the mouths of those who said you can't, you shouldn't, you mustn't, you better not, watch out, you could get hurt, why would you do that... all those voices that told The Transformed that you couldn't be WHO you are MEANT TO BE are silenced now forever because your choices to seek the road less travelled is paying off handsomely. Good for you!

    10. Outcome - 5 of Wands. Now we come to the conclusion of the reading, and it is ending on a CHANGE in path, role, self image, self concept, career, direction, purpose, divine life mission, your hopes and dreams and the STORY IN YOUR EYES, which is your divine, highest, most beautiful self you can be, which is the UNIVERSE. So you are entering a time of some sort of change or adjusting in your path. I don't think you are far away from it either, this is something you already began in path, so there is just some little tweaks here and there, some refinement perhaps. You are really close. Warm as they say and getting warmed. Your path, your life direction is really beautiful, I see you reaping big dividends from your solitary efforts.

    So, to sum up: First of all, your path is perfect and all is exactly as it should be.

    What is ahead for you? 2 things.

    1. Something is developing for you emotionally that looks rather significant. That 9 of Cups appearing out of nowhere, with the little page of cups in the past tells me that whatever those seeds were you planted back there, are about to produce a HARVEST OF LOVE in your life in some important way. I am honestly not sure about whether it is directly connected to "that" man you had a thing with. It IS connected to fulfillment emotionally in the purest, nicest way. One way or the other you are going to experience a deep love experience.

    2. Your path is changing, whatever the 7 wands time you are spending now, pondering, wondering about your career, life path in general is about to see some significant change or adjustment as a result of all of your hard work in spirit. I want to say it is mostly related to your career (Field, the chariot as your house/environment + Your 4 pentacles "result" card of a very stable, dependable secure and wonderful security pattern). So expect something to develop where you say to yourself, "Ah ha! I see now! Just this little change. This little subtle adaptation", and off you go, sailing away so nicely!

    I think all of this culminates with your "release" from a time of experienced captivity or restriction (your cocoon) as that is your aim right now... being free... free... free... to be the WHO you KNEW would come TRUE one day. All of this seems somehow wrapped up in that Ace of Pentacles we started with, the NEW you in some very wonderful Earth way. Which touches everything, love, career, path, purpose and deepest spiritual fulfillment. That is you - THE RESULT of the Universe and you will look back soon and conclude "wow, it was the universe all along... my whole life was a result of these higher energies... all this time...." πŸ™‚



  • Astra,

    My cup runneth over, I type these words to you with gratitude and love in my heart, tears of gladness in my eyes, and speaking blessings of Divine Love and Light be always manifested toward you for this service of love you have given to me and you do for so many!



  • Astra,

    What if anything can you tell me about this man, JB?? Where is his state of mind? Does he anticipate our coming back together; has he moved on? Any insight regarding him will ease my heart in this regard.....

    Light and Love,


  • TT,

    Here are the cards on that question:

    "What if anything can you tell me about this man, JB?? Where is his state of mind? Does he anticipate our coming back together; has he moved on? Any insight regarding him will ease my heart in this regard"

    Significator - Knight of Wands

    1. This covers him - The Page of Pentacles. Page of Pentacles is a risking, chatty Earth card. Meaning it is a result of material setting in his life that seems to be something new, fresh, a step that the Universe is taking him on crossed by...

    2. This crosses him - The Five (5) of Swords. This is a change or adjustment of thinking. This would seem that his thinking is being challenged in some way at this time as regards this material step that the Universe is taking him on. This sounds a little stressful to me, his thinking is being challenged by whatever this Page of Earth is leading him toward.

    3. This crowns him - The Moon (r). That his aim and represents his aim or idea at this time, the best he can achieve in his setting at this time. This seems odd to me. He is contending with some intellectual changes and he his aiming for a heavenly body known for uncertainty, mystery, fear and imagined evils. It is also turning, which emphasizes this as an active developing Moon. I would say he is looking for answers in his life in places he hasn't normally looked before. He could be exploring occult interests, seeking to connect more with his female nature, this seems to show some real earnest effort to seek illumination for his life from reflective sources. He could be checking out forums like this one. I have the sense he is really seeking for some answers for his life in areas he hasn't looked before, that keeps coming up.

    4. This is beneath him - Strength. Strength is a "holding your own" or represents a really determination to maintain some force in life, against a perceived adversary or conditions that requires some real effort. He has done a good job in this area, as this is below him, a foundation, he "owns" strength at this time. My sense is that he could be feeling weary from the effort (it is a psychological effort, evidenced by the intellectual changes (5S2) crossing his Earth experience (PP1). He has achieved something though through effort, force of will in his life. I think were you to see him again, you would be impressed that he has become much stronger psychologically.

    5. This is behind him - Judgement. Release, escape, freedom, liberty, moving away from a setting that is constrictive into a new setting that is liberating. This is an influence that has passed or is passing away. So he has come through some experience where he has felt set free or released from a time of opposition. Whatever it was must have required some real strength on his part to face up to, so I think this shows the results of his psychological journey, that he did break through some walls in his own mind as gained some new freedom. This apparently then leads to his being asked now by the Universe to "take a new step physically, materially" in his life experience now (PP1) and that is causing some of his old demons to resurface or try to (5S2, Moon above). Do you see that? He fought through some effort to gain freedom psychologically, however that is now leading him to take some steps materially (PP1) to advance his position in his life psychologically, and that is forcing out the last of whatever he has been needing to be strong over (Strength below) in order to maintain or advance his life in positive ways.

    6. This is before him - The 2 of Cups. "This shows the influence that is coming into action and will operate in the near future." (-Waite). This seems to show an approaching, nice, affirming emotional influence. This could be anything that elicits some affirmation of his feelings as being true and trustworthy it seems. I think he has dealt with being able to trust his feelings in his past, something has blocked or hindered him from moving forward to 2 Cups in his life. Fears (Moon above, Judgement in his past, strength below) and all of that is Major issues he has dealt with. This person has really waged some hard fought battles psychologically and it seems to be connected to his emotional life being "affirmed". I believe what is transpiring is that he is seeking or trying to connect this Page of Pentacles with a 2 of Cups experience, so as to shore up his mental strength. It is like he is saying "I am ready to try again with someone (PP1) emotionally (2C6)". This could be mostly an internal dialogue he is having, so he could be rehearsing a lot of this in his own private way. He is connecting his need for emotional affirmation with people around him, pages, whatever they represent to him. Youthful, innocence energies. That seems to be how the Universe is working him right now, I think he is being led into a new emotional relationship with a page/princess figure seems to be the angel's strategy at this time to move this man forward psychologically. It could be he has not been ready for this 2 cups experience with someone, or it has not worked out in his past, for some reason. Now he seems ready, or at least willing to try again. He could be "experiencing" a sense of searching for someone to fulfill an emotionally affirming "two-ness" pattern in his life.

    7. Self - His position or attitude in the circumstances. The Ace of Pentacles. Yes, you see? He is trying to "start a new life" and this is understood by him as an emotional 2 Cups connection with a Page/Princess of Pentacles. His attitude or position now is "I want to start a new life to ratify my need for emotional connection with another, (PP1+2C6). So his mind is very much thinking along the lines of something like, "If I can only hold on (STR4), I know I can find (this) PP1, nice love/affirming (2C6) relationship", and he has strong associations with that being his NEW life answer. I think he very strong associations with finding the right relationship and that being his "answer" (AP7) for his material risk need (Page Pentacles 1). So the Universe seems to be encouraging him to think new, think risk again, and think emotional harmony with a Page, and that will be his new life. He is really wanting to start new in his life.

    8. House - The Hanged Man. "Signifies his house, that is, his environment and the tendencies at work therein which have an effect on the matter--for instance, his position in life, the influence of immediate friends, and so forth." - Waite. So the Hanged Man is a very reflective card and seems to also show some setting around him that is perceived as restraint. Forcing him to contemplate his life. His environment is not moving, active or physically involved in any way. This would tend to lend support to me that he is presently very alone physically in his life. He is spending his time in contemplation and reflection (Moon above, his aim) and this Hanged Man house is assisting him in doing that. I think the Universe is still working with his psychology and risk-willingness patters in his life, which could require more alone time than anything else.

    9. Hopes and fears - The King of Cups. Kings are very stable repeating growth patterns (Repeating 3's). And this is in his emotional life, so his hope is that his emotional growth continues. He is aware that he has come through a lot emotionally in his life, and he is hoping that continues. His emotional needs with a Page (PP1 + 2C6) seems to be a stepping stone to him "rewarding" himself with continued emotional maturity (KC9). He is aware that he has matured, he is aware that he is ready for more in life (PP1, AP7) and so his "hope" is that this is all contributing to his efforts to be strong (STH4) and continue to shore up his new freedom (JUD5) that he has worked hard to attain. His is presently still working through emotional fears as regards committed relationship patterns (Moon above + 5S crossing, 2) so he is now seeking a Page to complete the journey with, so he is really poised to step into a new relationship, this is the Universe's will for him it appears (to me).

    10. Outcome - "This is what will come, the final result, the culmination which is brought about by the influences shown by the other cards that have been turned up in the divination." The High Priestess. Well, we are not going to be seeing anything clear in this situation as far as an outcome as indicated in the cards. The High Priestess is simply "a mystery" and so we are not receiving anything that helpful here. (Although she is connected to the Moon card, so his aim and this result do seem connected). I can make an educated guess that he is heading into a new relationship with a Page here soon, who probably has "lunar/mystery" aspects. Who that is I can't say. I would imagine that were TheTransformed to somehow "magically" to appear in his life right about now (or soon in any case), you could very well find his heart quite prepared to step forward emotionally with you, in ways he was unable to before. He could be very attracted to blacks and whites and gray colors lately if that helps ;).

    I hope that helps TT. I know you really love JB. I pray something wonderful could happen there for you. With all my heart,


  • Hi Astra!!

    I am literally in tears with a plethora of emotions swirling around! You have helped to set me heart free and I am soaring way above the clouds right now!! It is as if you have personally met this man! I am in utter amazement at your accuracy at not just my reading but his as well. I am so full of gratitude for your spirit right now!!!

    The 'Chariot' card came up in my reading and this is his numerological 'Life Path' card; he is a LP 7; he is excruciating introspective/contemplative (not necessarily that that is what that card represents, but just that 'his card' came up in MY reading). I too have felt that he has been afraid to 'open his heart completely and to love unreservedly again. He's been deeply hurt on more than one occasion in love/marriage. He

    The "High Priestess" is my numerology LifePath card; being a LP 11/2! Perhaps the Page represents our love connection to some extent; heaven only knows for certain, but we no doubt have a connection unlike any that either of us have ever experienced. There are just so many other complications that we are faced with each day. The distance; his psychological struggle with the PTSD. His being torn between being back home these past 7 years providing for his elderly mother, who he loves and is very connected to, to wanting to be nearer to me, but not having the means to do so more regularly due to the resource support provided for the mother and the battle with the government to receive award for time spent in war. It has been a challenge for both of us emotionally to the point that I felt I needed to remove myself to allow him the opportunity to get his bearings and truly figure out what he wants for his life/future. It was hard, but I too am on my own journey.

    By the way, I am 11 years his junior so perhaps that may represent the Page energy, at least that is my prayer πŸ™‚ Also, another thing I find interesting is that the Ace of Pentacles showed up in my reading as the "Significator" card and the same card Ace of Pentacles showed up in his as his "Self" card. Not sure how those to positions align in our two separate readings, if at all, but it was interesting to see for me. He lives a very recluse/lonely, Hermit kind of life. He has group therapy for his PTSD at the VA weekly.

    Also then the Page of Pentacles shows in his as 'covering' him; whatever that means. One area of contentions he had was my being in a better financial position than he and my desire to give more financially whenever he and I would plan things together or I'd buy him something; he really really had a hard time with this to the point of forbidding me to do so at a point; he feels that he must find a way to change his situation resourcefully so that he can do more.

    All in all this reading was very insightful and I am again so very grateful to you Astra!!! I wish I understood what the placement notations of "This Crowns, this Crosses, this Covers, etc"?

    Grace and Peace Astra,


  • Oh that is really cool TT, I just noticed what you are sharing about some of the cards appearing in both readings, Ace Pentacles as YOU and then in his card as his "SELF". I do feel some real connectedness with you and him. I was sitting here just now looking at the "letters" that form words sometimes in readings, and I get a strong "U" and "ME" and HIM, and a "be me"... so there is a lot of "you, me, him, being" ideas swirling in the reading which felt very much like him reaching out to you in spirit and somehow just wanting to say hi and to let you know how much he cares for you.

    Your outcome was the 5 wands, his is the High Priestess, so that sounds like you are the one somehow changing path somehow in relation to him (whereas his path or outcome is hidden).

    Interesting also that you aim (#3 card) is what is his "behind" or past card. So you can see that you are "aiming" for something that is very connected to his past experience with you. I think you brought him some great sense of "relief" or freedom in his life at that point when you were together.

    You have the MOON beneath and he has the MOON above so that is another really amazing connection! You two are totally swapping energies back and forth you have a total relationship with this man, no question. Maybe the physical (pentacles) is not quite there yet, however you two are really lighting up on all the really important ways, intentions, thoughts, feelings.

    You had the Page of Cups as your past card, and he has the Page of Pentacles as his present. So that seems a continuance of the Page experience, emotional back there, and now his concern a we shared does seem to be with the physical page now being his next step. I really have this sense that you two were really good for each other, meant to be and for various reasons (his PTSD you mention) required some distance in Earth (pentacles) for him and maybe you also to work thru some personal things alone. It does seem to look like a re-joining with him could easily be inferred from these two readings.

    Your Hope the Hermit, his hope the King of Cups. That is really interesting. Could be that your hope is to join again to this Hermit, while his hope at this point seems to be to continue working on himself and maintaining a steady emotional growth pattern. With what you shared about his LP7 and his need for all of the introspection, could make it a challenge in a relationship as he is called to some deep reflection and such. That is very interesting.

    I am also an 11/2 (actually a 29/11/2) so you and I share a lot of that same giving/receiving life work, and relationship balance. So when you and he were together that probably really stirred up your "giving" mode and you were off to the races with him. and then his LP7 rears up and says I have to be alone... you must have sensed that and volunteered to give him his space which seems like the right thing. I did get the strongest sense that he has really been working on himself and making great progress so it seems like much is poised for a reunion (let's hope!).

    The terms like "covering" "crossing" "behind" and so on are simply the traditional terms that are associated with the Celtic Cross spread which I seem to keep using as my method. I have bounced around with using those terms. "Covering" means something like "this covers what we will be talking about", so it is sort of like agreeing on the terms of the reading. Say we were in a discussion and were trying to agree on what are going to be discussing, we could dialogue about the agenda, and finally arrive at a consensus as to what our agenda will be for the mtg and say "that will cover what we will talk about". So it is what the reading is "about" (along with the crossing card).

    The crossing card seems to be representative of whatever obstacles or challenges are connected to that covering card. So, in your case we agreed to talk about "the Universe" as the agenda for our meeting, and the way that you are processing a reflective path energy that seems to be keeping you in a more reflective time in your life (7 of wands). So in that way the 7 of wands is "crossing you" in your effort to "actualize" all that the Universe represents. Were you to have the Universe and no crossing cards at all, then you would be in perfect bliss with your lover, your career, your everything! It would be heaven on earth! So, we have to have some crossings to make the pursuit and chasing one another more fun. πŸ™‚

    Which I think that is what it mostly comes down to... chasing one another all over the place. I bet you and JB have been chasing each other since the beginning of time, it is what you both love to do, it helps you fall deeper and deeper in love with one another.

    The "crowns" simply means (to me) like your thoughts, the crown is on your head so it is whatever is top of mind for you perhaps. Like your aims, mostly thinking I believe, so has sort of a swordsy emphasis to it. Whereas the "hopes" card in position 9 is more of a Cuppy position, where your "aims" are really of the heart. So that is called "hopes and fears" which are emotional in nature. Crowning seems to be more intellectual in nature, more conscious aspirations, while a "hope" could be more subconscious, of the heart sort of thing, and maybe not as much conscious awareness.

    I am continually learning so my understanding of it all seems to change over time, however I do like the celtic cross it seems to really work well.

    Many blessings :), astra

  • Hi Astra,

    Wow!! This is really amazing! What a wonderful synchronicity! My life path too is a 29/11/2, lol!

    BD 11-8-1963: 1+1+8+1+9+6+3 = 29 = 11/2! HIs is 7+8+1+9+5+4 = 34/7!

    I first met him when I was 18 and he was 28 in the Military!! We had a brief time of it; and we suddenly left paths as I returned to my life home and he continued his military career! We suddenly reconnect 3 years ago; he literally popped into my head and I searched FB and there he was! Our story is amazing!

    There is no doubt that this relationship is Karmic and I venture to say Soul-mate! He is the Cancer of my dreams and I am the Scorpio of his; it doesnt get much better than this astrologically, but Soul-mate/Karmic relationship have their challenges too. We have BOTH grown tremendously since reconnecting! He had given up on life/love and then I came along and now he is being challenged πŸ˜• We both are. We both have many fears/apprehensions due to past lives, current circumstances, etc.

    We both know that we are hopelessly connected for life! How often is it that you meet, know, love someone of your youth, lose connection, only to reconnect/rediscover them, near 30 years later and have the vibe/energy/connection be just as intense now as it was then!!??? It is not common....

    I thank you so much for your loving energy Astra!! You have helped me so tremendously! πŸ™‚

    Divine blessings from on High apprehend you and over take you every day of your life πŸ™‚



  • Hi Astra!

    So eery, but I got a text message the very next day, Monday, after speaking with you on Sunday and the text pretty much confirmed your reading!!! Amazing! We are both working on ourselves at this point, but we both know/sense deep down that this space is only temporary as the Universe is working things out to "bridge the gap" in time/season! Just had to share this with you as I am so in awe at the awesomeness of Spirit and Synchronicity!!

    Light and Love surround you Astra!


  • Hi TheTransformed,

    That is so great, I know, I really sense your lives are winding, threaded around each other, so I am sure all of that personal work is paying off.

    Yes you are so right, spirit knows us so well, and really it is incredible at these synchronous things that happen. Some sort of beautiful flow, really, I don't think we have to lift a finger, it is all managed by the stars! πŸ™‚

    Much light and love your way...


  • Hello AstraAngel,

    Would you be so kind as to give me an UPDATED reading on this man JB please??

    What if anything can you tell me about him as of lately?? Where is his state of mind and his heart concerning he and I? Can you see any love interest in his immediate environment at this time?

    Does he anticipate our coming back together; has he moved on? Any insight regarding him will ease my heart in this regard….. Trying to discern whether I should move on or give him the time he needs to sort his direction out concerning us???

    I appreciate your time/energy Astra! Light and Love,


  • Hi TT!

    Happy holidays and I wish you a merry frostymas! πŸ™‚

    Okay lets see about your concerns about JB...

    a. Empress


    b. 9 of Wands

    So that is the "setting" for him in general. The Empress is a very nurturing earthy card and the 9 wands means some sort of fulfilled path or role. These are very "stationary" cards, meaning they are very well-established. Not moving. So his life right now seems rather settled according to this. The Empress is a very nice foundational card and could show he is open to something nice and nurturting. However the 9 wands is going to be sort of resisting anything substantively new in a path.

    1. Beginning = King of Swords. This is a repeating growth pattern of think-talk, so there is some sort of history here with dialogue between you and him. This how it "began".

    2. Affirming = Page of Pentacles. This is a repeating of some sort of beginning in Earth (physical life experience). So he is saying "yes" to the King Swords by saying "yes, let's begin again or begin anew in some sort of material or physical way".

    3. Growing = 3 of Cups. So, he is growing his cups. That is a nice sign. I think yes he is open to you TT. I am getting really nice vibes about his heart toward you. Even though his path seems sort of locked in as wands, he is very open in Earth and emotions...

    4. Foundation = 3 of Pentacles. Yes. this is looking really good for the two of you somehow. I mean he has a lot going in the young numbers (1-4) in growth (3) So he is really interested in growing something nice, cuppy and earthy. SO that means physical and close love and affection. He would love a hug from you. Anything. He is sorta stuck though somehow in wands.

    5. Changing = 10 of Swords. So... his dialogue patterns are WIDE OPEN this is a good time to reach out, or try to let him know you are thinking about him. This is connecting to the beginnings of communication patterns, that were growing at one point. Something happened. Left him him stuck in Wandyland. And now he is still making efforts physically and in love and very much in think-talk (communication patterns).

    6. Social-sharing = 6 of Wands. This is a very nice social card of path in a social position. So the "social" nature of his path is in fact being expressed to his world somehow. So he may not be as stuck in wands as I thought. This does show some freedom in sixland. Meaning in social ways he is open to path connects. That means social forum. FB any setting that is a part of a community he is open to some interaction in wands.

    7. Rest-reflection = Knight of Cups. This is very affirming as a reflections on love and relationships. So along with the 3-3 cups this is saying he is really thinking a lot about love or wanting to grow something nice. I feel really nice things about you and him. I think he must be very open to you TT. You aren't in touch with him. that seems odd. You are supposed to be. I will work on that. I have some tricks up my sleeve haha...

    8. Expansive = 2 of Swords. So this is very affirming communication and that is connecting to the King Swords at 1, and the 10 swords transition at 5. SO he is very very open to dialogue right now. And emotion and a physical connection with you again. There is something blocking him on his path with you though, he could be dealing with something that is causing him some fear in wands (long range plan kind of things). However he seems really open to dialogue, like I said through a fb or some sort of social channel because that was the only wand that was open with movement available, the 6 Wands at 6. Very open there to share too.

    What if anything can you tell me about him as of lately??

    I would refer to the above.

    Where is his state of mind and his heart concerning he and I?

    I think he is very open to you, very much. I get he thinks about you a lot. Just for whatever reason he is in some stuck Wand thing and an Empress situation.

    Can you see any love interest in his immediate environment at this time?

    I thought it looked really nice, given his circumstances, he may not be able to step out in Wands with you yet, however communication channels seem really open and his emotions are very deep toward you. And something physically, like those chance meetings at starbucks or something ;()

    Does he anticipate our coming back together; has he moved on?

    I don't see anticipation, I see an open heart to possibilities. He doesn't seem to be really able to wand away in his life too much right now. So he may be in one of those "wait and see" sort of places with you.

    "Any insight regarding him will ease my heart in this regard….. Trying to discern whether I should move on or give him the time he needs to sort his direction out concerning us???"

    As long as you still have feelings for him, it seems that the soil is still ready to bring forth love. Me? I would give him/her time. Patience can work wonders... however that is your choice really.

    Here is a nice winter photo for you... sort of a good luck for you and his path...


  • Hi Astra,

    I LOVE the pic πŸ™‚ You are such a jewel Astra! Thank you so much for you loving energy on my behalf! I am grateful.

    I will be patient. It's just that, as you know, he is so far away, 700miles and he was with me for a visit over the Thanksgiving holiday; he got home and was suddenly depressed and I have not heard from him since; nearly 4 wks now 😞 He does feel trapped to some extent (perhaps the Wand energy); he is there providing/caring for his elderly mom and is torn between there and here. PTSD from war is a factor as well. I struggle with the abrupt silence episodes from time to time; I confess they make me suspicious at times. I get frustrated if I call and don't get an answer and so I then get stubborn and refuse to call again; so sometimes we get into, what seems like, 'standoffs', lol!

    I can't honestly say I fully understand the picture that the cards above were painting to me, but I trust and have faith in your interpretation at this juncture and it is not completely out of line with what I've considered as well; So your advice if well taken; timing is everything! I am working on my Soul mission and am distracted with that at this juncture anyway so I have lots of time to give πŸ™‚

    Again, my beautiful soul; thank you kindly!


    p.s. I'm curious what, what do you mean when you said above at card #7, "I think he must be very open to you TT. You aren't in touch with him. that seems odd. You are supposed to be. I will work on that. I have some tricks up my sleeve haha…" And do share these 'tricks' you have up your sleeve, lol πŸ™‚

  • Hi TT

    I made a tarot talisman for you and your bf.

    I chose some nice communicative swords and path agreement and nice cups. Made an appeal to the universe on your behalf and his. So let's cross our fingers and expect nice things to develop.

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    Thank you for your response back. I am such a novice, I had never even heard of a Talisman before, lol! I'm assuming this is a good/positive Light & Love type of energy request? πŸ™‚

    So I'm not so in terribly uninformed, please do tell though, what do each of these 'cards' above represent in correlation to the Tarot cards that I am pretty familiar with please? I think I know the top row look like 'diamonds' on a normal deck of playing card and they illustrate or align with minor arcana suit of 'swords'; so the cards there would be the 2, 6 7 3 of swords?? not sure about the others though...

    Thank you love,


  • TT,

    I really don't know what a talisman is either, it seems to refer to something like a "magic" wish object or something. like a symbol or object that you associate your wish with. So you see that and you say. "okay, this will help, I don't know how... or why... it will help though." I call it a "trick" I guess as I do believe the slightest little thing we do in life can help make a difference. Something small... insignificant... like that design of cards above... could help. That to me is magic... a trick. I have experimented a little with this though, and it does seem to have helped in these other cases.

    Yeah, these card designs are a simply deck I made up a while back that I made up for fun. Yes the diamonds are swords, the vertical lines (look sort of like bars) are wands. The red circle shapes are cups, the asterisks are pentacles.

    So the order is

    2 Swords, 6 Swords, 3 Swords

    3 Cups, Lovers, 2 Wands

    Page Cups, 4 Swords, 4 pentacles

    I hope it helps spark some nice communication with you and him!

    There wasn't a 7 swords in that one, here is the 7 swords below...

    love and light to you... you are very welcome...

  • I liked that photo of the trees in winter too... it felt so nice, like a church in the snow or something... very cold and yet comforting somehow like the trees watching over us

  • Thank you so much Astra!!

    Blessings to you πŸ™‚

  • @AstraAngel Hello Astra', curious, are you still a part of this community? πŸ™‚

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