Astra- Could I Have a Reading Please?

  • I hope you are doing well. I was wondering if you could do a reading for me. Things are going well here and I hope to finish my flight instructor certificate next month. Thanks!

  • Hi pilotguy!

    Hey that's great on your certificate, that sounds so cool. I can tell you are really passionate about flying. My dad was a flight instructor once upon a time and I know he got a real buzz from it.

    So, I am looking at the cards for you, and we'll walk through it.

    Significator chosen for you is the Justice (r) which is a turning of something requiring adding and subtracting, can show some real earnest focus on deciding something, or making up your mind about something. So that energy could be a big part of your life as signifying you in some way lately.

    Cards 1 and 2 sum up your present situation.

    1. This covers you - The Queen of Cups

    2. This crosses you - The Knight of Cups

    Well... just looking at the face of it, I would say something emotionally is certainly going on for you. To see a Queen and the Knight together like that certainly immediately places the reading in an emotional or relationship realm. There is a Queen something, or someone, that you must be very interested in pursuing (Knight of Cups). Now, it doesn't to be a person, this could be simply showing an emotional foundation in your life (Queens are patterned emotional stability) while the Knights are foundations in some motion of pursuit or conquest. So, let's just say that there is something going on with you that is certainly an emotionally foundational focus for the reading. These are both upright as well, so they are very stable energies. I think there is a someone you have your heart on, and this is what the reading is wanting to focus on.

    1. This crowns you - this is the Five (5) of swords, that is a change or adjusting in thinking that is your aim right now. So, there is something you are aiming to change your mind about, and I want to say it is connected to this Queen/Knight emotional thing you have going. You could be trying to think of this situation in a different way, or see it somehow differently.

    2. This is beneath you - The 7 of Pentacles. This is something you have already attained, and presently "own" in your life. This is basically a pause or rest physically. You are "at rest" in some way from this Queen/Knight situation, there doesn't appear to be anything physically going on with that. Or it has reached a stopping point.

    3. This is behind you - Death. This is a pretty significant card to show up as a past or fading influence. DTH is a card of dissolution, representing the release of a construct in your life, that was alive at one point, however its reality faded or was no longer sustainable. It is sort of like going back into the ocean of consciousness, where you are at perfect peace in that matter (whatever it was). It is a very beautiful card of letting go a lower version of something, in order to attain the higher version. Like, a plane sees a certain view of the land at 500 feet ALT. If you want to really see the nicest view, you have to climb to 5,000 feet for example. The 500 ft view "perishes" so that the 5,000 ft view may be enjoyed.

    You have or had something in your past pilot guy that was pretty important to you, and I think it was an emotional connection with someone, something back there that really impacted your life. We see the Justice card and JUS generally shows memories or a rehashing of something you could still be trying to resolve, or balance out. Seeing JUS and DTH together in a reading does seem to indicate something in your past experience really left a mark on you that you are still working with, or through on an emotional level (QC + KnC at center).

    DTH is fading though, so it is clear that you HAVE processed out a lot of this energy in your present awareness. So that is a very positive sign.

    1. This is before you - The 6 of Cups (r). 6's are sharing and very social energies. They want to connect, intermingle, involve themselves with their social world. So this seems to show an approaching influence for you, that is super nice and sweet. I want to say it is connected to this Queen Cups and Knight Cup focus, the 6C could be how you move forward now, with this female energy. I sense some sharing developing between you and her, on a purely emotional level. This is also a "turning" energy (when you lay a card down reversed, it requires you to turn it to see it right side up, so it can indicate more active growth of that energy). So you could really begin to be feeling a strong desire to connect, share, reach out emotionally to who or what this Queen of Cups means to you.

    2. Self - This is "you" in the reading. It shows how YOU are reacting to what I am sharing, and how you are seeing all of this right now. This is the Knight of Swords. I think you want to write someone, right? 🙂 This is showing you taking what has been shared and you are thinking communication, words, a focus on dialogue perhaps. Your attitude about the reading is that want to see this as a mental focus, intellectual effort perhaps. So that is interesting to me. The 5S above you is also reflecting that you could tend to be in your head a lot as regards emotional matters. You could try to logically rationalize or understand your emotional life, (and this Queen Cups) as something you try to logically grasp. That seems to be the way you are trying to approach this at this time.

    3. House - This shows an influence around you, it could be your home, friends, work. This is the Hermit (r), the Hermit is seeking a higher love concept in the dark. So you are being influenced by a setting or person(s) that is reflective of searching, and being willing to be alone to do that. This is active also, so this is happening currently and you are probably aware of it. This seems like someone, or some situation that seems to be encouraging you to be alone for some reason. Like someone saying to you, "Pilotguy, why don't you take 5... go for a walk, alone and think about what I shared with you." This seems like a person, although... almost like work I think. Someone who you feel a connection with at work? Who seems to be encouraging you in your spiritual path, maybe a friend you look up to.

    4. Hopes and fears - 8 of Wands. 8's are super-expansive energies and very determined. This is the first wand card in the reading, (the only wand card) so it seems to say something like "putting all your eggs in one basket". You have a very energetic hope to see something really take flight lately. I think this is your flight career, it is certainly a very airy card, and a strong path taking off. So I think you have a LOT of hope in your flight career to somehow answer a lot of questions for you. I think that is what was meant by the "eggs in one basket". I just had a funny image pop into my mind of you buzzing someone's house... to egg it from your plane. Haha. I don't know where that came from pilotguy 🙂

    5. Outcome - The 2 of Swords (r). This seems to show an agreement that is intellectual in nature, and it is very active, turning. Someone, or some setting will affirm you soon, saying YES to you in some way that is very important for you. I think this is your graduation or successful completion of flight instructor training. That seems so important for you, and with the 8W below it, you could be really looking forward to that diploma or certificate. I do think you have a lot of hope in your career fulfilling you in some deep ways. Filling some holes maybe. Charting your life to the stars as you train others. I think its wonderful. I really see you taking off, and soaring. Perhaps glider training too one day for you, in addition to powered flight~! That sounds like something you would really love.

    I also see a girl. Her picture in your cockpit. Someone you really care about., and your flying takes you closer to where she is. Maybe why you love flying so much, up there... in the clouds, you feel her close inside. A friend to you in ways you can't even put into words, so all you can do is fly, fly, fly and I do see you doing plenty of that.

    Hope that is a blessing to you pilotguy! You keep 'em flying buddy!

    best, astra

  • thank you! it sounds like things will be good. thats great about your dad teaching flying. i cant wait to teach. thanks again!

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