9 of Pents Pope Ace of Wands

  • In exchange for ones incite on these cards I will also do incite on drawn cards or draw cards for a question myself.

    I always have viewed the 9 of Pets in the RW as a card of refinement.

    The Pope as Social organizations and possibly public outlets that carry an overtone of discussions with a moral focus.

    The Ace always something of a spark that entails ambition, innovation and action

    I see this as a whole as partaking in a social and or public organization and or a beginning of starting public speech in forms of writing, speaking..

    Any incite appreciated.

  • I am not a card authority but do have a basic knowledge and read them with psychic eyes. I believe all card readings must take in account the question for that person personally and the cards read together as a whole so I think it's hard to just say one card ALWAYS means the same thing. I think you get this and that is why you have asked because you are reading deeper and using more than your head and a book. Letting the cards speak. These three cards together share a common possibility of judgement. Pipe dreams, ego based ambitions and the pope at the wheel seeking to be accepted as perfect but for the wrong reasons. That would be the negative warning that one is impatiently trying to matter--find success---be WORTHY. A need to accomplish something. But if there are other cards showing what's hidden the three could be saying that one is already worthy and doing small great things they miss because they do not give themselves enough credit. This person may be a perfectionist who does not see their real self worth. They are pushing and judging too harsh. On a positive side or as a prediction it could read as you suggested---that one is capable of leadership and action but needs to focus or refine their skills---to make a choice and get off the fence already and decide---past the fear of failure---and put it all out there. That is scary!!! As a writer myself it is a harsh business as you will get rejected---and criticized ----it is not all admiration! leadership requires thick skin and a healthy rebound and self esteem Armour. I would have to know the the other cards and consider the question. Cards either warn or encourage. BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you and sorry for taking so long. I have not had solid internet access.

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