AstraAngel, Would you be able to give me a reading ?

  • Hi Astra Angel,

    How are you? I was wondering if you can give me a reading regarding to my love life.

    So here is the story, I met a guy o line but he is living in London UK. and I am in Toronto Canada. We met about a month ago and I really enjoy his chat. I was wondering will there be a chance to meet him this month as my job sometimes will give me the opportunity to go to London UK. Therefore I was just thinking will there be a possibility that this will happen. Also, after we meet how will this relationship go from there?

    thank you


  • Hi Cellisi,

    Hey there I am fine thanks, and happy to look at this for you...

    Significator in this is the Temperance / blending...

    1. This cover you. The 7 of Swords. That seems like some thoughtful wondering about this matter.

    2. This crosses you. The 4 of Wands. That is a dependable, secure, trustworthy path card. Foundations of path and life purposes. So that seems to be your challenge right now, you are curious (7S) about whether or not this developing relationship will become dependable and trustworthy (4W) as a life path.

    So that sums up the matter.

    3. This crowns you. It represents (a) your aim or ideal in the matter; (b) the best that can be achieved under the circumstances, but that which has not yet been made actual.

    The Lovers. So that seems clear enough as your goal!

    4. This is beneath you. It shews the foundation or basis of the matter, that which has already passed into actuality and which you have made your own.

    King of Wands. I would say this is the foundation of the matter, what you have made "your own" is a role reserved for a King of Wands. This represents a male partnering role you have in mind, and you are now wondering (7S) whether this guy fits that King of Wands role.

    5. This is behind you. It gives the influence that is just passed, or is now passing away.

    Queen of Pentacles. That is a patterned material card of Earth. There is something about this reading that is wanting to remind you or refresh your memory about your physical needs it seems. I think this represents your needs to blend (temperance) with someone physically, it seems you have not had that lately. With the Lovers card as your aim I think it is pretty clear your physical needs are a motivation here for you.

    6. This is before you. It shews the influence that is coming into action and will operate in the near future. The Two of Pentacles. This seems to emphasize a physical relationship of some sort. Twos are affirming, so this seems to be affirming that Queen of Pentacles fading influence, with something new that is said yes to.

    7. Self - This represents your attitude (self) in the reading - your position or attitude in the circumstances. The World. That is a very positive conclusive card, that is like a 9 all the way around, perfection, bliss, I think your hopes are really up there about this guy and this trip coming up.

    8. House - This is your present environment and the tendencies at work therein which have an effect on the matter--for instance, your position in life, the influence of immediate friends, and so forth. The Page of Cups. That seems to be an atmosphere of nice, friendly, connective, emotional communications, and the influence of his messages / chat back and forth.

    9. Your hopes or fears in the matter - The Empress. Will this be a nurturing and very nice earthy, real, physical, close relationship? You are hoping for the Empress which involves all of the female love/Venus aspects. So this seems right in keeping with the rest of the reading. Your only fear in this case is, "I am afraid perhaps that it will not become a nurturing relationship", however you sound very optimistic so I don't really pick up any fears about this matter.

    10. Outcome. What will come, the final result, the culmination which is brought about by the influences shewn by the other cards that have been turned up in the divination. The Four of Swords. This is foundational intellectual card that is really dependable and steady. Calm, quiet, serene in mind, thought, dialogue.

    So, your questions...

    1. Therefore I was just thinking will there be a possibility that this will happen?

    Yes, it looks like it to me. The 2 of Pentacles ahead is a very strong indication, and the other cards are very supportive of this also, so I would say a yes to that meeting with him soon.

    2. Also, after we meet how will this relationship go from there? Had I not seen that 4 of swords at the end, I would have said he would be staying at the hotel with you when you get there! You are certainly sending a lot of love signals out there. Very physical too. The Four of Swords is a very intellectual card though. And that is mostly in the mind. I think you will see him and there is going to be some choices you will have to make pretty quick in terms of how physical you want to be with him and soon. I think that will be a struggle for you (temperance really wants to blend, and really is trying to balance that too). You have a lot of strong love need/physical things showing here, so your biology could easily compel you to move the relationship forward a lot faster than may be wise. Here is what I see. Yes. I believe you will be seeing him and I think it is going to be fantastic! And... you are going to feel some intense and I mean intense desires to be with him physically pretty quick. It seems that your calmer heart will prevail though, so what i see is some really heart to heart talk about the physical relationship you two could have. I think this is going to become a long term relationship that is wonderful it is just that you two are still working through communication issues, and the physical part will be addressed in dialogue, not between the sheets. (at first anyway). Eventually I see that developing too, it is just that at this point in time your communication needs seem to be what is primary, while you come to terms with each other on your physical intimacy needs. It sure looks great to me overall though! You are certainly ready to enter into a very close, connected, merged, trusting and delicious relationship and it seems that working through everything in communication is what is important.

    Okay I hope that helps cellisi - thanks for the request! Happy hump day! 🙂


  • Hi AstraAngel,

    I am so grateful that you are able to do this reading. Everything you mention are very dead on. As of now I think working out the communication is the biggest challenge. We used to chat a lot but after he came back from his vacation couple weeks ago the communication has slow down a little and I am a little worry or I should say I don't know how to approach it. I am too scare if I message him too much he will get annoyed. Therefore I am trying my best to live my own life and not let this effect any of my emotions.

    I am really really praying hard that I can meet him this month and really letting fate to decide the destiny of this relationship. 🙂

    wish me luck !!


  • Hi Astra Angel,

    I was wondering if you can give me another guidance again. So Im now on my vacation and I wasn't able to make it to London to see the guy in London. The communication between us has slow down dramatically. Part of me want to give up on it but I don't want to at the same time. I have this feeling that is not letting me to just let it go without meeting up. I AM very torn on what to do now. Is it possible to see where should I be focusing on my life right now and will there still be some hope in meeting up with him?

    thank you for your help 🙂


  • Hi cellisi

    Okay, sri to hear that he hasn't been responding. I looked at some cards for you earlier today, And will look again now...

    The 2 of Wands and the Sun. That really feels like your hopes really up there. The 2 of Wands is saying yes yes yes to something really bright in your life.

    Above you is the Page of Pentacles. That is really a card of wanting to take some sort of step, physically speaking, reaching out. I think that is your hope that he would contact you.

    Ace of Cups below, a foundation of a new love. So that shows you are founded on something true for sure.

    4 of Wands in the past. That shows something really well established, like your path and his. Something back there was also founded. Solid as a purpose in some way.

    Ahead, this is the direction you are looking, that seems to be the feelings of "not sure, what is going on... the 5 of cups is emotional changes. So that won't always be a lot of fun, takes faith to keep going because you aren't sure. So, I would say keep the faith because everything else looks really pure.

    Resting, something at a pause is the The Magician. That seems like the magic is on hold.

    Expansive, The Star, that is really big, bright, beautiful hope. Very large and nice above, wishing on a star, that is lovely.

    What is fulfilled, the 8 of Wands. That is really wonderful very energetic wands path and purpose that picks up the card in the past that 4 of Wands and fulfills it. So that along with 5 of Cups trust card, that you are working with, seems to say you would not be disappointed.

    Conclusions, sort of a crossroads card. The 6 of Wands. That is so wonderful, that really sums it up.

    dear cellisi, I can tell you I think the faeries are on your side. 🙂

    I do think there is hope in mtg him. Logically? No. In spiritual trust ways? Yes.

    Me? I would look at these cards (for myself), and say to keep a positive hope in life, generally speeking, keep looking up. So whatever you are focusing your life on that is working for you just stick with it... that is what I would tell myself. And just keep trying to trust that life will work out. That is all i know to do anymore. I know that the universe or heaven or whatever would say keep the faith in any given situation no matter what it looks like. I try... and fail over and over and yet what else can you do except keep going. I am really pulling for you and him. LOVE WILL SEE THROUGH TO THE OTHER SIDE. ALWAYS.



  • Hi AstraAngel,

    Thanks again for the reading. I guess you are right I need to keep the faith. I am always a big believer in faith but I lost track sometimes when I start to panic. I AM a person who over think and always think of the worst scenario

    I just found a quote yesterday and I do think it will help me out

    Never give up on something you really want. Its difficult to wait but more difficult to regret.

    I really hope I can post some great news for you soon.

    you are always so good at responding and helping out AND I am grateful for it


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