Will the man I love move to China?

  • The man I love might be offered a job in China. Would someone please help me with an answer. Will he end up emigrating there? Is there a future for us, or does it mean it's the end?

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  • Hi flowersareours

    It does looks like he could be emigrating to China. Based on these cards:

    1. 5 of Life (pentacles) - a concern of something changing about your life experience

    2. Page of Life - a new step or phase of life

    That represents the question (is he moving). The other cards give some background of the relationship leading up to the question.

    3. Aim or growth for you in this relationship - The Page of Emotions. A desire to grow and develop in new ways, your desire is to move forward with him emotionally.

    4. The foundation of the relationship - 8 of Emotions (cups). So the two of you have a lot of feelings for one another as a history. 8's emotionally are very expansive and deep feelings.

    5. Changes recently - 7 of Emotions. So it seems that recently there has been some quieter emotions between the two of you, perhaps you are each considering what this move could mean for the relationship?

    6. Upcoming settings - The Queen of Thoughts (swords). So the two of you are beginning or will soon begin to dialogue in about your foundations of the relationship. It would seem this potential relocation is stirring up your desires to talk through your commitment patterns.

    7. Resting - The 7 of Intentions (wands). So at this time there is not anything really happening as far as your intentions or plans with each other. You are certainly wondering about the two of you though, where life is taking you seems to be what is being reflected on.

    8. The atmosphere around you - The 7 of Life. This is another resting card, which means that your life experience right now is peaceful and not a lot is happening physically with the two of you. There is a lot of 7 energies around this relationship right now which seems to show a lot of imagination, pondering, wondering where life is taking you.

    9. Conclusions - King of Intentions. Kings are repeating growth patterns, and this is involved with intentions, paths, choices. So we saw a 7 intention as a pausing and now the conclusion show an active growth pattern in some way starting again. So the sense is that yes, there is something being concluded that says movement, growth of path is in the works.

    10. Choices, crossroads - This is also a conclusion card and it also indicates a choice or decision. This is the 2 of Life which is saying "yes" to the original question I believe. It is saying yes to the change, and to the new step being considered (page of life). I felt that this could also indicate 'your' choice to be affirming and supportive in his decision if he emigrates. 2 of Life is always in agreement and supporting what it is touching.

    I do believe you and him are going to be having a heart to heart talk very soon...

    I hope that helps flowersareours, I saw your post and looked at cards yesterday, and again early this morning. I am wishing you the best in this. And thank you for your lovely question I can tell he means a lot to you.


  • Thank you so much AstraAngel! Yes, he does mean a lot to me.

    When you talk about “conclusion”, do mean the end of our relationship? That is, that we don’t have a future together? What does this mean please: “…now the conclusion show an active growth pattern in some way starting again. So the sense is that yes, there is something being concluded that says movement, growth of path is in the works.”

    Also, are you able to tell me please what he feels about me? What he wants?

    Thank you,


  • Oh, by "conclusion" I mean the conclusion of the "reading", not a conclusion of the relationship. I saw nothing in the cards that indicated anything ending, no 9's ... a lot of 7's though which are very relaxed, dreamy settings, feelings. It seemed like you are both in a sort of "on hold" or relaxed time with each other. Not really a lot happening on the outside, a lot on the inside though.

    I looked at how he feels about you, what he wants... and here are the cards for that.

    1. Beginning "his feelings for you, and what he wants" is a beginning of intentions, with

    2. A repeating foundation "life" pattern, meaning an intention to repeat a dependable physical pattern, (with you I surmise). That sounds like a very real and close relationship, secure and trustworthy. Queens are very trustworthy and stable.

    Along with that we can see what is

    3. Growing (as regards "his feelings for you, and what he wants"), is the Queen of Emotions. So you see there, again a desire, and some planning of a committed emotional foundation that is repeating as regards you. So, together with cards 1 and 2 it seems clear to me that his feelings are very deep about you, they are repeating, and he wants to begin a path along foundational lines, committed relationship in some way.

    4. The basis of "his feelings for you, and what he wants" is the High Priestess, which is a very growth oriented, spiritual connection. She is the 3rd card in the 22 card sequence, and so she relates to growth, 3's are alive and growing. So the basis with you is growth in some spiritual sense. The basis of the relationship is spiritual growth between the two of you.

    5. Something that changes in relation to "his feelings for you, and what he wants" is the 10 of Life, or what he experiences in relation to the question. This is a choice card of life, or a crossroads, it is wanting to move forward to a page, a new phase in some tangible way. This is changing somehow. So he seems to have some difficulty stabilizing the "experience" with you in tangible, physical ways. He could be conflicted for some reason in how he feels about you and what he wants as a "fulfilled" life experience. (for example, for whatever reason he may have difficulty establishing a clear, dependable vision of what a committed life with you looks like). That part of the relationship seems to be under some change. 10's are tricky to understand, especially the 10 of life, which is everything summed up.

    6. His social card related to "his feelings for you, and what he wants", is the 7 of Life. So you see again, some resistance to establishing the "real life" experience with you as it is changing it seems. So he places that on hold, or chooses not to make the effort to push ahead with you in any "4-ness" established life pattern. Something has him blocked or hindered in that area for some reason. This is a dreamy card however. So I think what is happening is he has "tied" you into his thoughts, emotions, and path, however he is having difficulty moving that from intangible energies to something more real and dependable (like a real life committed, dependable physical pattern.

    7. Another resting aspect about "his feelings for you, and what he wants" is the Hierophant which is the 6th card in the set. So that relates to social and "real" connections, however that card is very much a doctrinal sort of "truth" card, spiritual ideas as they relate to our practical lives. So he is resting in the "rules" or laws that govern "what the two of you are" to him. I don't think he tries to analyze his feelings about you too much. He is enjoying being a part of your life in whatever way that is working at present. Which seems mostly on the spiritual plane (thought, emotion and intentions).

    8. Another growth aspect about "his feelings for you, and what he wants", this one should be getting the most effort from him, is the 5 of Emotion. So, notice how his efforts are mostly directed toward his feelings for you, and allowing them to change as needed. So he is really going along in some sort of "flow" with you emotionally, and so that can be some ups and downs in his perception of how he feels about you. In other words he could one day feel so passionate about you, and then the next he is off in other realms, and not as focused on you. This is all a part of a stabalizing process emotionally, so the fact is, he HAS strong feelings for you, and what he wants is emotional change and emotional dependability all together. So he wants the emotional dependability with you, and he wants to be emotionally flexible with you at the same time. He is trying to let you know he wants you to be free to emote with him in whatever way is best seems the key.

    9. What is achieved about "his feelings for you, and what he wants" is the 9 of thoughts. So he feels a very secure "concept" about the two of you intellectually. If someone were to ask him, "hey bubba, are you and flowersareours an item? Are you in a relationship with flowersareours?" He would answer emphatically, "YES!" Because on the levels he is deeply connected to you in, mostly emotional and intellectual with a DESIRE for a connected new path with you (Ace of path 1), he IS in a very deep and wonderful love with you. So that is what is achieved as his feelings for you.

    10. What is achieved about "his feelings for you, and what he wants", along with some thoughts toward what is next, is the Alpha card of the 22 card set, meaning pure potential. Pure, wide open, full, unbounded, potential. This is card 1, and so says he really wants that 1 path to be a shared path with you. One path together. That is really what is after. The potential is there with him, he feels a lot of potential with you. That is his "crossroads" it seems, the place where he is at.

    It is really puzzling though, because it looks like you two are very much in love on the spiritual levels. It is the "real life" part that seems to be hitting some limits for some reason. What he wants is to actualize a shared path with you apart from the physical seems to be his deep heart desire. In other words, he wants to marry you with out the physical part, and then let that evolve as it needs. So he will be relocating to China probably in order to deepen the relationship in the spiritual ways, and then I am sure at some point the "real life" physical part would come about. He is not able to open this out with you in clear open dialogue for some reason. He may not even be consciously aware of his desire for this sort of union, however that seems to be what the universe is trying to put together for you and him.

    The Queen of Earth (life) is what is crossing the beginning of path (cards 1 and 2). So that shows you that the "real life" fulfillment of the union is where the trouble is. I'll bet if you were to somehow talk to him about a committed union that does not involve the physical part for now, he could then talk more to that. Something is challenging that part of the dialogue between the two of you.

    Whew! I hope that helps. You two have an interesting relationship that is for sure.

    blessings and love, astra

  • Wow! AstraAngel you are exceptionally gifted. Thank you so much for this wonderful reading. I can offer clarity regarding the lack of physical connection: I am married. The fact that you didn’t pick up on my husband speaks more about the depth of my feelings than anything I could say. The man I love doesn’t know the extent of my unhappiness in my marriage, nor that I intend to leave my husband. He may not even know that I still love him.

    I have always had many male friends, so when I went out with this man the first time a few years ago, to me it was just the start of a new friendship. I know the term “soulmate” gets thrown about a lot, but there is no other way to describe what we have. Sometimes I don’t even like him; sometimes I despise him (and I’m sure he feels the same about me). But I always, always love him. While this move to China will be wonderful for his career, I get the impression he is also running away from me. Or, rather, his feelings for me.

    I am not ready to leave my husband, but when I do, I feel that I will first need to walk alone. I am searching within myself right now to fill any gaps myself. I don’t blame my husband. I am finding my purpose and discovering joy. I thank God that this other man entered my life, because if nothing else develops between us, I still believe I am one of the lucky few who have ever felt this depth of connection with another person. That said…I do pray that it is God’s will that we one day end up together.

    Thank you again. Many blessings to you.

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