Hanswolfgang need your help please

  • Hello Hanswolfgang,

    Hope everything is well with you.

    My sister (Rachel) and I had a falling out and have not spoken for 2 1/2 years now. Knowing

    her, I'm sorry to say that I'm not going to make the first move. Just curious to know if she will

    contact me or if she is still mad about the argument we had. Knowing her I know she is still

    mad. Her being a scorpio she is so vendictive. She has the same problem with our other sister. If she will contact me when more or less. If not I guess it will be que sera sera whatever will be

    will be. Have a good evening! (evening here were I live)

    Thank you and countless blessings

  • Hello Hanswolfgang, hope you are here today. Have a blessed day!

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