Can I get a reading please

  • I was wondering if I could get a reading just anything you get.

    Thank you

  • SagittariusGurl,

    I can try to share what seems to be going on. I am experimenting with some different approaches so see what you think!

    1. Beginnings = 4 of Cups

    2. Affirming = Ace of Pentacles

    3. Growing = Emperor

    4. Foundations = 4 of Swords

    5. Changes = 9 of Wands

    6. Social = Hierophant

    7. Reflection = Tower

    8. Expansive = Empress

    9. Conclusions = Hanged Man

    10. Crossroads = 5 of Cups

    11. New beginnings = King of Cups

    So, to make a statement from all of that for you would go something like,

    "A beginning of a foundational, stable emotional time for you. Characterized by something from your outer life that is affirming your emotional state. You are deepening in your viewpoint of your emotional life, and this has resulted in a time of quiet, dependable reflection for you."

    So, that basically sums up where you are. The rest of the cards shed some more detail on that.

    5. An area that has been changing for you has to do with a path that you thought was concluded or over. It seems to still be around, or changing in some way.

    6. You are experiencing a sharing of your truth with others somehow. This is an area of your life you have worked hard on, and is showing great rewards from others.

    7. You seem to be reflecting on some parts of your life in general that has not worked out as you had planned. You could be abandoning a belief you once held to.

    8. (This goes with 3, the Emperor). You seem to be really expanding your viewpoint as regards nurturing and care, and concern for others, and the world you. You are seeing this as the part of your life that is really growing lately. This could be reflected back to you as a new beginning materially (See #1 above). It seems to lead you more into reflection it seems though. More like you are really pondering this view of nurturing others.

    9. You are making conclusions that lead you once again to reflect on your life. This partners with the 4 of Swords. So it seems a time of deep reflection in general for you SagittariusGurl.

    10. A crossroads you are working through are some emotional adjustments. And this seems connected to the

    11. King of Cups, which represents a new emotional growth pattern, a new beginning for you coming out of a time of much reflection. Kings are patterned 3's so they are very stable and dependable, a growing emotional life.

    Overall I would say you are experiencing a time of great reflection in general. There seems to be something very strong in a nurturing viewpoint that you are considering. This also seems to offer a new path for you. There is some path behind you I think you are trying to close out or move away from, and toward this new nurturing view toward life, and a growth of your emotional nature (which is also causing you some ups and downs at times due to the adjustments). This seems very nice to me, a beautiful time in your life where you are really getting in touch with a deeper nature within you. 🙂

    Much peace and continued progress on your wonderful journey!


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