Bimoon- angel/ spirit guide

  • Hi Bimoon

    I have been communicating with my angels/ spirit guides lately and im just wondering can they hear me? I try talking but i don't get much! lols

    and if i have any, can you possibly give me a description/ name. Thanks!

  • Before you can hear you have to believe. They ALWAYS hear----always. They are part of the God energy that is all knowing. And they do communicate--it's our ability to be receptive that hears or not. Maybe you are not sure what you are supposed to hear. And there are many ways to get an answer or message. You may pray for answers then let it go---then suddenly stumble on a book--open to a page that says exactly what you needed---that's spirit. Or you got a problem on your mind----self absorbed and bump into a stranger at a store and she or he starts talking and says something relevant out of the blue. That is spirit talking. Remember angels come through strangers unaware! Or it's a beautiful day and you sit alone in the garden or a park bench and you suddenly think of a past over loved one and a big beautiful butterfly does a dance around you or a car goes by with a radio playing their favorite song!! Spirit loves magic--and serendipity. Are you expecting a loud outside voice? It's not always like that. We here things silently mostly--in our head and not overheard if someone is next to us. If it is a loved one passed their presence will feel the same as alive---if you were close---you will just feel them--often they visit with the scent of roses or flowers. I'm psychic so I recognize hearing spirits talk. When I give readings I get pictures as well as words and they move fast. I try not to think it out but just give what I see as using your logic can interrupt and I may be adding my own thoughts when they have a reason between them and the person receiving the message. Psychics are not meant to make sense of readings. And intuition comes from an open receiving place that does not rely on logic. The ego will be afraid of being wrong or looking foolish---psychics have to let that go. Connecting with spirit is easier in a calm state---fear is a very hard energy to hear through. Spirit also talks to us in dreams. Often spirit speaks to you in a flash of gut intuition---like all of a sudden a thought sounds in your head to turn here----or go in a shop even though you had other plans. You go in a shop and there is a book or a favorite thing there just for you and you feel a warm glow. There are spirits all around---there are guides who are constant and you have a special guarding angel. You can also call on specific Angels during times of needing extra help---Saint Michael can be called for protection or strength. I get the name Katherine around you and see horses. The colour green is strong. A dog--poodles? cuddles? sounds similar to that. The name Esther. Someone named Sandy (related to your childhood? as I see a child)) Bill that goes with a willhem name---william but with an h---German. Esther is a strong energy. Pierce or Percy. I'm asking spirits to step forward and give names---these may be relatives of past generations. The nickname Goldy. A small boy named Peter. And a Lawrence. I am sensing that Esther is the dominating energy around you. Tall woman--dark hair--long but she pins it up. She's wearing black. She has a beautiful singing voice. She shows me a violin----her connection to you is musical

    she encourages you towards music. You need music she insists. It heals you. A man named Carl ----very generous loved fixing things and helping people --watches over breakdowns in cars or mechanical things. I will end here or they will keep coming! BLESSINGS!

  • The world of spirit is all around. I spend a lot of time on the road and my guide let's me know he is looking after me by using car registration plates and songs on the radio to let me know he is there and my journey will be safe.

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