Tarot gurus- please help

  • Can any of the tarot gurus help me please?

    From being a successful senior corporate exec, I have been floundering in entrepreneurial ventures in a new country for the last five years. Now, in desperation, I am trying to get back into the corporate world in the country that I was previously.

    I am, at what my instinct tells me, at my life's crossroad. I believe in my instincts but I have absolutely no clue about where I am headed.

    To learn more about what is in store for me, I drew three cards and I got:

    The Sun

    The Moon

    The Chariot

    A couple of days later, I then drew seven cards and got:

    The Chariot

    The Fool

    The Emperor

    The Empress

    The Wheel of Fortune

    The Star


    What do I take out of these two draw of cards please? And if it helps, I was born on the 13th of Feb 1959 at 5.30 a.m.

    Your interpretation will mean so much to my life. Thank you for your time & your gift.


  • Hi fybt,

    The first thing that jumped out was balance. The first three cards are about the light and the darkness/shadow. Notice in the Chariot card that he is flanked by a black and a white sphynx - balance of the darkness and light. Your fears have gotten hold of you. And it is possible that your inner fears are what is keeping you from being a success in your entrepenurial ventures.

    You need to trust your instincts more and release any tight grip you have on how things "should" be or "should" play out or even what "success" looks like. Let your feelings guide you...does a certain course of action FEEL good to you? For instance, how does it feel to think of going back to your old profession and previous country? Does it feel good or do you feel like you are admitting failure and giving up? You also will receive thoughts/ideas as guidance. The key to this is relaxing and letting go of the egoic fears so these can come through.

    Do you have a business partner currently? I am getting partnership, but this could be another message about balance - the Emperor and Empress are the male and female archetypes. I do have a little nudge though that either there is someone involved that has led you astray and you need to voice your own concerns/opinions more (or maybe a business partner is what you need.) Leadership comes through strongly. Once again, relax the grip and ask the Universe for help - then trust where you are guided.

    Hope this helps.

    You must believe that your dreams can come true first and foremost. The Fool, Wheel of Fortune and Star are about taking a risk and having hope and faith in the future. Temperance is another balance card and also indicates the need for self-healing. There is some belief you have inside that needs to be outed!

  • Thank you watergirl18. Appreciate your guidance. Will try to step ahead with greater openness and confidence.

    Thank you once again for your time and input.


  • Dear watergirl18,

    A related issue to what you responded on: Would you be able to discern which way I am headed as far as my family is concerned? Because if I am back in my previous country, chances are my wife and son will want to continue where we are- my son because of his school and my wife because of health concerns. They both quite like the previous country but my wife is very concerned of possible health complications that may come up in the future for her- she went through a transplant operation 10 years back in the current country. It saved her life and she is healthy and back to her active best. However, she is on medications lifelong and the sword hangs above her that any complication may arise and so, does not want to leave where we are now. Life and it's curveballs!?

    Thank you for your time.


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