What is Spirit trying to say about this person

  • Couple mornings ago, I had a dream that I was living in an aprtment and left for a while. When I returned, someone had opened the drawers of my furniture but nothing was taken. Later the same day, a guy that I work with was over with his gf helping me move stuff out of my house. I noticed that his gf had ploped down on my bed and had my jewelry box going thru all my stuff. I stayed in the room and watched her. As far as I know, nothing was taken. I have hid it now so that when they come back over to help, it'll be out of sight, out of mind. Wierd behavior.

    So, is this person a thief. What is spirit communicating. Thanks.

  • Hiya sweetie

    how RUDE!!!! Opening your jewellry box and going through on ur bed inside ur inner most sanctum? And u let her?

    I can understand u need help to move, but moving stuff is one thing, rummanging through ur stuff is a complete different subject.

    I think n not just spirits saying that u need to set up criterias for this move. Ur friend can help but his gf cannot. She WAY overstepped common courtesy and social behaviour. If ur male friend says he wont until u let his gf then u can say hey i caught her going through my jewellry n she didnt stop even though i stood watching.

    No no sweetie .................... this wont do. Its not right no way no how. I´d consider seriously criterias or some other friends who can help you move. that gf of his whoa i wouldnt let her back inside my home if i was you.

    Common sense if what u need to incooperate here. n NOW!

    as 4 the dream, ur home is ur castle ir sanctum n i wager some special jewellry is special personal for u, heirlooms n such which would kill you if they were ever lost to u.

    apartment = sanctum, drawers open nothing taken = gf rummaging through some very personal to u. thats how i see it


    ps hope ur move wont give u anymore heartache.

  • I found out today through a friend (girl) at work that this girl is known for stealing. Funny, this girl has let the two stay at her house until they find a place to live. She said that she set up firm boundaries w/them. Really, I'm so surprised. Guess I shouldn't be.

  • Well firm barriers so they wont take her stolen goodies.

    So make it she aint allowed in ur homes either one of em.


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