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  • Hiya

    I know a few has helped me BUT i just need to know what i aint seeing and above all why.

    I want NEED to know i MUST know why my cancer june 25 1941 hung the phone up on me when i called him. it is driving me bonkers for over a week now. WHY did he hang up?

    What in this am i NOT seeing? Kindly lay it all on me no matter what. im ready for the blunt sad ugly truth.

    i myself am a pisces born march 10 1972


  • Call him back and ask him. If he is NEEDING to talk to you, YOU would hear from him. What you are asking charming one is not for truth but anything that will make sense and still validate this man loves and needs you in a way he does not. Maybe his girlfriend walked in the room when you called, maybe his phone went dead BUT any excuse short of he dropped dead will never explain why he didn't call back. People lie. People have problems. People make no sense. Why are you assuming there has to be a logical reason for his behavior which has been consistently confusing. You want the hard ugly truth? YOU ARE AND ADDICT and he is your drug

    he occupied your mind all week----he owned you. What part of your life got sedated while this mind sucking question consumed you? Judge people by actions not just words. Find an outlet for your anger that is positive. Get creative. THIS MAN HAS NO LOVE TO GIVE. You deserve to be loved! Choose love! I know I am not the only person who has told you you are an addict. And drug of choice is limitless

    food, drink, drugs, shopping, all consuming relationships, drama

    we have ALL HAVE been sedated by something at some point in our lives. Withdrawals are real--but at least they DO end. This relationship will hurt as long as you decide. End it. Turn your addictive habits into positive discipline. The kind that brings self esteem--sense of accomplishment and LOVES YOU BACK! BLESSINGS!

  • thanx blmoon. he aint been drugging my mind all week per se, ive had work n plenty of healthissues to block that drug.

    anyone else?

  • CharmedWitchBente,

    I think you can take me busting your chops...so... you asked, more than one opinion was given, but that is not the answer you are looking for....hmmmmm

    If you chose to be in a relationship that you know how it makes you feel; that is your free will, but you also have to live with the choices you make....

    you know I will never tell you what choices you should make, so if it makes you happy continue on...if not find a different direction that will.

    Best intentions,


  • thank you guys. i ´m sorry im such a nag


  • Hi Charmed,

    The simple answer is he was ticked off. He may be a cancer but he is coming through as the FIRE-man that he once was. You are trying to tame a lion that does not want to be tamed.

    Good or bad, he has made a choice. He wants to be left alone with that choice and feels like you are harassing him. His hang up was a clear message to you to BACK OFF.

    I know you feel his decision is a mistake and it most likely is. This other woman seduces him and he is more than happy to be seduced. There is karma between these two. You two have karma as well, but that doesn't mean that the correct decision is to be with you. This is not about the two of you winding up together and living happily ever after. You are in a continuous loop. It is up to you to have the courage to cut the tape. That is when your happily ever after will come.

    You will hear from him again. But you will also wind right back up where you are right now. The choice is yours.

    What is it that you really want?

  • Hi Charmed, I agree with all of them.

    From what Im seeing u have focused all ur attention and love in this guy and u have forgotten about u. U have become a stalker and no one likes a stalker, he got so suffocated by u that he is chosing not to talk with u anymore, he feels if he gives u a lil crumb u will want the whole bread, so his not taking any chances. Do urself a favour dont give this guy any more than he deserves, u r destroying urself, I know its hard to let go and our lil heart doesnt choose who to love, but sometimes we just need to let go, even if it means its gonna hurt as hell.

    You need to love urself first and its by doing that and chosing u above all, that u will regain power and ur happiness back. Stay strong Charm cuz I know that all u want deep down is to b happy and ur happiness for now doesnt cross this man path, take this time to focus on u, heal and then find someone else to love, Im pretty sure as soon u start feeling happy again someone will show up.

    But if u feel u need somekind of closure please do that, talk with the guy but dont give him any excuse to abuse u.

    Take care

  • Thank u all of u.

    FYI ive NEVER been with him. Its all been email n phonecalls.


  • Of course it has never been closer than that!! There is a contradiction here---a safety net with a name when a person chases their own tail of distraction knowing said tail can not be caught and even if it was caught --what then? Give it a name. INTENTION-INTENTION-INTENTION. At the bottom of every confusion the answer must be peeled down to the basic intention. You needing this man to need you is NOT the intention--because it does not make sense KNOWING what you know---WHY do you need him? What is the rock bottom intention here---what are you getting from this situation?. Write it down----two sides----the good the bad. It is all internal

    a safe place to be? A conundrum of control yet no control at all. This is your opportunity to pass through a spiritual crossroads and leap up. The bad part? It will hurt like h ell for a while---deep intense pain---the likes that every addiction covers up. Like Jesus, you must go to the desert. The good part? Once you do this---the truth will set you free-free --free!! You will never do this to yourself again--because awareness will not let you. It will be worth it! Know that this fantasy affair has never been real---of course this will make you feel like hurling---you may spend days in bed---sweating out withdrawals--feeling painfully alone with your pain. Know that you can not be so tough charming one and vulnerable at the same time and being vulnerable--broken--is the path to joy. You have trust issues and a self made wall that worked for protection by way of barrier. But how does true love jump a wall like that?---your intention is to be safe yet you yearn to be loved---love makes you vulnerable. Do some spiritual reading on becoming whole by integrating the shadow side which at first one is blind to---bring that to the light and join it with your higher self. ALL of us must do this! We all have a shadow side that will do about anything to stay hidden---our conscious side will beg for an end to the unsolvable circles we create for ourselves but really the shadow of our pain box will lie and resist. Trust and pray and look into the eyes of your pain---walk THROUGH it---get it out of the way. No more fantasy life that only feels good for awhile as it allows you to feed on love thoughts and all that comes with love---the act of loving is a chemical high---the body floods with endorphin's! It's glorious. But then reality bursts the fantasy--the love object behaves off script---then the pain comes the craving---the need to get back in the fantasy. The fantasy is woven from chosen words or actions the love object probably never intended for use in that interpretation. In that way YOU are the creator---the creator is in control? INTENTION? It is good to feel safe, it is safe to feel good. This mantra repeated during high anxiety moments will soothe you. You are loved! BLESSINGS!

  • Charmed this is more easy than I though, u r in love with a fantasy, thru mails, skype, phone calls they become wathever they want u them to be, they r looking for fun most of the times, I think u were so lonely that it felted so nice to have the attention u were looking for and when it stopped u became obsessed with this guy, cuz in fact what u miss his is attention and dedication to u, u miss hearing ur phone ringing, u miss seeing an email from him, now u just have this void that u need to fill in, Thank God u didnt met this guy in person, this way will b more easy 4 u to forget him and move on with ur life, dont hang on this, guys like him r all over the net and this one I think he is married or have someone. What u need is a real man, not someone that hides behind a computer, someone that u can really thouch and look in his eyes and see that what they r telling u is true.

    Do yourself a favour go out, invite friends over for a glass of wine, occupy ur day and mind by reading books, exercise, keep yourself busy n surrounded by good friends. GO insane, lol

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