The beginning of the rest of my life....

  • Can any of the tarot gurus help me please?

    I am at what my instinct tells me is my life's crossroad. I believe in my instincts but I have absolutely no clue about where I am headed.

    To learn more about what is in store for me, drew three cards and I got:

    The Sun

    The Moon

    The Chariot

    What do I take out of this draw of cards please? And if it helps, I was born on the 13th of Feb 1959 at 5.30 a.m. Thank you for your time & your gift.


  • I love your cards!

    we do not always get the road map BUT the sun rises the moon puts it to rest and we keep on keeping on. Like the balance of sun and moon---keeping balance is the wheel of life---sometimes we are on top sometimes on bottom but we get there! Try not to over think --- just let yourself go with the flow. One day at a time. This is the time of your life to surrender more---to be who you really are----the soul who came into this world untouched by life. You are kind of circling back. You are going to be more forgiving of you as a very perfect imperfect spirit. You speak your truth. You DESERVE to be happy. You give yourself permission! You embrace the wisdom and freedom of the crone! This is indeed a crossroad. Live in the moment----you earned this! BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you Bimoon. I feel privileged to have got your response and wisdom.

    Your message seems to be: While you are looking for clarity, what is clear is you are NOT to search for it.

    To add some context: From being a successful, senior corporate exec, I have been floundering in entrepreneurial ventures in a new country for the last five years. Now, in desperation, I am trying to get back into the corporate world in the country that I was previously.

    Actually, a couple of days later [after the three card draw], I drew seven cards and got:

    The Chariot

    The Fool

    The Emperor

    The Empress

    The Wheel of Fortune

    The Star


    Is there anything that you'd like to add because of the context and this new seven card draw? And if it helps, I was born on the 13th of Feb,1959 at 5.30 a.m.

    A related issue: Would you be able to discern which way I am headed as far as my family is concerned? Because if I am back in my previous country, chances are my wife and son will want to continue where we are- my son because of his school and my wife because of health concerns. They both quite like the previous country but my wife is very concerned of possible health complications that may come up in the future for her- she went through a transplant operation 10 years back in the current country. It saved her life and she is healthy and back to her active best. However, she is on medications lifelong and the sword hangs above her that any complication may arise and so, does not want to leave where we are now. Life and it's curveballs!?

    Thank you for your time and your blessings,


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