Gemini attraction towards cancer my DOB 5/28/1988 him 7/14/--

  • MY- DOB 5/28/88 HIS- 7/14/--p.s. my youngest brother is a cancer DOB 7/22/97 and i asked him about it..and he has given me advice..but then again i know he hasnt fallen deeply inlove with a girl and hasnt expirience cheating towards him..LONG STORY,HERE IT GOES

    we've met cuz i was in a 3yr relation with one of his friends, he was always attractive but i was way into his friend that had nothing on him

    it all started a 1yr after i broke up with his friends, when i was in cali he in texas he added me on myspace and we started msg (still not interested) was all cool msg each other 8mths later i moved back to texas, he came on to me fast asking to hang out, i shy but talkative started getting interested on him,just a little. we kept hanging out tll one night at 3a.m i txt him to see where he was, he was drinking and wanted to come over, i said it was i walk out got in his truck and hang, talking, laughing and what not,..he then lean to kiss me,he even was shacking and getting nervous so we kissed for a while,then i quickly moved away scared this might ruin our friendship, but at the end i gave up, he wanted to keep going but im the type of girl that quickly thinking to myself im not a friend with benefits so told him that i was leaving already,..

    days went by and he stop txt and i felt the difference, so i didnt gave up that easy cuz i do want something but not being his friends with benefits, i wanted a relation with him, so i txt him all cool like nothing happend,..

    few days later we ended up seeing each other hanging with the same crowd,..later that night i left my friend at her bf house, where hes house was down the i left her then he txt me knowing i was down the street, telling me to go over, i was acting stupid and said ok be there outside, the same thing happend talk, laugh act stupid,..and ended kissing but this type with more passion.

    few days later i ended up telling him i liked him..he told me he felt the same but the economy and the way things are going with him he felt that he couldnt start anything cuz he was scared that it wasnt going to last and i was gonna want more time with him when he had to be at work 24/7

    i took it as a rejection and started to give him the cold shoulder, at the club not even looking at him or giving him a smile, when dancing with him, he being very passionate trying to hold me tider,i just pulled away and told him to lets go sit down,..its not that i didnt want him, i just got hurt.

    so i left houston and came to dallas, not because of him..well admit a little, i wanted to forget him and cool of, but stupid myspace,..

    (he knows i havent got sexual with no one, so he one's told me that he wanted that between me and him to see if it can be compared to anyone else,meaning if our chemestry is really good) i just took that really bad!

    2wks later i call him to see what he was doing at 12 at night, cuz stupid me still feels something for him..we talk all cool,..talks to me like a friend way different since the very beginnin,..p.s. i miss does days,..anywho it was a weird conversation, 20min later he tells me hes gonna call back took an 1hr but i still answer, he told me he was having a conversation with his brother, then said naw my causin, so i just got **** and told him ill call him some other time.

    we kept txt but i usally start it,..just hei what u doing, he response and asks me wat im doing..very short conversation..i can even count the txt 8 the most.

    i recently started flirting with him, but then reacted and with a weird way just told him (hei you where right)

    he said (abt what)

    i said (about me confuse of liking him, and that it was attractivness, it was your sencire tha got me)

    then he said (u like dat ja ja ja ja)

    i said ( yea i admit, ttyl kisses and hugs bye)

    i was hoping for him to say bye back but he didnt responded at all..

    dude i really like him, but im not sure what to do,,.should i play hard to get, should i just be myself , the laughin at stupid jokes with his and my friends and completly ?

    please help..P.S. he also told me to just have fun and expiriment (meaning ****) and just have fun with live....and before i told him it was just attractivness, i had txt him that he might be the lucky one to do it with me, and then he txt back naww you rejected me ones i have doughts on you...meaning i rejected him on the kiss and intercorse



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