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  • Hello, Im a veterinary technician student who has just finished with my classes. my internship starts in 1 week. however I have a lot of volunteer hours to put in b4 I can graduate. I have 11 weeks to do all this in in addition to making money at my current job. right now my car is broken down and I drive my fiancés truck. he was an over the road truck driver who just went to local driving for my sake. my question is this: how in the world am I going to finish all this? how are things going to work with only one car between the two of us? will I be successful at my internship? how does my future bode regarding me being a vet tech?

  • ONE DAY AT A TIME!! If you read the future as one big obstacle it will paralyze you. I've read for you several times through this vet tech thing and your worry was a waste cos here you are keeping on keeping on. I do get your no car problem----during my education years working towards being a writer I too juggled family responsibility and as well ended up with no car! Some days I got a ride with no idea how to get back but I did. You will too. Just do one day at a time or you get overwhelmed and it takes energy to be overwhelmed. You will do fine. Let go of fear and the universe will back you up. I know you HATE uncertainty but you can do this. BLESSINGS!!

  • thank you for your input. I ended up having to leave my program for now until I get my car fixed. then I can go back, it just has to be within 6 months. I know my mom wont be happy to hear about it but she is very proud of me. this 2 year program has been going on 10 years for me, so everyone and myself would like to see me get done. it had started off as $20,000 for the program but Im up to $40,000 so far cause interests builds everytime im out for a quarter. so its gonna be rough cause vet techs dont make alot of money. so the extra money i make just may be cancelled out by the loans. so I may not make a profit as a result of having a degree.

  • Your intention to do this must be bigger than money. You know that. Did you want to be a vet tech for the money? Or do you see yourself excited to go to work and loving what you do? It's a journey! BLESSINGS!

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