Reading for Gemmini

  • Shuabby here, and I drew some angel cards for you.

    I would also like a reading exchange with you. My question : Is there an out of state move with a relocation job change coming in the future for me and my husband?

    You reading: Your angel cards speak of your ability to heal and communicate with animals. Wonderful gift to be given. That now you are in an optimistic place ready for new beginnings. You are praying and sending out to the universe what you are seeking at this time, if you are'nt than good time to start.

    There is marriage again for you with a man that is tall and slender and has dark hair, he is rather on the quiet side and appears to be an outdoor type of man . You will take it slow and easy with each other and I feel a son around him.

    Your job looking needs more effort on your part and I hear the name of Martin around you, this could be the name of a company or a person that will be of help to you in finding a job. I do not feel an imed job unless you put forth more effort and you feel as though you want a complete change as to what you have been doing before, training may be required of you.

    You are a wonderful communicator and do so well in that field.

    Location wise: I feel the South where there is water , you will do well there and after you remarry will make the move and stay there for the rest of your life.

    It was my pleasure to read for you today and hope to hear from you soon.


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