Ace of Wands as Where

  • Hello,

    I did a reading and not sure if it is possible to get an accurate interpretation but did upon request.

    This is a reading about ones alleged heart mate in this life time.

    I got Ace of Wands in reference to Where they will meet.

    I drew a clarifier and Got ace of Pentacles. work/new opportunity for material/physical gain.

    I see wands as action/ambition, so a new endeavor/opportunity of action/ambition verse a traditional date.

    The cause was knight of Pentacles and that tells me that it may be in reference to work or volunteering but then the main point of interest of the meeting was Devil and how the situation (meeting) manifested was 5 of swords.

    Maybe there was a situation or this is an endeavor related to conflicts/conflict of a lower frequency that bring them two together. (Dev/5swords)

    The heart mate was represented by the Fool, so I take it she does not know him yet or is unaware of who he is.

    I used the RW deck.

    Another person also said it could be work but it seems a bit off as this person has never be keen on dating one from work. Maybe they meet and one goes his way and she goes her way and they both do not end up actually working beside each other.

    Thank you for taking time to read this.

  • My psychic impressions on this reading started with the obvious---a work related hook up---but could hear Spirit saying too obvious! And something remains hidden deeper. And sure enough the devil card jumps in AND the fool!! If the fool could indeed talk he would say honey it is not the wrong answer but the wrong question!! You know how the fool hangs upside down? Can represent what truth remains hidden and how it's all perspective.--which way your looking from. The devil is the core card and reveals what is hidden---the swords are powerful representations of backup---wisdom--strength to accept the truth of the receivers message as well as the cards advice to silence the heart more right now and pump up the intellect--the male energy. Going back to the fool---the question for now is not about a mate but now is about action towards life purpose. First things first. So my message to this person is to surrender this ache for a mate and as the trickster fool also represents---contradiction and irony---it will best serve this desire if you mate YOURSELF! Marry your life's purpose for now and through THAT intention you will attract a mate. The hidden reward the devil card brings when things are NOT what you think. BLESSINGS!!

  • good advice and yes I was suspicious that these cards were not really able to address the question. I am not even sure if cards can expose those answers either.

  • My Fool card in RW does not hang upside down, he is walking on a cliff with blind faith. I took that as if she does not know him or has no awareness or solid answer to who he is.

    You readings are always very deep 🙂

  • So spirit saying, "too obvious" is an indicator that it is not work?

    I also know that this person is not keen on dating one that she will be working with. She has never done it before either. She also is pretty into standing by her ideals and I have not seen her budge in regards to age limit; no younger, even a year and not more than 5 years older. Change can happen but I don't see her dating one at work in the now.

  • you did have good intuitions. Spirit saying "too obvious" was not saying it wasn't work in general but spirit was just commenting on this particular message---I was just being psychic before the Devil card came up. Yes, you had to dig deeper to solve the contradictions. As for the fool walking blinded along the cliff---kinda like being a psychic---pure faith it is to say things without a clue why---risk looking foolish?

  • Ok. I am not sure if I should bother with these types of questions as well, if there needs to be other inner work done first and that often, it happens once the self is centered and balanced anyways.

  • Unless spirit actually jumps in and says wow this one is about to meet someone significant soon that kind of question is too specific and most tarot decks will tell you how to word questions for better guidance. Love and money are the most requested messages. When I am offered a reading I usually just request whatever spirit message is most needed right now. God already knows what's on your mind. As a psychic, it's tugging to my heart to hear the fear of financial doom in someone's post and know that no---there is no windfall of cash around the corner.That's not to say that person can't still enjoy abundance or joy. Specially if life requests more surrender from them---not to be cruel but it is a needed foundation for future rewards. Under stress, I often get the Angel card that says let go of DESIRED outcomes and you will get what you want. It's the law of attraction. If you dwell on what you believe is missing most it only increases that reality. Thoughts do have energy. INTENTION is key. We are creators in our own life more than we know. More people crave easy relationships---love that just makes everything better. Relationships often are tough love---a lesson in there somewhere. You know that old Rolling Stone's song? "You can't always get what you want, but if you try, sometimes, you get what you need". I think you should trust your gut and read the cards as YOU hear them and practice not being swayed by the desired outcome of the person asking. Next time you are really stumped by the cards---do consider spirit's message goes much deeper than the question. When someone asks a question trust your gut or immediate thoughts. What if someone walks in seeking love answers and all you pick up is a physical illness that needs addressing. Trust yourself---even at the risk of looking foolish. Being empathetic means picking up other's states of mind so it does take practice to not be swayed or confuse spirit's voice with other's thoughts or even your own. BLESSINGS!

  • I agree with you. I am more comfortable giving guidance that will help rather than the 'answers'.

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