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  • I am a Pisces born on 3/7/74 and am trying to reunite with a Gemini born 6/20/74. She has another man in her life now but has expressed some unhappiness. She has told me she still cares for me and i still deeply care for her. I ended the relationship as honestly i was afraid of how much i really care for her, i have been hurt in the past and felt that the love she was giving me was too good to be true. I deeply regret it and have told her as much, she has forgiven me, but she doesn't want to end the relationship with her current boyfriend without giving him a chance. I understand, as it was i who ended the relationship. I just want to know is there a possibility of a reconciliation?

  • Not right now. If you do not use the gift of the mirror she held up for you and work on your fears you two will be on and off. You have a lot in common----there is a great magnetism involved. Sometimes extra passion is the glue that keeps us engaged long enough to help each other heal the fears we have used to sabotage ourselves. The negative you share is both of you are firmly independent. When feeling secure you both enjoy that common understanding of need for space. When insecure then things go wrong. The fish gets slippery and the Gemini grows wings. Geminis tend to live in the moment and can love in the moment. They can be very forgiving as they do prefer moving ahead--light and airy---they are loyal BUT accept they demand the same as they can be a crowd of surprises and moods. They keep it interesting. The man in her life lured her with a false sense of security--he pretended to be secure and not into drama

    but truth is he is possessive in a sneaky way that has her questioning what is real---I see her asking herself---am I being manipulated? She does speak up---that's not a problem with her but this man with a heavy Scorpio influence in his chart knows what to say. He is cunning and intent on capturing her but HE is insecure. He must have a sense of control as he feels she is too good for HIM. Do you see a pattern here? It is best to step away and let their relationship play out. You took the vulnerable high road and laid the truth on the table. What you have to offer her is NOT being manipulative. She can not learn from her current hook up if you are part of it. Give her the trust that she will take care of her self. Her independent wings will eventually rule and she will get tired of the current relationship. You left her confused and vulnerable

    she needed to feel extra wanted---and that invites possessive types. Spirit is giving me the number 6----seeds planted tend to resolve or resurface in six months. Six months has meaning for you two. I also get that you have an opportunity coming your way---in the dream department. Something creative that you miss----November is a fertile month for you and anything you do will be golden---take advantage of this by using October for organization and dreaming---Spirit keeps saying "dreams"

    you've lost touch with the dreamer in you---be bold--be ready. Luck is preparation meeting opportunity. Also, you make an excellent teacher---students get pumped up by your passion. Do not ever feel you must grow up now---your gifts do best when planted with childlike wonder. In fact cynicism is like a death for you. Of course this means you are easily bruised but be proud of that bravery! You do have conflicting desires---a born leader---and yet as a gentle soul you can be a hermit. Balance these two equal parts of you. It will give you self confidence that no one will brake you. Let your Gemini fly her own journey for now and get in touch with your dreams---November is not far. Your October dreams will be very psychic so pay attention. Alone time will be fruitful. January may bring some family drama but it will pass and resurface late march or early April. You also need to watch your health in Feb. If you avoid getting sucked into drama in January it will help. Your health is very much connected to stress. May like November is a good month---May could bring a surprise--spirit shows me the word ACHIEVEMENT . I know you mostly are thinking of your love life but what I am seeing is a time of great opportunity for you to realize your dreams. BLESSINGS!

  • There is a tendency here for fantasy and imagination to be the basis for the relationship. Thus it can be very ungrounded when it comes to making fanatsy reality. Together you two can become too relaxed, even sloppy, and can have trouble managing everyday life and its problems. So I would not say this is the most realistic or satisfying union. I also feel your friend will never completely trust that you will not dump her again. You hurt her badly and she wants someone stable and trustworthy who makes her feel secure about the relationship. So no, I don't feel this relationship will ever be what either of you is looking for nor is there any chance of getting back together, sorry. You also need to deal with the lingering issues and wariness you have towards love and getting into a relationship, LC, before you can let yourself go with someone else.

  • Blmoon, most of what you said is accurate, he is an aries however, does this make a difference?

  • I did not respond using birthdates for him just psychic--I'm a psychic medium. I picked up a heavy Scorpio influence in his chart. Meaning not necessarily his sun sign but one of his planetary influences in his relationship dept. Everyone has a general sun sign influence but it goes deeper than that. I'm a Taurus but my moon is in Aries etc. Astrology is a lot more than just your sun sign. To get an in-depth astrology reading you use a person's birth day and time and birth place and it includes a full influence of where all the planets and moon where and is broken down into houses. It's very intensive. It is often helpful to get a couples full chart comparability read. There are computerized programs that can do it for you---I believe this site offers a free sample one.Also you can get a book and work at it yourself. My response to you was psychic. Any astrological references I made were just relevant. The Scorpio influence I picked up as being a problem that would cause them difficulties and shows up somewhere between their birthcharts. Two sun signs by the book may be considered compatible yet there can be roadblocks and issues if their birth charts conflict. Actually I believe THE CAPTAIN does in depth astrology. Sometimes people who can't figure a compulsive yet difficult relationship may find they share the same moon and often read each other's mind but don't want to! If you have yours hers and his birth dates time and place you can probably go on an astrology thread and get a chart reading. It can help but is not everything to consider because your birth chart shows your strengths and weaknesses and you can overcome that . But some folks do have a heavy mars influence in a place that predicts the odds of any traditional committed relationship mostly impossible. I once had a long very close relationship with a Pisces that was so perfect we read each other's minds! Any project we did was success. But I noticed he had a messy relationship history. I just didn't get it. He seemed so genuinely open to others yet often let people down if they got too close. I happened to get a chart reading for us both and she explained all the compatibility aspects and they were powerful BUT then she said OH MY! How tragic, his mars position trumped it all and she shook her head and said---this man has no love to give! I was a lot younger and not so sold! But this man has remained friends and twenty five years later I have yet to see him maintain a committed close relationship with anyone and he's now 75! So, she knew what she was talking about.---- It's good for everyone to get their own in depth chart done. And know what you can work on and why certain other signs seem to flock. together. But back to your issue right now----time is relevant and you need to put your love life aside because it will only distract you from a positive time for you to get focused and use discipline to get back in touch with your gifts and dreams---be open to inspiration not distraction. Put in the work and organization you've put off. And it will pay off. I still get strongly that you need to step away from this relationship for now and focus on yourself. BLESSINGS!

  • October 10th is there 6 month "anniversary". Little dates like this are of tremendous importance to her, and he has already told her that he has other plans that night. She is very hurt that he after six months still doesn't seem to be making her a priority in his life.

  • their, I mean. sorry for the improper grammar

  • Well that can very well be the six month relevant event date. A lot depends on how she decides to retaliate. On a spiritual level---it would be best if she uses that situation to understand what kind of harvest she can expect from this commitment. And either be realistic about her expectations from him AND her own part in creating a negative event---her choice. Like I said before, they are both fiercely independent YET forcing obligations on another --- I see this as validation of the power struggle that will end these two and she could repeat a pattern of just jumping into another relationship if she can't let go of needing immediate gratification and love validation by setting rules of proof. She is not the one asking for advice but she will keep facing the same obstacle ----even with you---unless she starts accepting her own issues rather than thinking it's all about the man. The best of relationships still require compromise AND most important accepting who your mate is without delusions of changing them. A couple can INSPIRE the best from each other OR as well poke out the worst. If one is going to have deal breaker rules they need to own up to who they are and not prolong a fight. What I mean is she can't be both independent yet have this insecure needy side and not ignore that. My guess this man was extra attentive in the chase but it wore off and now he just feels her pulling the reins. Her decision is to be honest and own that need if she can't change her insecurity and end the relationship until she finds the man who has the same rules. But from what I get she is not attracted to that. She is attracted to men who do show real attention in the moment but by nature prefer a VERY LONG leash. I get that she is intoxicating and a man can get lost in it--for awhile---but life has other agendas and you could lose yourself in her. Which is why spirit advises your part in this lesson is to know when to step away from a consuming situation and not miss important crossroads in your own path of life. People who do not feel trapped or are secure handle these demands with compromise. He needs to be truthful but not vindictive if he feels a six month anniversary is silly if he is otherwise very attentive all the time. If he feels MOSTLY she is not too demanding he could just buy her a gift and shrug it off. But usually when a mate just retaliates it means that they feel the mate IS controlling and I get that they both have control issues. You said you hurt her and disappointed her. Spirit shows me a wolf in a trap who chews off his own leg to get free. I feel that you could not keep up with her rules either---she needs constant reassurance and although it was heavenly to get lost in her at times---you need a longer leash! Be honest with her and yourself. If she plays the jealousy card to punish him on the 10th and runs to you it will be a short lived victory for you. And by the time you realize you are back in the same conflicts with her---you will have missed some important opportunities in your own life path that are calling to you. The only way you can be with her is to be yourself--from day one. You need space to live your own life AND she needs to be more attentive in her own and not assume you are pulling away or something is wrong when you are just busy. I see her as having a deep core belief that love can't be trusted to stay and actually she creates rules that insure it is truth.AND she is attracted to men who are sure to disappoint her. Truth is important right now---for both of you---in your own space. know yourself!! BLESSINGS!

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