Virgo needs help desperately.

  • I'm a Virgo, born on September 16, 1992. (Turned 21 yesterday). And, just like other people I'm sure, I'm tired of looking around at couples and not having anyone for myself. Now, I'm not saying that I particularly NEED a boyfriend, but I was wonder what the future held for me. When it seems like I might meet someone that might turn into something more. In other words, I'm tired of wondering. There is someone I'm interested in, but that's a far off dream (celebrity crush you know? Doesn't hurt to dream though. haha). So, yeah, anyone can help. Just wondering if I'll meet someone soon or not.

    Also, I'm graduating from college at the end of this year and I'd like to go straight into a job rather than go to graduate school. But I'm having trouble getting internships or finding jobs that would cater to what I want to do (or my dream job) rather than what I would be stuck at and being unhappy. Do you see me getting any promising news on the job front soon?

  • Majesstic11, to understand what your future will be like, you need to take a look at your personality to see what issues may be stopping you attracting what you want.

    You are a passionate and enthusiastic individual whose infectious ‘joie de vivre’ enchants all those with whom you come into contact. Although you are lively and passionate, this does not mean you are impulsive and impatient, quite the opposite, you also have the discipline, common sense, and patience to focus your outstanding energy on a particular skill or project. But you need to understand that you can overdo enthusiasm. People are unlikely to want to help you or get involved if they feel backed into a corner.

    You are motivated by a desire to learn, master and then go beyond what has already been achieved. You are typically passionate about what you do and keen to recruit others to your cause. In addition, you can be a courageous risk-taker, not afraid to stand up for what you believe in or to fight your corner. Occasionally though, your passionate nature can lead to rebelliousness and you rarely respond well to any form of authority; a character trait which will have been noticed from childhood. Above all, though, you are bursting with vitality and energy, thriving on competition and challenge. Fiercely independent, you may find it hard to work with a group of people but in time you will learn the art of compromise and that giving your opinion gently yields far better results for you than your previous blunt, unsparing or attention-grabbing way. Know when to tone yourself down. You want to be gloriously free and independent and have your own separate identity, yet you also want to feel connected to other people.

    Until the age of thirty-six, you will find that relationships play an important part in your life. You may want to be popular and appreciated, but this may prove elusive until you learn to control your impulsive candour. Around the age of thirty-seven, you will reach an important turning point when your need for self-reliance is enhanced and the emphasis turns more to personal transformation.

    It is extremely important for you to take advantage of any opportunities life offers you to become more in control of your energy, because once you learn to aim your passion in the right direction, you are such a big-hearted individual that you will not only make a name for yourself, you will find true happiness by passing on your inspiration and happiness to others. Don't let any feelings of unworthiness or insecurity to hold you back.

    Love: You are - not surprisingly - a passionate, generous and warm-hearted lover, but you may become difficult or moody if your partner tries to restrict your freedom or change you in any way. Finding someone who is as intelligent as you are, and who can share a similar passion for life and love, is essential for you. You may be drawn in particular to Pisces people - you are opposites and the outcome of a relationship between you is totally unpredictable, but that is the attraction for you both.

    Health: You are so full of energy and excitement that the pace of your life often tends to be quite fast. This can lead to information overload and stress; learning to slow down every now again is therefore extremely important. It is also important for you to learn to eat more slowly, as fast eating and indigestion may be common. Ridges on your fingers, a sore tongue and frequent stomach upsets could be signs of poor digestion. You need to take time over your meals, chew food slowly and not drink too much with your food, as this dilutes stomach acid and slows down digestion. You should also avoid drinking too much tea and coffee, and eating too much chocolate. A glass of lemon juice with water first thing in the morning would be beneficial. As far as exercise is concerned, you may be rather accident prone so should avoid extreme sports and concentrate on “safer,” moderately intense activities like brisk walking and swimming. Mind-body therapies such as yoga and meditation will shift your focus to higher things, as will wearing the colour purple.

    Career: You love nothing better than to display the fruits of your labours and are well suited to careers in financial planning, science, or the manufacturing trades. You may also be drawn toward business, mathematics, computers, education, law, medicine, education, acting, writing, or charity work. Your destiny is to make a positive contribution to humanity, and to live life large. Your life path is to learn to set clear goals and keep them in view. Once you have learned to work successfully with others to achieve a shared vision, your destiny is to inspire others with your infectious enthusiasm. Your greatest challenge may be getting others on your side. Your best way forward is to understand that the way to get others on your side is to emphasize what they can gain by offering their support.

    Power Thought: “Before I jump into my day, I will stop and connect with my spirit”

    2013 for you is a year for self-examination. This is a slow quiet time of introspection and reflection, a time to analyse your thoughts and actions, and pursue studies of an intellectual or metaphysical nature that interest you. This year, you may want to explore life's deeper truths, either looking into philosophical matters or studying natural sciences. You will find yourself better able to solve problems, and come to a greater awareness of your full potential. Taking time out for yourself can provide many benefits and give you an opportunity to become more aware. Through reflection and self-awareness, we are apt to take steps to refine our nature. Therefore, this is a wonderful year to ask important questions like: "What is my Life Purpose?" or " What do I want my life to be like?" The year can provide understanding of your inner nature, as well as development of intuitive abilities. Solitude is often needed in order to quiet the mind and get in touch with the heart of what really matters. This is the year for asking yourself what areas of your life you would like to redefine. What skill would you like to perfect? This is a great time to begin learning or continuing a new vocation, skill, or hobby that will enhance the quality of your life. The year also wants to aid you in becoming more self-sufficient. Examine how much you worry too. Worry is a sign that you're not in the present moment. Let things come to you in 2013, as this is a year when thoughts and ideas materialize. It is a good year to carry out plans that don't require involvement from others, and a year to guard your personal "alone" time, so as to avoid feeling irritable. A time to get "centred", you may find that at times during this year, you feel a bit lonely and left out. The main lesson of 2013 is to learn to be alone without being lonely and to understand yourself much better, to get in touch with who you are and what you really want. By the end of this year, you will likely be in a position to handle life with greater insight and efficiency.

    2014 will be a great year for goal setting and attainment and especially important for you career-wise. It is your power year professionally. Material issues, work, and worldly accomplishments will come to the forefront. Organization is important, and monetary gain is very likely when you focus on structure and personal empowerment. During the year, simplify the areas of your life where you find yourself scattered by distractions. This is a time to practice efficiency by putting things in order and embracing systems that can help you achieve greater levels of success. Therefore, weeding out distractions will help you strengthen your foundation. Because it is a year of personal prosperity, you are in a position to manifest whatever it is that you want in life. It is also a year to reap the rewards of previous efforts from 2013 and before, as well as a time to give some time, money, and energy to philanthropic pursuits. This year will find you dealing with important people, important decisions, and important methods of operating, rather than being bogged down in petty details. Money will play a big role this year. Pay attention to your money and study the laws of prosperity. You can serve and make money – they are not mutually exclusive pursuits. Building a better world (or home or workplace or community) for others can provide you with more abundance than you ever imagined. Enjoy the fruits of all you have done in previous years. Force, energy, and power are at your command during 2014, although you are asked to use it wisely and with the intention of achieving the highest good of all those around you. Set your own direction and participate fully in the process.

    And good luck!

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