Virgo needs help with love life and future job

  • I'm a Virgo, born on September 16, 1992. (Turned 21 yesterday). And, just like other people I'm sure, I'm tired of looking around at couples and not having anyone for myself. Now, I'm not saying that I particularly NEED a boyfriend, but I was wonder what the future held for me. When it seems like I might meet someone that might turn into something more. In other words, I'm tired of wondering. There is someone I'm interested in, but that's a far off dream (celebrity crush you know? Doesn't hurt to dream though. haha). So, yeah, anyone can help. Just wondering if I'll meet someone soon or not.

    Also, I'm graduating from college at the end of this year and I'd like to go straight into a job rather than go to graduate school. But I'm having trouble getting internships or finding jobs that would cater to what I want to do (or my dream job) rather than what I would be stuck at and being unhappy. Do you see me getting any promising news on the job front soon?

  • Hi Majesstic 11. Just a little word of caution, which might (hopefully) spare you from a lot of troubles both in your relationships and at work in future. Be aware of Virgo sign's tendency to get easily bored and dissatisfied with realistic, availiable jobs and relationships. The so called Dream Jobs and Celebrity Crushes idea will lead you nowhere, as Virgos tend to long for the unobtainable and as a result dismiss the things of value as soon as they become obtainable. It's not a question of getting them, it's a question of keeping them. If you want to have a dream job - go to the graduate school, work hard and get properly qualified for it. The same about relationships - you should become yourself the kind of partner you want to attract. Good luck to you, it's a worthy cause !

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