Love and Job. Anyone anyone can help.

  • I'm a Virgo, born on September 16, 1992. (Turned 21 yesterday). And, just like other people I'm sure, I'm tired of looking around at couples and not having anyone for myself. Now, I'm not saying that I particularly NEED a boyfriend, but I was wonder what the future held for me. When it seems like I might meet someone that might turn into something more. In other words, I'm tired of wondering. There is someone I'm interested in, but that's a far off dream (celebrity crush you know? Doesn't hurt to dream though. haha). So, yeah, anyone can help. Just wondering if I'll meet someone soon or not.

    Also, I'm graduating from college at the end of this year and I'd like to go straight into a job rather than go to graduate school. But I'm having trouble getting internships or finding jobs that would cater to what I want to do (or my dream job) rather than what I would be stuck at and being unhappy. Do you see me getting any promising news on the job front soon?

  • Majesstic11

    Hey, I am happy to share what I can! I am sort of changing my approach to the readings however I will sure tell you whatever seems to suggest itself.

    First of all, your significator was chosen as the 6 of Pentacles (I am using the tarot generator). So, you are pretty strongly identified as a person right now with 6 energies of pentacles (Earth dimensional layer, the results of wands, swords, cups). (Oh and Happy Birthday I just saw that!) SO you are a Virgo, that is interesting... so order and neatness and predictability is important. I say predictable, I mean, you are not a big fan of surprises unless it is nice one. I think you are due for some surprises Majesstic11, a close encounter of the nice kind. πŸ™‚

    This is a 10 card CC spread and I will be looking at the cards in pairs.

    Situation, cards 1 and 2: King of Cups and the Page of Swords. Well, the boyfriend desire is certainly your focus :). More than the job career thing. The page of swords with that King seems to be your window into his world. So, communication and dialogue is a key for this man to enter your world. I would say right off the bat you should be nurturing ANY communication doors that open with men. I mean get out there and mix with the boys. Join the local hot rod repair group. Tell them you have loved to fix cars ever since you were a little girl.

    Things like that.

    Above (3) and below (4). Above is what you are aiming for lately, and below is what you don't need to aim for as it is already a done deal. Above is the Death card. And below is Page of Cups. I think you have made some efforts in a relationship(s) to express your emotional side to men. I mean you have a lot of page energy around you (3) which is focusing on your risk-taking and communication areas. So you have been communicating emotionally somehow. Whether that has worked for you is uncertain. Probably hasn't turned out the greatest otherwise you would be out there having fun with him right not, instead of on this forum.

    Death above as your goal, aim, and all that... well, let's talk about the Death card. Why in the world would you be aiming for death if you want a boyfriend? Death is a very deep card of transformation. It is being willing to "die" to previous modes of life, and be reborn into something entirely new. So your aim seems to be to change your tactics or methods in love matters. Or at least you are willing to try new things, anything, to see some results, instead of tears. Death has strong watery associations, it is very fluid and goes with the flow. It also has strong ties to "schooling" as in fish swim in schools. So I am wondering that a lot of your BF aiming has been around you at school? I think that could be where this is going.

    Cards 5 and 6: Something fading (5) and something approaching you soon (6) are the Ace of Wands (5) and the 10 of Swords (6). Wow, that is strong. You made some sort of path beginning recently, it must be related to the Page of Wands in your "house" influences (card #8), that is the Page of Wands. So you must have been recently influenced or invited or offered to begin something of a creative pursuit, purpose, goal, from a Page of Wands. This would be a setting, or a person who either wanted you to take a chance (with them) or begin a path together. That doesn't look like it was actuated. I don't think you took them up on their offer. I am not certain what that is about, I can read the cards however I don't always know what they represent in your life. I would revisit that with you if we had a dialogue back and forth. That card (Ace Wands in your past and the Page of Wands as your environment is really getting a lot of focus by spirit right now, I think that could hold some answers that will help you with the boyfriend desire. We should examine that.

    Ahead (6) is the 10 of Swords. Now, don't let the swords in that person's back scare you, they are fake. The blood is ketchup. So, very soon you will be eating something with ketchup. On a sword. Shish ka bob? Hm, I wonder if you will soon meet a "Bob" at one of those Mediterranean restaurants? Or wherever they make shishkabobs. Ha ha I don't know I am just sharing what this seems to say. A really happy time for you soon. The 10 swords is a "crossroads" of mind card. Like one thing concludes that you have been thinking about (9) and another begins (Ace) that is new. So something is about to begin for you in a dialogue with a King of Cups seems to be what is happening for you! πŸ™‚ The dialogue part is really important, so you should be really super tuned into talks and your walks, around guys, could be online, could be at school. Maybe not. Don't forget about that Sports car repair club thing, the hot rods. Fishing too, guys like fishing and golf. What is a good guy thing for you... um, something about cars. If you meet a guy that you kinda like and you see what he is driving, ask him something about his interest in cars, like, "hey do you like to watch the car races, like the Indy 500?" Just see what he says. You may be pleasantly surprised. Cars, guys are crazy about their cars.

    So, be on the look out for some great dialogue soon with a King of Cups, and his car.

    Now, we move on to the 7 and 8 cards, which contrast your feelings about your question and the "environment's" influence on that. We already touched on that Ace of Wands in your past, as being offered to you by a page of Wands. Your self (attitude, feelings) is the WORLD. So that seems to be a pretty big place for you right now. I think maybe a little overwhelming, right? Like, OMG billions and billions of guys out there, like the stars in the night sky, and I can't find one? What the - - -..... ?? So, scale that back. Realize that the universe knows you perfectly and knows exactly the right man for you that will be so wonderful! The world is a big place, however you are totally on the right path and the universe is working to bring the two of you together. I would remind yourself of that. no matter what. your path and his are going to be crossing. When? Yesterday. Now. Tomorrow. It is all the same. You are already with him in the spirit of your heart. Maybe you can't touch him yet, so what. He is still just as much in love with you right now as he will on that day when the two of you meet, and your eyes lock, and you whisper to him, "Wow, a 1974 Chevelle Super Sport convertible... that is really a .... handsome car." So, something nice is developing for you majesstic11... the Universe wouldn't be having me write these things if they weren't.

    The Page of Wands as your house seems to be an influence around you even now. Someone or something, could be at school. Maybe a bulletin board, a notice, a question. Somehow there is path being offered to you by someone, and that could be the King of Cups. Not sure. It has already happened though, whatever it was that was offered, remains. So, I would be tuned into offers, and suggestions, from the world around you. Like I said, these two cards are getting a lot of focus so if I were you I would ponder those and see if you can tell what they mean for you. They hold a very significant key.

    Cards 9 and 10, 9 is your hope of an outcome and that is the 7 Swords. And 10 is what will actually be the outcome and that is the 5 of Pentacles (goodnews there!). So your hope is a 7 swords planning and somewhat, oh, dreamy iin a way. 7's are weird numbers, and depend a lot on the cards around them. We see change (=5) of your physical life coming. and a Page of Wands (communications and messages of your path, role, purpose, intention) below that 7S. So, I think this is a somewhat chatty swordsy card. You are wanting to talk path with someone here. You are wanting to plan out a future, that involves a change of scenery and purpose and goals in very concrete ways (5P). So this hope you have ties into that Page of Swords with this King of Cups. That seems to be your deep desire to enter into conversation with a guy, and it has change and movement associated with it (I think cars are moving!).

    Dialogue is really important here that keeps coming up in the reading. I think the universe is encouraging you to get out there more and dialogue with interest groups, and settings where you have a better chance of meeting this King of Cups. You are wanting to Page + 7 Swords with him, which is a super strong talk - plan combo. So, think meetups where guys are planning things, trips, changes, destinations. Motion is a part of this. I know I am throwing a lot at you, but the conversations are the doors for you.

    You are a Virgo and Virgos need talk to answer their needs to establish order and repose. I think you have had some challenges with effective conversation, maybe they have veered to much into emotional areas, (page of Cups below) and that has scared some away perhaps. Not certain. You have a lot of talking-risking-starting things, and ending things, but not a lot of nice in-betweeny things, you know what I mean? It could be that you are very sensitive to the "orderliness" of a potential partner and could be distancing yourself from them thinking "hm, he left one button unbuttoned on his collar. Not my type." Hey, buttons can be fixed Majesstic, you can point it out to him! Guys love to be corrected by beautiful girls, it is what they live for. In your case, as a Virgo, your needs for order and predictable outcomes may be blocking your path sometimes, with men. And I think it is happening in the dialogue.

    Here is something to try, do you have ANY guy friend you can relax with? Like even a brother? Find someone, even a girlfriend there, and act out conversations with this person, like meeting guys for the first time, and have your partner leave something messy on them, like a ketchup stain on the front of her blouse or by her mouth. And work through your conversation while dealing with this obvious faux pas that would drive most Virgos up the wall. Not you though! You are cool as a cucumber, calm and relaxed and smiling. And don't forget to ask about his car. Anything. Anything at all. You do those things, and I promise you, you will have more guys calling you and wanting to go out with you than you can shake a stick at. Remember... shish ka bob... wouldn't hurt to look up some fun recipes for those too. And you and your girlfriend(s) go out and eat together. If you don't have a girlfriend to do that with, then find a great Mediterranean rest and you enjoy a great meal for the two of you.

    You, and the wonderful man sitting across from you, who though you may not see, is still there, sharing dinner with you, and in love with you.


    P.S. I didn't really touch on your career I am sure that is going to work out too, it seemed like Spirit wanted to zero in on your love life as being so very important for you right now. Best to you dear Majesstic11! Nice things happening for you...

  • Ooops, here are the cards!

  • Hello Astrangel,

    Can you give me a 10 card reading.I have been jobless for over a year and life in general hasn't been what i would want it to be.My D.o.B-06/15/58.


  • Astraangel,

    Also do you me relocating,when?

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  • Hi Majestic11,

    I took another look at your question, and focused on the Page of Wands as you requested. Very interesting! Here is what I got:

    1/2) Significator was the Page of Wands from the first reading as we are wanting to know more about that. And (2) the crossing card to that turns out to be the Knight of Wands. So that is emphasizing a Wandy focus, risk, step you took back there.

    3/4) The aim was the Ace of Wands (this showed up again). So there was an aim with this Page/Knight combination to begin a creative path together, or a role, intention. Something was trying to begin in Wands between you two. (4) (below) is the Temperance card, which is "blending together" something watery, fluid, emotional and earthy connected together. So in some way, there was an achievement between you and this Knight of Wands, something was accomplished that "blended" your talents together.

    5/6) The past in relation to the above is the Knight of Swords, so it looks like you and the Knight of Wands began in some sort of intellectual or dialogue focus, and that must have transitioned to the Wands. (6) is ahead, so after the Wandy effort was begun, things change abruptly for some reason, Judgment indicates a sudden release, dramatic change, something happened back there connected to the Knight and you as the Princess (Page) of Wands.

    7/8) 7 is the attitude about it all, and your attitude then was the Queen of Pentacles. So there was some sort of material or financial security concern you must have had. Your attitude was on preserving something important that was a strong security aspect of your life. (8) is the outer influences surrounding this effort, and that was the 8 of Pentacles. So this indicates (along with the Queen Pentacles) that there was a strong, expansive material or financial atmosphere around this Page and Knight of Wands. It sounds work related to me.

    9/10) The concluding "hope" of the matter is Death, so along with Judgment as the approaching card (back there) it seems that there was something that happened that was rather intense I think. Death as a "hope" is pretty decisive, it sounds like you wanted to die in a way, (which is deep transformation) and that all adds up to the fact that something must have happened between the Page and Knight that was very (I want to say) traumatic or upsetting enough to warrant some really deep desires for transformation to occur. I think you and this Knight were trying to save something that was being "judged" or ending, and that was very painful it seems. Appears to revolve around a material issue it looks like (Queen and 8 of Pentacles). So the conclusion of the entire affair was Death, or radical transformation in some way.

    (10) represents the Ending and Beginning out of this Page and Knight story, and that is the High Priestess. After Death, everything goes very quiet. Nothing. Emptiness and business as usual it appears. That seems to be where you and the Knight ended. In mystery and nary a whisper.

    My guess is that the Tarot is pointing to this Page and Knight experience as somehow shaping your life in a significant way. It may be therapeutic to embrace all that occurred as serving a bright and beautiful purpose. I am not sure where to go from here, does anything jump out at you as a question? Or do you see another card you want to explore further?

    I will say that you and someone had something going in your somewhat recent past, a shared path, and a deep blending effort. There is rather "heavy duty" energies surrounding this event, I hope you received counseling(?) or somehow worked through it in your own way Majesstic11. The most amazing and beautiful stories ever told grow from impassioned seeds like these.

    Much love,


  • Dear gemmini

    I will start a new thread just for you!


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  • Thank you Astra.

  • Dear Majesstic11

    I am looking more into this matter for you, however I am getting a strong sense this is exactly what is going on with you. I am looking at 10 new cards now and both the Queen of Wands and the King of Wands showed up. So that does look like you and him. I will get back to you with a complete reading, I think we are on the right track though. My guess at this point is that you were really devastated about the end of the friendship, I think you really deeply cared about him. And the ending of the friendship left your emotional path in limbo, making it very very difficult to restart with someone else.

    So I will reply with more in a little bit, today or tomorrow. (and dig deeper into that "shared creative path observation").

    Best, astra

  • Dear Majesstic11,

    I did spend some time yesterday looking at another spread for you, and I think I can see what was going on with your friend and you. I don't have my notebook with me of the cards, but I will give you my sense of what was going on.

    First. I think you and him were really, really fond of each other. And there was family thinking going on between you. Like, someone or both of you were wanting to start a family together. That was the "shared creative project". a Baby! Maybe you didn't get that far in the discussions though.

    It seems that your guy was afraid of exactly that. That his heart was indeed connected to yours (I saw King and Queen of Wands in the last reading, that was you and him). He wanted to make sure nothing got in the way of his schooling I think. I knew that if you and him hitched up, it could force him to work and support a family. So he was putting career ahead of you. That hurts. It also hurt that he wasn't willing to talk to you about it, and be honest. That was the greatest pain you suffered and still do.

    That is it in a nutshell. You were left with nothing... no friendship any more, and nothing but questions. Very traumatic. He just left you, and stayed in his books and schooling not aware of the damage he was causing you emotionally. SO, you experienced a violent path severance with him, any time in life when our paths are cut suddenly, it is a violent experience that is really painful. ANd I mean like, life shattering pain. It really threatens our entire concept of a just and kind universe. IT can tear down our faith, our belief in the goodness of humanity, in everything.

    So, coming away from an experience like that you cry and cry and don't know what to do. Then you remember and the pain comes back all over again as anger. The anger is really more toward god, or a universe that can even allow such things to happen. And when it happens to someone just starting out in life (I have the sense that you are younger perhaps) it is really a blow to your reality structure.

    These things happen for a reason though, although I am not sure what the reason is other than it toughens us up more. Did you try to reach back out to him to end things gracefully? Or try to share your feelings and let him know that regardless of what happened, you will still always consider him a friend? That is the best thing you can do. DO you still have a way to get in contact with him? I would try, not so much to "restore" anything, but simply to leave your paths in a nice agreement of mutual love as friends even though you may never see one another again.

    IF you can't meet him again, and it is too late for all that, then I would offer you try to reach out to him in spirit and talk to him, and be a friend still, without anything physical. We all have a spirit part of us, that can travel in time and space. In the reading I even got "tea" as a word for you, like some evening when you are alone, make some tea for two, and invite him to sit at tea with you, and talk to him. Just like he was there with you (because he is in spirit). Then you can say whatever you need to, and you will hear him reply, and it should be nice. That way you can restore your nice connection to him, without any anger. And he will always be there - somewhere - as a secret friend to you. That will heal the anger and you should then be free to find love again and you will always have him all of your life.

    Does that ring true with you? I know its a little different, however the anger is a sign that you are hurting from this experience, and you want so much to mend your path with him, and you can STILL do that. even if he is not physically around. It may be that you don't even need to call him or anything, as he may still be just as defensive as before. I would try the tea and see how you feel about that afterwards. This is just me though, you should reflect on it and do whatever you feel best. I am only sharing what has worked for me. And it does work!

    Love and peace


    P.S. If you want the actual cards I can share those with you, I just wanted to cut to the chase and try to share something that can actually help you, rather than only look at cards. The cards did seem to suggest the tea though.

    You really were in love with him, there was the blending card, that relationship was very far along a true committed love union, a lot more than only friends...

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  • Hi again Majesstic11

    Yes, I hear you. I think these situations develop where someone else runs and hides and it leaves you really confused. There isn't an easy answer in the "physical" realm that can fix it. That was why I suggested trying to reach out in a spiritual way to him.

    This is really a tarot forum, not a relationship forum. I try to offer some help for these types of scenarios however I am probably better off simply reading cards for you.

    So, here are some more cards and some thoughts for you to think about...

    Your significator chosen was the 8 of pentacles (developing your material life focus).

    1/2) Situation and the companion card - Ace of Swords + 6 Wands. This sounds like a new idea or view, something new that you are thinking that is also accorded great path development. A fantastic new idea about something!

    3/4) Above is the Knight of Swords, below the Hierophant. So, your aim is the focusing on your thinking, something you are really wanting to say, or think about, or write. Along with a foundation (something you have already accomplished) which is the "Higher Truth of the matter" (Hierophant). So, this sounds like you reached some very developed "truth"

    about something and then are now very focused on taking this "new" truth and focusing on that, moving it forward. Expecting great success it looks like.

    5/6) Temperance (blending) in your past, Hermit as an approaching energy. This "temperance" blending influence is a recent sort of experience for you. I think part of this equation has to do with the fact that your experience with "Mr. X" elicited an emotional blending response in you that you had not felt before. I think the feelings were new with him, and maybe you really had your hopes up for that. The "baby" mention was borrowed from the home card of security I saw in the last reading. 4 of Pentacles. There was some thinking going on of like, this could become a home, something enduring. It had strong physical, earthly hopes.

    Ahead is the Hermit which is the searching for love alone. I think that is what you are trying to enter into. Yes, the situation with him was painful, however the LOVE you felt was genuine, and that is YOURS TO KEEP. Do you see? You can't make him reply, and you can't go your whole life waiting for him to do that (which of course would be nice, however he has his own life to live and may be making choices for reasons you can't know). So the HIGH ROAD FOR YOU majesstic11 is to take the nice feelings you had with him, and meditate on that as the Hermit. Realize that you are developing in your concept of love, unconditional love. Love that is NOT dependent on what the other person does or doesn't do. You are seeking a way to reconcile this issue with him apart from forcing an earthly (physical) response. THAT will leave you FREE and totally open to a wonderful relationship with someone NEW.

    7/8) Your reflection upon your life at this point is the 2 f Cups. That is what you are coming to terms with, what a true gentle, kind, communicative and tender emotional relationship is all about. Sure, he was remiss to leave you stranded like that. However you can still learn from that, and that is YOURS to take into a new relationship. You can build on disappointments the same way you can build on successes. Make a list of what you expect a 2 cups relationship to be. It sounds to me like, at the top of your list should be 1) WE ALWAYS talk things out as friends, INCLUDING OUR FEELINGS for each other. See? You can make a list and start building positive expectations of what a nice 2 cup friendship/love relationship can be. It doesn't have to center on this ONE guy who did this ONE thing that rocked your emotional world. See it as him doing you a favor, so you can make conscious choices about what you really want in a friendship. So next time, you see, you will be creating a reality where your guy friend is going to be NICE and communicative, not a recluse. Because you took the time to dialogue with yourself about what you deserve, then you can expect that reality to develop in your life.

    Your outer life card is the 3 of Swords, that simply means intellectual growth in this area is being encouraged by the world around you. So life is helping you along to develop a conscious expectation of what you want and deserve in a relationship, rather than just accepting whatever happens. Life seems to give us the crummy experiences first, so we can eventually determine what it is we realy want - then the NICE THING shows up at your door when you least expect it. πŸ™‚

    9/10) Conclusion of the reading is Judgement, Release. So these things I am sharing will set you FREE if you let it sink in. Your "circle of life" card is the Knight of Pentacles. It sounds to me like you are closer than ever to finding a much more communicative partner, something very nice and earthy in wonderful ways. That is where the wheel of fortune is turning for you. This entire experience was needed to prepare you for something so wonderful, you are simply going to be filled with overflowing with happiness!

    I see everything working together for you so perfectly! I know it has been a struggle to understand why this happened. However it will all fall into place for you. This is all preparation.



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  • Hi Majesstic11

    I did a quick 9 card spread and I pull the cards and don't post them because I use them more as a looking glass.. I concentrate on the cards and info just comes.

    This is what I got. I haven't read your other responses - not sure if they are similar.

    It seems that you are on this current path due to a problematic/traumatic loss as a child or early teen. U suffered a life changing event that led you to where u are today. You spend a lot of time thinking of "what could have been" or spend a lot of time day dreaming – wanting things to be different but wants to get there by taking short cuts.

    Majestic - your thoughts and dreams for the future are not well planned, you are letting people or something led you astray instead of focusing on what you know that you need to do… you need to keep your feet on the ground and focus because you will be tempted to β€œplay” when you should be working. Your dreams will be deferred but eventually you will meet your knight in shining armor.. he will be wealthy or like others to believe that he is wealthy.. he will be materialist and lavish you with gifts and trinkets.. stay grounded.. do not let him distract you from your dream. Your dreams are well within reach. You will be given job opportunities which will lead you to bigger and better things. You will experience your dreams becoming a reality,.. the work, the money and the love will all fall into place. Keep working hard to reach your goal. Don't be tempted to take short cuts to reach your goal.

    Hope this helped.

  • Hi Majesstic11

    I will add something to what livingadream shared with you.

    1. Beginnings = 5 of Pentacles

    2. Affirming = King of Cups

    3. Growing = 5 of Cups

    4. Foundations = 4 of Swords

    5. Changes = Tower

    6. Social = 6 of Wands

    7. Reflection = Strength

    8. Expansive = Queen of Swords

    9. Conclusions = Empress

    10. Crossroads = High Priestess

    11. New beginnings = Queen of Cups

    Well... there is nothing in here that really screams "job" to me. The only card even remotely connected to work is the first card which simply says your present position is that your material Earthly life has been going through changes. The Tower is in this reading at position 5 which is more change as a result of your beliefs about life in fundamental ways being abandoned. Our earth (job) life is a result of internal hidden forces in ourselves, you are experiencing exactly what you want to experience. (I also have discarded 'future' and 'past' as concepts, there is no future or past, there is this moment and your thoughts, feelings and plans.

    There is some emotional patterned growth (king cups) being affirmed to you, like someone telling you "Majesstic11 just stay optimistic or something" coming from somewhere. You are changing, adjusting emotionally and trying to keep a consistent attitude mentally about your life (cards 3 and 8). These cards express what you are actually working on. Your emotions and a patterned stable thought life it seems. You are spending time reflecting a lot lately in general (card 4) and this is connected with Strength, so it is like you are reflecting on holding your ground about something, remaining strong in general. You seem to be "trying" to stay strong as a viewpoint.

    Socially you seem happy enough, the 6 of Wands is a very nice path there, so something seems to be working well for you socially. The conclusions of your life right now are in nurturing, not in a job. Empress is what you are successful at right now, THAT is your job. Not sure what that pays though. πŸ™‚ Your crossroads is a mystery. So there is something going on that you can't know right now that represents a transition point, however coming out of that you will be starting a new emotional stability pattern (card 11).

    I think what is going on in general is that the Universe has parked your life for a while to work on your emotional stability nature, and until that is developed and matured, your job issues are not the concern. Once you have passed through the High Priestess's secret (whatever that is), THEN with a new emotional security pattern, you will probably easily find work (it will come to you, you will not have to lift a finger to find it.) I think this is a general theme for a lot of us in situations where our job life has failed or is no longer working, it is because our emotional life is being worked on, and "not having a job" or something blocking progress there is a part of the lesson plan.

    I hope that offers something for you!

    blessings and love,


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