In need of interpretation of The life spead with anchor.

  • These are the cards that I got with my life spead layout with an anchor, Anyone please interpret for me im so lost!!


    4 of pentacles

    5 of swords

    10 of wands

    6 of pentacles

    (the anchor that went with this card was The Moon)


    7 of wands

    5 of cups

    4 of wands

    queen of swords

    (thereis no specific anchor card here but The Moon card is the base for the whole reading)


    8 of pentacles

    ace of wands

    7 of swords

    3 of wands

    the anchor that goes with this section is The Hanging Man)


    10 of pentacles

    8 of wands

    4 of swords

    2 of swords

    ( the anchor that goes with this section is Judgement)


    3 of swords

    3 of cups

    page of pentacles

    ace of cups

    (the anchor that goes with this section is Wheel of Fortune)

    The Key Card is:

    6 of wands

    The other cards in the anchor are as follows:

    the central theme: The Devil

    immed future: strength

    wishes: the sun

    The anchor is only made up from the Major Arcana.

    The rest of the whole reading is from the Minor Arcana.

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