Captain- Birthday Advice for the year ahead

  • Hi Captain

    I just turned "50" this past Sunday and would like to know what the future and advice you can offer me at this half century mark. I want this to be a turning point and make everyday a birthday! With that said, if you can offer me any insights especially my career- (as that is my main focus right now) I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your words of wisdom.

  • SOS, you are at heart a seeker and a specialist. You have an enquiring and agile mind and you put a lot of effort into succeeding. Whatever line of work you choose to devote your considerable energies to, the chances are you will specialize in it, and your ability to master your chosen skill sets you apart. You are both imaginative and organized, and this augurs well for success in a variety of professions from science to the arts. I don't know what your work is, but careers you may have felt drawn to include medicine, education, the legal profession, and politics. Your latent creative and communication skills may also lead you to writing, business, architecture, design, psychology and finance, and your humanitarian spirit may inspire you to do charity work. Other people tend to admire you for your technical skills and for your depth of knowledge about your chosen field of interest. Such is your devotion to your work that you can appear a solitary figure; even though friends may not be high on your list of priorities, loved ones and family certainly are. The potential for you to excel professionally is outstanding, but the key to your success will lie not in your determination or technical skills but in your ability to wait for the right opportunity to present itself. If you jump before you have fine-tuned your skills or achieved mastery, you may find that ambition has robbed you of success; but if you bide your time, slowly building up your store of experience and knowledge, you will reach the heights of your career.

    There is no denying that you like money, and lots of it. You also may tend to equate status with financial reward, which can be damaging to your creativity and integrity, so it is important for you to resist the urge to compromise or take short cuts to the top. Up to the age of thirty-seven, life would have likely involved opportunities for you to develop the close personal relationships you need to give you a sense of perspective. After the age of thirty-eight or thereabouts, your focus may have changed to a growing emphasis on emotional and spiritual regeneration, as well as joint finances or corporate business activity. If you have learned by now to get a grip on yourr ambition and materialism, these are the years when you can really come into your own and step into the role for which you seem destined - that of the respected and well-renowned specialist.

    Your life path is to learn to balance your professional and personal needs. Once you have gotten to grips with understanding the difference between pleasure and happiness, your destiny is to increase awareness in your specialist field of knowledge. Your greatest challenge in life may well be to transcend materialism. Your best way forward is to understand that money is not necessarily a guarantee of happiness or success. However much you possess, without a spiritual or loving centre, you will feel unsatisfied. Be patiently optimistic about your goals and dreams. Understand that when you feel angry, impatient or desperate, you can’t create good luck. It also helps to believe that if things aren’t going well now, something better lies ahead.

    Close relationships are important for you because without them, you run the risk of losing yourself in your work. Lovers and partners will fall in love with your creative spirit but may find your inability to commit and your absorption in work disappointing. Learning to value what money can’t buy will help you succeed, not just in love but in life.

    Healthwise, you may suffer from symptoms of stress such as stiff shoulders, headaches, an inability to relax, and having difficulty making decisions. This is because your lifestyle can be hectic. You must schedule time for yourself when you are not working, traveling or shopping. You may need to watch your weight, limiting the intake of rich, gourmet foods high in unhealthy fats and sugar, and increasing your intake of healthy whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, oily fish, and legumes. Regular exercise will provide an outlet for any pent-up energy, and vigorous exercise such as jogging, hiking, dancing, and competitive sports is definitely recommended.

    SOS, 2013 for you is all about hard work, discipline, and opportunities. You are laying a foundation for future success this year. This is a time to get down to the nitty gritty of your daily routine and become more organized and less speculative. Practical consideration, a systematic approach to your goals and intellectual skills, will make 2013 a solid building year. Expect to work hard for your living; responsibilities will increase twofold both at home and work and you may at times feel boxed in or restricted. Rewards will be great, providing you attend to detail, keep your nose to the grindstone, and limit your spare time activities. Be prepared to pay for a few past mistakes or debts incurred from previous years, unfinished events that have occurred in the past may need to be handled or completed. Do not allow pressures to build up within you - otherwise your health may suffer. Watch your diet; get plenty of exercise and restful sleep. You may feel overburdened or trapped by limiting circumstances, misunderstandings, arguments and disputes in 2013. Avoid confrontations at all costs, think carefully before you criticise others or you may end up the loser. Matters concerning material security and the domestic front will be of great importance and a change of residence or decor may even be in store. Dealings with banks or financial institutions, real estate, property and long-term contracts are favoured and many of your cherished ideas should start to take place. However, this will not be your best business or career year. Personal relationships will be important for you this year, new friendships will have a lasting quality about them, old relationships made end. 2013 can be a year of the sudden, unexpected and unusual - you may have to cope with a few anxious moments concerning family matters, but they will be well under your control. Be prepared to slog it out this year, leaving no room for escapism to avoid important issues. Listen to the advice of those who know more than your do and break out of some of those old or bad habits you have - you will certainly feel better for it. This is a 'building and planting' year for you.

    2014 for you will be a year of change, freedom and unpredictability This will be an exciting time with a variety of new ventures to choose from and a lot more freedom to do what you want. You may have to watch your impulsive actions however - your restlessness may get the better of you and cost you if care is not taken. Expect a year of achievement, ambition, creative self-expression, change, variety and good fortune through new contacts that you meet. Your social life will excel if you desire it and are open to it - many social invitations may be offered to you through organized entertainment, parties, holiday resorts, sports and recreational activities. Changes in your daily routine may be made on the spur of the moment and boredom is something you will not tolerate as excitement will take preference over a dull daily routine. Sales, advertising, correspondence, writing, interviews, meetings, seminars, lecturing, debates and conferences may feature this year. Legal matters, contracts and workplace agreements are favoured and you may encounter a little luck through creative or artistic activities and new developments. Meeting new people, attending conferences, arranging new business ventures, travel, contracts and adventure will attract you. Balance is essential in regard to all financial purchases - over-indulgence and wastefulness could occur, especially with food and drink. Excesses are things you should avoid and with many new opportunities and experiences ahead in 2014, you may get out of control. Don’t get carried away with grandeur and long term planning this year, as some of your ventures will only be short term. A spirit of competitiveness will accompany your character this year so make the most of getting ahead - your power levels will be in high gear most of the time. Your personal magnetism and sex appeal will also be running high, romance should be exciting and adventurous (if you want it to be), and you will attract many new admirers. Avoid acting impulsively, you may have a tendency to rage and binge to avoid certain restrictions to gain more freedom and this will cause problems with partnerships or members of the opposite sex. This is a good year for buying or selling property.

    I hope you had a lovely bithday!

  • Captain, thank you so much!

    What you said is accurate. My future as a "renowned specialist" is in progress. I don't know the specifics or the right direction but I am going with the "Flow of Life" so that I reach that predicted stage. I am currently a Nurse Practitioner student who is currently well over her head in this discipline. I lack experience and confidence as a new RN but took this opportunity in the Masters program to learn as much as I can- there is no guarantee that I will finish the program. With that said, I do believe and know "something better lies ahead" regardless of my direction, requiring more effort on my part for it's completion.

    Everything else regarding, "balance", "excercise" and "confrontations" I am well aware of and working on it. Amazingly, you picked that up and emphasized it. In addition, I am very excited about 2014, it is a year to look forward too!

    This was a very special birthday gift from you and I am truly grateful for your insight and wisdom. Many blessings ~SOS~

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