How to tell the reading is not projection

  • Hi,

    So I am full of synchronicities and dream premonitions, and have long realized that most of the times i do a tarot reading for myself i usually get the card that i most likely except on a situation.

    I know that some times we project things. and probably I do in my card readings too. but also it should be that they should tell me the truth. So how do i find out if the cards are telling me the truth or they are just my projection.

    kind of the same with my dreams. i see things as i predict they would unfold. some time they do and some time they don't which the latter makes me think that was just my projection.

    what is you opinion and experience on this ?

    Love B

  • My thoughts are to try and detach yourself; I had a hard time reading myself and family members because I would read into what I thought I wanted to hear. I couldn't understand why I could read other people and not someone dawned on me that I was leading the reading and not letting what the reading wanted to say. Try slowing it down and isolate each card, then move to the next one. They will still blend together but it seems to help me separate my thoughts to what the reading wanted to say.

  • Tarot Nick, I agree and thank you ! In that case can you do a reading for me ? I want to know about this guy which name starts with O, and wonder how does he sees me ? what does he think about me ? I like him but i am not crazy about him. I do have my reservations, but wonder what is the picture on his end for me. I am a bit confused.

    Love, B

  • Hi Breze1,

    I do a reading but I will pick up on your feelings not his. Hopefully it will help you see from a different perspective.

    things seem to be stuck and not going anywhere

    your not sure what to your scared to make the wrong decision

    which is odd because you have the strength to do what you need to do

    you will be open to something new

    after some struggles you just went thru you are able to lift your head above the water

    but your sad because you had high hopes for it

    things work out with new beginnings

    you have been worrying about someone who was not time I think you will figure out what it was

    there was a big bump in the road with a friend

    its ok to dream the dream but if you throw too many up in the’s hard to focus on making them happen

    and there is a guy at the end who is always looking for a fight...look at me I can do this or I have that

    Our own free will causes us to make our own decisions, try looking at it from your perspective not his. Do I like him or love him, not does he like me… look at what he does for you and can you live with it…look at the whole picture…if the frame stinks it is still part of the picture…so it comes down to can you live with it or do you go look for another painting…. But most important it’s what you want…you decide for you….

    Hope that helps,


  • Thank you Nick !! Yes I do like him but not yet sure if he is going to be the right one for me. I fear smith not yet seen. But i will relax and take it easy 🙂 Love B

  • Hi Tarot Nick,

    Could you do a reading for me?

    Thanks in advance

  • I have often wondered the same thing about readings. I've heard different people say totally different things about the same situation, or echo the same advice to person after person, even when it didn't seem to fit. I wondered if projection played into it. It was a great post to read!

  • faithfulone,

    Here you are,

    your going to stay where you are, if it's a situation then you won’t be able to get out of it

    someone is going to give you good advise

    it seems you see the big picture and are working toward a good out come

    you are ready for something new

    recently you have been very restless

    you are ready to succeed or have a completion

    there are still bumps in the road that you need to over come

    you have been worrying about the completion (above)

    seems like you just got a new job or money... it will not be long watch your money

    not sure if you wanted something else, but I’m getting that you need to watch or you had a loss of money

    and your sad because you really wanted it to work with the heart...seems it started out well....but...

    To move forward you have to see where you have been, look at what you went thru and try and figure what happen so you don’t repeat what you have learned in your history. It seems you are ready for that now.

    Hope that helped,


  • Nick,

    I'm curious too. I am in school, and in a great program that is emotionally verrrry challenging. I wonder about future kids, relationships, etc :). Super huge thank you in advance!

  • Hi gladyouwroteme,

    I'm a little different, when I do readings I pick up on what you are feeling to help you see what is going on from a different perspective. The future is what you make of it by free will and choices, I deal more in the now. Hopefully understanding your feelings you can make good choices in which you are going thru. If you are still interested, I'll gladly give you a reading.


  • Thank you nick! I'm super curious. I am excited to read it 🙂

  • I would like to thank you for doing a reading for me. I have been looking into buying a house waiting on approval or not but, was wondering if you see myself getting in my near future? This has been a long time goal of mine.

  • faithfulone,

    look at the reading, you know your situation better than what I can see, I like to say at 10,000 foot level. I am not sure if the first line pertains to your house question or it was directed to your dealing with your heart part of the question. The feeling I got money wise, is that you need to be thoughtful on how you deal with money. Remember with free will anything is possible; the reading is just a help of the snapshot that I saw to help with what you are feeling now.


  • Hi gladyouwroteme,

    Here you are,

    you are ready for something new

    something had happened that you think that it wasn’t fair

    seems like you are happy and you met someone new

    be cautious and don’t overdue....too much of anything can turn bad

    seems recently you are taking a break because some went bad

    and your restless...something that started turning

    its something you wanted so you threw your dreams up and not focusing on any one....waiting to see what happens

    i get the feeling you have been worrying about yourself...but you know you can do what you need and do what is needed...don’t question yourself

    and it seems you’re not going anywhere...dig in

    looks like money is coming your way

    but focus on it and don't juggle to many things...if your all over you can't focus on what is needed

    hope that helps,


  • Yah. I was super excited for my internship but it's the most emotionally challenging thing ever! I'm two weeks in and frustrated, and heartbroken at what I see. It's going to cause a lot of growth and growth is usually not all that comfortable! I question if I've made the right career decision because of how painful it is to see what I see. Once I'm done with this internship though I'll be able to pick up a placement that will allow me to practice what I wanted initially. 🙂

    I also was just forced to turn down an incredible job bc of custody issues, which was frustrating as well but in all life's circumstances, it's probably better because I can just plug away at school now. It's good though.

    I did recently meet someone... Well, he was a long term friend but we have always had a great dynamic, aaaaand he is moving in a few weeks! Lol. It's nice to know that like always, the distance doesn't change out foundation of supportive friendship but darn, I'm already missing his presence. It's refreshing to meet good people like that though, really brings to light what I expect going forward! That's a positive thing!

    I am happy :). ONWARD!

    Thanks a billion!!!

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