Im back everyone. Been gone a month. Will do readings.

  • A month and a half ago I just up and disappeared. Legal issues resurfaced and I ended up in jail for the past month. Im back now and will go through my original readings thread and start from the last person I left off and give readings. Couldn't wait to get home to my cards and well just home.

    Hope everyone had a nice August and is preparing for the holiday season coming up. πŸ™‚


  • Hi lovelyPisces

    Sorry to hear about your troubles. I will keep u in my prayers. I responded to your love reading post and if you are willing to do the reading its for Monica dob 7-11-76 had no luck in relationships and do you see anything in the love area in the future. Thanks a bunch - glad you are back

  • glad your back! hope your doing okay ? no more legal issues please! take care of yourself! oxox

  • LovelyPisces, hi girl,

    I am so glad you are back and have overcome all that difficulty and its now behind you. I did think of you. Only happiness, joy and comfort for you from now on. Xxoo

  • hi lovelypisces

    thank you for the offer.

    i would like to sit for a reading. i would like to know why do my spirit guides want me to go to east and live and study there for a while ? what is it about ? i am having hard time figuring it out. some readers have picked up that i need to shun the belief system that i follow currently and leave the group i am associatied with but i am not involved with any group, never have in my life. and what is this specific idea that i need to shun and move on ? i would greatly appreciate your help . thanks once again~

  • Hi Lovely,

    Hope you are well and i hope your issues are resolved, lovely person. Why im saying that? Because for someone to give to help to people like us with out wanting anything in reply, is a gift.

    We thank you so much!

    If you have time can you do a reading for 26/3/69 and me 10/9/68. I would like to know if there is something going to happen in between us.

    Thank you for you time.God bless you lovely.

    Thank you

  • hello πŸ™‚ i would like a reading, there is one guy i like and im not sure what he currently thinks/feels for me, i havent seen him for almost two months so im wondering he is 13 october 92 im 7 sempteber 91

  • Hi everyone glad to see you all responded. I am back and doing better. Sorry it took so long for me to respond back. I will get on these readings. πŸ™‚

  • Hi Lovely Pisces,

    If you still have space, I would appreciate a reading too please! On love and future career/work. Thank you!


  • hi dear, nice to see u back! hope your well. when u have time, i would like a reading from you. its still abt the guy friend. we still havent talked..and its been 3 months! wondering how he thinks of me these days and if we would reconcile in the near future! any infor would be appreciated. thanks.

  • Dear LovelyPisces,

    Thank you also for the generous offer. If you have a moment, I would deeply appreciate your gift.

    Angel Hugs,

    Icearia x

    PS: May what has left you now, remain there. Blessings to you.

  • LivingaDream,

    Sorry to hear about your troubles. I will keep u in my prayers. I responded to your love reading post and if you are willing to do the reading its for Monica dob 7-11-76 had no luck in relationships and do you see anything in the love area in the future. Thanks a bunch - glad you are back

    Monica - 7/11/76


    Hi! Thank you for your request.

    My first card I pulled is the -- Ace of Swords -- This I pulled for you by yourself. The Ace of Swords shows me when I direct the meaning towards you and your self improvement. It says to open y our eyes to things you may not be open or honest with yourself about. An aha moment is a focus with this card. You struggle with relationships and this card may point to being un-trusting of others or of yourself. You are capable of overcoming challenges and overcoming these bumps in the relationship arena. Many trials and test run before you run into the one who is meant for you.

    Eight of Wands -- ( What is your step?) Growth. Taking charge of your love life. Knowing that you don't have to sit and wait for someone to drop in your lap or make the first move or dictate where you're head and when. Have patience though and don't push to hard when you meet someone. Or push yourself.

    The Hanged Man -- Rebuilding yourself and your approach. The feeling of needing to be in control. Something about yourself or view that needs to be improved, accepted or changed? Don't change who you really are for someone else. The Hanged Man shows something of an attitude needs to be let go of for the benefit of the future. Could be the men you choose. Or the plans or dreams of the future you have or simply how love is suppose to look and be. I interpret the hanged me for your reading as the last thread you're hanging by with the old ways.

    The Emperor - (Someone coming into your life) -- This person is older . Ambitious and has an eye for improvement and success in life. The Emperor is the Zodiac sign Aries. You are a Cancer so watch out for Aries the leap on a whim. This might not be love at first site but like the other cards you need to let go of the control and allow things to progress which they surely will.

    Outcome --- 8 Of Pentacles -- Put your focus on your love life. Make room for it. This card tells me you have a lot of things on your plate and dont make much room for your love life. This could be what the first card is stressing about. 8 of Pentacles gives an assurance things are going to progress and take a better turn in your love life.

    Let me know how you feel towards the reading and if I was any help? Thank you!

  • Aprilca and Znl !! Nice to see you!!! Aprilca I will do your reading asap as soon as I do the others.

  • Hi LovelyPisces,

    Sorry to hear about your trouble. Hope you are doing okay. I left a request on your other thread. i would love a reading about myself 12/1/58 and an ex 1/27/62. He is still around, kind of in and out of my life. Or perhaps there is someone new on the horizon...


  • Hi LovelyPisces,

    Glad to see you back here again. I would appreciate a reading if you can. I don’t know if you need any information, but my dob is July 9, 1959. Thank you in advance, and I pray that you may be free from your troubles as well.

    Love and Light,


  • LovelyPisces,

    Thanks for the reading.. it was for Monica my bff. I am reading this to her and I see what you are talking about and it seems very accurate with a few questions. Monica would like to know more about the controlling issue and how it pertains to her. She has not been in a relationship in a while but does not feel that she is a controlling person. Thanks so much for the reading and hope to hear from you soon.

  • Glad to see you back!

  • Hi back lovelypPices, nice to see you again! Have a great month. Xxoo.

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