Not Urgent-Just Wanted to Know What Happened

  • Years ago, my family had a dog named Cherokee. We only had him for about two years. He kept running away and ending up at the local shelter. We got rid of him, after deciding his behavior issues were too much to handle. We tried to get him back, but couldn't. I've always felt bad about all of this. But, what happened to him? Did he end up with nice people? Was he happy? Is he still alive or did he die? I know he'd be pretty old now. Sometimes I think about him when one of my current dogs acts like him.

  • Hi

    I feel cherokee was fosterer by an animal behaviorexpert and adopted, as well as givene a new name. He didnt live long after that, brain issue is what i get. tumor.

    he is in a good place now. he+ll b reborn but as what is heaven knowledge-

    sorry for ur loss.


  • Thanks a lot, Charmed. I've always felt guilty about giving him up, but my family couldn't really provide him with what he needed. I'm glad he found a good home. It's good to know that he's safe now. I've been feeling for awhile that he passed on, but didn't know the circumstances.

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