Ten Minute Tarot

  • Let me show you a simple Tarot reading from my new book, Ten Minute Tarot


    Why don't we start with the 6-Card Daily Spread. It'll look real simple with the cards lined up in a row, like this:


    Card 1

    This card refers to how I'm feeling today, and I've drawn a reversed Eight of Swords. Looks like I was holding myself prisoner, but now I've escaped. I think this card is referring to how working on my book often felt like a prison, and now that I'm finished with it, I can go back to the real world. Now, I could have finished that book at anytime, which goes along with the woman being bound by her own will.

    Card 2

    This second card is showing me the theme of the day. I've drawn a reversed Three of Wands, which tells me that I'll probably be delayed somewhere today, won't get much done at all, and any type of collaboration won't work at all.

    Card 3

    Here my challenges and obstacles are presented. I've pulled up the Four of Pentacles, showing an older miser hoarding his coins. It looks like I may very well be selfish with my money today. Could this focus on the money I have now be preventing me from making more?

    Card 4

    The fourth card is telling me how I'll respond to the challenges that confront me today, and I've drawn a reversed King of Swords. This is showing me a calm and calculating person, but someone who will get their way. Think of your classic Middle East dictator. Is this me, or someone I'll encounter today?

    Card 5

    Here advice is presented for my day, and I've pulled up the Page of Wands. Finally, a card I'm happy with! This tells me that I'm looking for inspiration, still have a lot to learn, and that good creative news could be coming my way. Is this card telling me that posting to forums about my new Tarot book is a mistake? Perhaps.

    Card 6

    The final card of this 6-card daily reading tells me how the day will turn out. I've drawn the Seven of Swords, reversed. This tells me that any losses or thefts that I may have experienced will be returned to me. It could also show that I'm being fearful and perhaps even paranoid, which could lead me to blame innocent people for my perceived problems.


    So how did this reading go? Not that well. Most of my cards were reversed, and I felt that a lot of them were rather negative. Still, most of the reversed cards were more negative in their original positions.

    I'm seeing 3 swords cards here, each of them reversed. It would seem that words will play a large part in my day. And not a single Major Arcana card has shown up at all. Overall I'd say that this will be a good day to be watchful, and to step carefully; I don't want to offend with my words.

    I hope you liked this sample reading and check out my two Tarot books on Amazon for further Tarot information!

  • Great reading very clear and simple to understand .

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