Virgo women married to a cancer man

  • i just wanted to let anyone out there know i feel you. i have been married to a cancer man for 4 years now and let me tell you it is not easy. he feels like at times he is a gemini, always changing moods, angry, nice, etc. last year i asked for a divorce since i was so tired of it. But alas i am still here. i was told by a physic that he was my soul mate and to hang in there. It has been a tuff road. But since i am a virgo we have a tolerance for the intoerable. I am an older women (50). i get along with most people unless you get on my bad side and than the evil virog comes out, which any virgo nows. so for all you women who are having problems with cancer men, they will not change, set in there ways, and always come back for more, even with the deepest apologys. If you truley love him/her than hang in there. it is a rough road.

  • Oh my..57 and dealing with a cancer male 65 who after 5 yrs realizes how much he loves me. This is not encouraging.

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