• Will I be reunited with my love born on August 6 1977? I have to know! I really love and miss him.

  • Peace, you have a charismatic charm which draws others to you. When it comes to love, you are very good at knowing how to win someone else’s heart but you can have problems keeping it. It is important for you not to neglect those closest to you as the loving support of a partner gives you the kind of security and sense of perspective you need to be truly successful. You must learn to look outside yourself and reach out to others, as well as inside yourself to understand your true motivations. There are people you are capable of hurting without realizing it - these are the people closest to you whom you tend to forget when your goals or self-obsession take precedence over everything and everyone else. If you aren’t careful, this can leave you emotionally isolated and, in extreme cases, alone. Try to remember that in matters of the heart, admiration is no substitute for affection and that you can learn from any setbacks you experience. There is no need for so much anxiety.

    This Leo man you miss will never be short of admirers because he has an unquenchable interest in others and the ability to make them feel special. He can be sensual and passionate as well as reliable and kind, but his intensity would become wearing to you after a while. Yet you are naturally and irresistibly drawn to him and, If you had both been able to learn to fulfill your mutual need for admiration and closeness, it would have been an extraordinarily intense union. But it was not meant to be a long and committed one, more like a 'fair weather' relationship - great when everything is simple and fun but dissolving as soon as it hits problems. It has no likelihood for marriage or the long term since this Leo is unlikely to stick with any partner for long. He hates routine and always seeks more and more unusual or extraordinary experiences. It is unlikely he will settle down and become more serious about relationships until after the age of forty-six.

    You will find someone else who is more suited to you, more than likely this year if you stop obsessing over this Leo who will not be back.

  • When will I get pregnant and have children? Will it be this year or next year?

  • I would advise you to find true love first - that begins with yourself. This year is actually a very good time for working on relationships and finding that soulmate. But first you have to be sure inside about what you really need from a partner. Having children is not the answer to your deepest needs. What you are really searching for is not a soulmate so much as someone who can provide a place of safety for you, somewhere you can feel secure and adored and where you can finally be yourself. But by bringing out your own strengths and wisdom, you can feel safe in whatever circumstances you find yourself, rather than needing a man to provide a safe haven for you. You need to work through issues of dependency before you find your most compatible partner.

  • Do you know when I will get an apartment?

  • Peace, you are scattering your energies by having too many goals. Pick the one that is most important to you and focus entirely on achieving that. Then move onto the next one after you have achieved the first. Otherwise you will not have enough focused energy to attract anything.

  • I wonder if I should try to contact an old friend on FaceBook? Her birth date is on December 16 in 1991. We haven't talked to each other for more than six-seven years. We used to be good friends, but she can sometimes be manipulative and very controlling.

  • Why do you feel the need to get in touch with such a controlling person again?

  • I am currently locked up in a psychiatric institution. They are forcing me to take medicines I don't want. Can you tell me how I can get rid of these people. it is very depressing to be in that place. I just want to be free. I really hate these doctors who claim that they are helping me. How can I be free from these people?

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