Health issue-Any one opinion is welcome

  • Hi u all

    For 4 months ago I had a left side paralysis, until now docs dont know why this happened, today Im going to do extra tests cuz my cardio doc found something weird on my EKG, one of the side effects of this paralysis was a pain in my chest that it would go into my left harm and neck. So today I will know if my heart is okay or not.

    A month ago the chest pain become better after I started physiotherapy but then a burning pain sensation took over my ear, eye and neck on the left side, of course I went to the ear doc he said I had nothing but my hearing was affected, tired of docs saying I had nothing but the pain is here I went to a homeopath and he said I had a middle ear infection cuz my nose fluids ran into the ear causing an infection, started his medication and the burning sensation went away, but the chest pain came back, so went on therapy again, mainly massages, the doc say my muscles are weak and I have a nerve that got traumatized, but she wants me to do a cat scan, now after finishing the meds, 4 days after the burning sensation came back, I look under the net nothing shows up and Im not feverish and I cant get in touch with the doc, so Im a lil scared cuz I ended up in a site that talks about something called reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) and some of the things pretty apply to me. I hate that this is crossing my mind but having a fire constantly burning in my head and no one knows what it is, its insane.

    Do anyone knows what this might be or been thru this?

    Can this be just a nerve or ear infection that is driving me insane?

    Thanks for your time.

  • Hi Maria,

    Have the doctors examined the carotid arteries on the side of the neck for blockage?

  • No not yet, she asked for blood test that show if my blood is creating blocks, and today were are doing a heart ultra-sound and a stress test, but I will ask her to see it.

    Thanks patchlove

  • You are most welcome.There are two carotids, on either side of the neck. They supply blood and oxygen to the head and neck...if there is a blockage it seems it could affect the areas you've mentioned...and also would be affecting blood flow back to the heart.

    This is just an idea. I hope she looks into it...she may be able to hear a blockage with a stethoscope.

  • Hi Patchlove

    Well did all the tests and I dont have any problem related to heart or anything blocked, Thank God for that, even being a smoker for a long time Im not prone to have stokes or heart attacks in fact it was funny to see that I have a blood of a tenager regarding to those things.

    Well she says its best for me to start exercising and talk with a doc to prescribe some anti-inflammatory pills to help me with the muscles inflammation and to see the ear doc again cuz the heat probably is due a sinus inflammation that wasnt healed properly.

    But Im happy that I dont have anyhting that can seriously hurt me. Another lesson learned need to trust my instints more often even when Im down and they say Its nothing just a stupid pain.


  • Great News !!!

    Blood of a teenager hmm?

    That is excellent!

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