Blmoon can you help

  • just a few is slowing down I am no longer in a fight mode that I have been most of my life and I am beginning to have night terrors and extreme anxiety over this all I am seeing a tall dark male figure out that has done no harm to me but makes me feel uneasy at night. I am also in love with someone that I feel feels same way he is unknown to me in so many ways it scares me and I recently have felt as if I may be pregnant with his child can you do a reading or any insight that may help

    heres example

    I was marrying the man I am inlove with at the time I remember everything in detail and the feeling I could smell the cherry blossoms and as we went to kiss my ex came up with his favorite liquer looked at my husband and said if I cant have her neither can you and shot me killing me from the moment on I was above outter body.....any idea what that could signify

    anything would help thank you

  • sorry the example was a dream that I had sorry was distracted by children

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