Captain and/or Blmoon may i have your insight please?

  • I'm asking your insight for my Mother d.o.b. Oct. 15,1940. My Dad passed in Jan. of 04'. His d.o.b. Dec. 19, 1932. He had spoken with an attorney and had signed papers for Asbestos/ Silica law suit in Oct. of 03'. The law firm is out of Houston, Texas.( fcj). She hadn't heard from them for awhile so i went to their website and most of the lawyers have went to other law firms. I was needing to see what insight you might could get about this and see if she needs to speak with another attorney. Mom depends on me to check on things for her and i'm not sure what to tell her, so i'm hoping maybe you can pick up something on this for me (her) she makes me feel like i don't care about it when i tell her i don't know what would be best to do, and i can't find out from the law firm because i have no legal papers to take care of buisness for her. I have so much going on at the time trying to get legal custody of my brothers two children, so we can get them insured and keep them in a stable home. Anything you might can get insight on i would be very thankful. Don't know that you would need it but my d.o.b. Mar. 4,1964.

  • Yes of course your mother needs to check in with the attorneys about this matter, if only for her peace of mind. They should have contacted her about it before this. Perhaps you can ring the attorneys and speak on her behalf. If not, she really has to do it herself if she wants an update.

  • Thanks. I will try the attorneys again, see what they will tell me. I will also try to get her to call on her day off from work. Thanks again.

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