Tarot-nick, do you still do readings? Could i have one please!

  • The feeling I got with the first one was it seems like a pattern you are doing or choosing something the same and you are getting the same results. Its like I have always done this let me continue on, but it is not working out and you have to try something new or have different choices. That is why I said about the growth;

    The 10th line about the guy felt different from the other part of the reading...so you have more then one thing that is bothering you but this guy was a leader or a person in control...and he had a good feeling with him.

    12,13 and 14 go together, something is going to make you sad, your going to get mad then it was like you get stiff, cross your arms and go I'm not moving....the stubborn part. Good thing is you do get through it, the sadness leaves and it will make you think...how can I make that better.

    It starts with you, be comfortable with you first, find happiness and let it come with you.

    Remember your free will makes choices and nothing is written in stone...find ways to make good choices... even if they are baby ones, they will add up with lots of work and effort.


  • Thank you very much, tarot-nick.

  • Tarot-nick,, i need your help, if it is possible please. I wonder what you get, as i had some conflict today and what is next?

  • Hi Marishkaa

    usually the first one is about you, but that's not the feeling I'm getting, so it's more like something you are worried about ...a young guy who can be controlling but has a good heart

    something was done without thinking...usually not the best results when that happens

    but by hard work it can work...need to put in the work though

    there is doubt and stubbornness associated with it

    there has been gain from hard work recently

    there was some kind of fight or struggle, but you got through it... and like a lesson learned or like ok i can get through this...and took a breath

    there was a misunderstanding

    you don't want to hear the details...like you yessed it where you only heard what you wanted to hear

    there is going to be a delay or pause

    think of the what and why, how you got there...what do you want?

    and there is a guy, not a bad guy but can be a bit of a dreamer

    hope that helps


  • Nick, thank you!

    Yes, there was a conflict, that's why i decided to write here again. I think that i probably could have been more calm in this conflict, as yet it was rather a misunderstanding.

    I think that the lines 4-7 are about a new job (a new task) i was given in my present job, i don't feel very confident in it.

    Nick, could you tell me please this guy is in my reading is because i think of him or is it because he also thinks of me and there could be something even between us?

    think of the what and why, how you got there...what do you want? - that's is a difficult question, because i don't know, but i don't like the things (the job actually) as it is now.

  • The feelings I picked up are yours not his,

    communication and choices

    the question was and is difficult, because its one of those deep ones. If felt like you needed time to think and reflect, not just feel your way through. The trick is to look at it from all angles and maybe take a step back to look at it without emotions, just to understand.

    Once you see the choices in front of you, you can see where they might lead...and ask, is that what you want?

  • Nick, thank you very much.

  • Nick, hello. I would like to ask you again for help, if you have time. What do you get?

  • Hi Marishkaa,

    This is what I picked up,

    It seems you want to start something, but in the back of your head you think it's not wise, or something is off

    you are feeling stuck and stale

    so you are throwing all of your dreams in the air and waiting for something to land.... not focusing

    A little of the poor mees... need to stop and open your mind and ideas...don't just focus on why it's happening to you this way....rather than what can I do to change it or direct towards a goal

    Someone is not being honest with you...a woman

    your having trouble juggling more then one thing at a time

    A guy watching out for you...gives advise or just there for you.... a good thing

    its ok to pause, build your strength, it will take work and thought to get to where you will want to go, so recharge and prepare to work

    you will get there, it will take work, but you are strong enough to do it

    a friendship, felt like a smile

    someone who knows how to talk and listen

    hope that helps,


  • Nick, hello!

    Thank you very much, so true. I always have fears and lack of confidence, that is why my dreams are just dreams.

    Could i please ask you to clarify some.

    Is the woman my relative or maybe she is from my job. Does it mean that she wants to harm me? (There have been some changes in my job recently)/

    And i guy - do you mean he is someone who likes me? I don't know who that can be (

    And the last two lines "a friendship, felt like a smile

    someone who knows how to talk and listen" Is it the beginning of friendship with someone who knows how to talk and listen?

  • Hi,

    The woman it was more of a back stab or working for her, not physical harm it felt more like not being truthful and working it for her. I don't know if it is for work or not I only pick up on feelings as long as you are aware it will help you if you don't see it right now.

    The guy watching out for you could be someone just helping out that you don't know or someone that will give you good advise.

    The last two went together, something to come and I don't think is here yet. I say like a smile because the feeling is like you see something that is nice it makes you smile. So for that snap shot in time of what could be it felt happy. A reading for me is like taking a picture of what can be because free choice can change what ever your choices bring. So enjoy the smile, something nice to look for.


  • Nick, thank you very much for your help and kindness 🙂

  • Dear Nick, may i ask again for the reading, please.

    By the way, i understood what woman you meant in the reading, At the time of the reading i didn't know that, but later i found out about one woman, she really lied.

  • Hi Marishkaa

    Here you are,

    Something is up, the truth is not being told

    Hope is there, but look at everything closely

    You will work things out

    There is going to be change but it will allow new things

    There is still mistrust, so still be aware

    You will need to be strong, a lot of emotions, sad

    You will look to others to see if you did the right thing

    There is a woman not to trust

    There is a guy too, they are feeding off each other or both know what is going on and both I don't trust

    Some money shows up, but it doesn't last

    There will be a break, when that happens breath and recoup, then get right back up and push

    Hope that helps,


  • Nick, thank you very much. Do you see this emotions in future? or it is at present? And what do you mean by break? break=pause?

    and about this emotions, there is a reason for them that's why i asked for the reading... and do you think that there is still hope that something can be done? or despite hope sadness is in outcome?

    My cat is ill. and he is old, very old. We have a vet woman and she has an assistant (man).Maybe they are in the cards? Maybe they just don't tell us the truth, but they do it because they know, that nothing can be done?

  • " There is going to be change but it will allow new things" and could you tell me please was it tarot arcana 13?

  • The truth part is now in the present

    the lull hasn't happened yet, but you will need to recharge yourself so you can continue on

    the sadness was tears, but if that is the case remember the love; that is what we really share'

    yes, the fourth card was what was on your mind or your thoughts

    so continue to give love, and that comfort will never be forgotten (It's what I believe)

  • Thank you Nick for your words.

    I cry a lot nowadays (

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