Tarot-nick, do you still do readings? Could i have one please!

  • I need your opinion please. Thank you!

  • Marishkaa,

    Here is your reading,

    your stuck, either something didn't work out....disappointed

    seems like it family and money related

    the good thing is it hasn't stopped you from hoping and it seems like you have an idea on the tip of your tonge...

    you will work it out...think it thru...organize it...make it happen

    trust yourself...you can make what you want to come out

    but you will still worry and doubt yourself (look at who you are and know you can do it)

    you are going to be tested...don’t lose site of the hope

    deep down you want it to be successful

    don’t just go thru the emotions or do things that you think you should...like I’m supposed to act like this so I will...think before you act

    there is something that you will rely on others....doubt pops up again

    whatever this is it seems like it a major change...its a strong feeling...something will come out of the change...new situation or new feelings

    hope was strong...and you knowing that you can do it was strong...keep to that and you will make it thru...use good judgment when things get tough...

    Hope that helps,


  • Hello, tarot-nick, thank you very much!

    Nick, could you tell me please, what do you think - could a trip be a "change, new situation"?

  • Marishkaa,

    it was more of a feel of a situation that may happen; and how you deal with it was the important part.


  • Thank you!

  • Tarot-nick. hello!

    could you please do a reaading, if you still do.

  • I'll try to get to you tonight

  • Marishkaa,

    Here you go,

    Something happened where you are not comfortable

    Some body did something that you don’t know about but it will come to light

    Remember you have the power to do what is needed, if you need to do something put your mind to it and get it done

    Someone is in the way and you will have bumps in the road to get thru

    What happened may leave you indecisive or questioning… but new doors are there to open

    Don’t be afraid to knock down the doors and open them...yes it will take courage

    Be aware that the indecision will affect your choices, like above you have the courage to do it, but it’s up to you

    Seems like all you wanted was peace

    Something about a friend that is has to be all about him…look at me, what about me… that feeling

    The feeling won’t go away quickly but it will get better

    There will be anxiety and disappointment… just work thru it

    hope that helps


  • Nick, thank you!

    I found a new job, temporary, and it seems that i will have problems in it? I don't feel there comfortable, really.

    Could you please clarify, that something that will come to the light - it will cause me problems?

    And that someone that is in the way. do you know why he will be in the way? Maybe this person will dislike me?

    And concerning a friend, this is male friend? And i didn't get the line "look at me what about me", could you please clarify? Thank you!

  • Marishkaa,

    what I picked up was someone did something sneaky or behind your back. I don't know whom or if it deals with work. I do know that you can handle it, but it is going to take some emotions and planning to work thru it. The warning was try not to be indecisive and work thru it and you will be fine.

    The friend I believe was male and what I meant about that was; he is needy where its more about him than you. If you need some loving or caring he will butt in with something about him. It was just something to be aware of, neither good or bad.

  • Nick, i got it now. Thank you very much for your help!

  • Dear Nick! If you have a wish could you please do a reding.

    I am so doubtful and nervous now about my job, do you think i really lack enough knowledge?

  • Hi Marishkaa

    your waiting for something...almost putting it off... trust yourself

    things will work themselves out

    its ok to be quiet and just enjoy yourself

    take that deep breath and let it out, build up your strength

    there was a nice guy around

    but you have been worrying about the fighting

    you will be ok you are strong

    you will be happy, don't worry about it

    again don't get anxious, breath and be happy

    someone will look out for you

    and it comes back to the indecision, if you let fear and worry take you; you can get stuck and not know what direction to turn too. Make your own luck and trust who you are, you can make good things happen...you just have to want too....

    Hope that helps,


  • Thank you, Nick! Your readings are always helpful)

    Yes, i wanted to put off some job, because i caught cold and didn't want to go anywhere, didn't want to teach((

    I am really anxious and indecision is always by me.

    Nick, look out is the same by meaning as to take care or it means that someone will control me? Do you think it is a man or woman?

  • No it was a good feeling, like a helping hand or good advise...

    The feeling I got was if you let go and relaxed... good things are attracted to you, but when you worry you block all that and things go in another direction. So take that breath and think happy...

  • Nick, thank you!

  • Hello tarot-nick, may i ask again for reading please? I feel again depressive( What do you get?

  • Marishkaa,

    Here you go,

    Something didn't work out, like it fell apart

    you wanted it to work, it's like you threw all your ideas in the air waiting for one of them to fall right

    it is ok just to enjoy you, sometimes you just need you time

    right now I don't see movement, so make the best of what you have

    recently you were happy or you got something you wanted

    Don't do things just because that is how you used to do them...sometimes growth is needed

    i feel a nervousness, restlessness....you feel like your waiting for the shoe to drop...

    you have been worrying about a guy, but I get a good feeling like he strong...he has a light feeling to him...like you shouldn't be worrying

    something doesn't workout...sadness...tears

    in that you will have doubt and some stubbornness...being stuck

    once you get through all that anxiety will dissipate and you will feel better

    not a fun one, but I hope it helps;


  • Thank you, not a fun rading but is a right one.

    Nick could you please clarify or maybe give a little more about "Don't do things just because that is how you used to do them...sometimes growth is needed"

    Yes i am worrying about a guy, i have conflicts with him, you mean he is not so bad?

    and "something doesn't workout...sadness...tears" is this connected with this boy? And is it part of a future? Because it was yesterday (connected with a job) how i felt maybe this is about that? Or it is future?

  • /" something doesn't workout...sadness...tears " - or can it be redundancy in 4 month?

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