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  • hello all!

    i have a reading request about this guy.. here is the story: i met him a couple years ago through a mutual friend but didn't care for him at all. he wasn't my type, and i think he felt the same way about me. i saw him again very recently for that friend's wedding preperations and it was totally different this time. i was quite surprised to feel drawn to him and receive the same reaction from him. i think he has a girlfriend though he hasn't mentioned her, and he lives in a different country. i don't know what to make of this (i'm REALLY surprised about MY feelings) and would really appreciate a general reading about his feelings and intentions and the future of this, if there's any at all.

    thanks A LOT in advance!

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  • Hi cylll

    You caught me at the computer so I looked at this question. I also looked earlier today and it looked a little iffy, and this second time is the same way.

    I think the cards are trying to paint a picture of the setting recently.

    (Significator chosen was the Magician so that is this guy, which seems to be a little showy and could be some acting going on, so the reading is on him)

    The Hierophant seems to be the wedding you were at.

    The Tower is the rush of feelings you felt with him this time.

    The High Priestess is the mystery gf above.

    Judgment beneath, that shows a release in some way. Like a new freedom of feeling this time. Differnt than what you felt before.

    Past 9 of Pentacles, that is reversed also, I think there may be something ended with GF, and he feels liberated to seek something new now. "Oh hi Cylll! How wonderful to see you here!"

    Ahead the 10 of Cups. I am not a big fan of the 10 cards, they are reflective of endings in one area while trying to begin something new in another. So this seems to be GF1 is ending, and maybe time for GF2.

    Attitude is the 5 of Cups. so he is having emotional changes in his life, and if GF1 is on the way out, then he could be wanting to find a replacement asap to calm the emotional issues he is dealing with.

    House, his house is the 7 of Swords which can be a little scheme or some strategizing, This card is greatly incluenced by the cards around it, so it seems to be some calculated planning related to his need to make the 5 cups go away and start a new thing with you (10 cups ahead).

    His hope is the 4 of Wands. Yippie, I found a new GF2 and so I won't have to cry over GF1. So that seems to be his hope to reestablish a dependable path emotionally and in connection with the 7 swords (my plan worked!).

    Outcome is the 9 of Swords which is not exactly a love card. It is a ending intellectually and shows the shadow results of the 7 swords.

    I would be careful. The high priestess above all of this, and the 9 swords outcome, I would be really watching your step and not jump into anything too quick. I saw similar cards earlier also, so I think the universe is saying use your judgment and take your time.

    I hope that helps. My 2 cents anyway! Follow your own wisdom.

    best, astra

  • thanks so much astra! such a great reading! truly one of the best i've had 🙂

    i just found out from our mutual friend that the girlfriend is still in the picture, so i don't know what's going on with that. but you're definitely right, i'm going to be careful and let this be because i don't want to get involved in any unfinished business 🙂 so i guess we'll see what happens. thanks again!

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