A love reading- if any one would be kind enough.

  • Hello,

    I was wondering if I could get a reading on my love life.

    There has been someone new that has arrived in my life. I see him almost every day, and I feel myself being drawn to him, so I would like to know the potential for us.

    Is there anything anyone can tell me with regards to this situation?

    Thank you, and many blessings.

  • He has a very potent sexual energy about him and you are very drawn to it....the sexual attraction in you is strong. However it also feels like you are in a transition phase in life and maybe feeling a bit bored, even isolated or lonely. There is a repeated message here for balance. I don't get that there is a strong potential for relationship here, but there is a possibility for the physical attraction to come to fruition in the near future if that's what you want. If you feel that your heart will be too vulnerable i would stay away. If you can keep your Goddess energy about you and not get too attached, then this might provide some fun for you in your current state of boredom or "blah"ness.

  • Thank you, Watergirl.

    I must say that I am surprised.

    Every time he and I have interacted it has been some of the most awkward things I have experienced. I thought it was just that he was afraid of me, as most men are, and my lacking in any social skills.

    No, I don't want a fling with this man. I may not know myself as well as I should, but one thing I know is that I do become attached to people. I fall in love easily, so I know an affair would not turn out well.

    But you are right, I am feeling bored. These past six/seven months I have spent in emotional turmoil. I have made myself reclusive, and am isolated for the better part of my time. Now that time is going by, I guess I do feel lonely.

    And I guess, I do want to be with someone. I know that I need to find balance in my life, but I think I feel like I want to try and love someone now.

    May I ask you if there is someone in the near future for me?

    Or must I be a little bit more patient?

    Many hugs, love and blessings to you Watergirl.

  • Hi El,

    You know, I have not been on this site in a long time but something led me not only to log on but to your post last night. I was, however, just back from a quick trip to visit a friend in an institution after a long and somewhat drama filled week at work. So, trust your gut when it felt "surprise" as you called it.

    I did pull Tarot cards for you last night and there outside of the isolation and loneliness I felt surrounding you, this new presence and situation were all fire cards. However, there was a lack of any long-standing relationship cards which is why I came to the conclusion I did. Something did nag at me afterwards, but I was tired and thought I would wait and see what your response would be.

    Today I am better rested after a good night's sleep and recovery from my week 🙂 I pulled some additional cards today - of the oracle and angel type - and I think that this "fire" presence is the balance that was referred to. You currently are without any passion in your life...feeling a bit bored and becoming reclusive. The Universe has seen fit to place this man in your path....this is not a coincidence!

    If you are normally shy or "lacking in social skills" then use this as an opportunity to overcome this. Make the first move and say hello, strike up a conversation. If you normally fall in love too fast or too hard then remember this about yourself and use this as practice to do it differently this time. I am getting a mirror, which means you may learn more of yourself through him.

    Last, but not least, I think the reason I did not see any long term potential or even relationship cards is because this is part of your learning. To go into this with a light-hearted attitude and just get to know him and enjoy the process without thinking too far ahead or falling too hard too quickly. Not all relationships are meant to last a lifetime, but that does not mean they do not serve a purpose, fulfill us in some way, or that they are/were not worth our time.

    It was also no coincidence that I was drawn to your post. I also have no "passion" in my life right now. Mostly work, although I have focused on giving/helping my friends where and when I can. So I think this was a nudge for me as well 🙂 I, however, have not had the good fortune of such a gift from the Universe!

    Good luck and HAVE FUN.

  • Hello Watergirl,

    I noticed that a lot of other people have been feeling like taking some time out to themselves. Maybe it's synchronization?

    Thank you for the extra reading.

    I think I should be completely honest with you.

    He's my teacher... My previous professor stepped down, and I didn't know about it until that day I had class. Had I known the professor would leave, I would've immediately dropped it, and signed up for something else. I was thinking of dropping it after the first day, but something kept telling me not to.

    Though I wouldn't mind getting in a relationship with him, were it to be long lasting, I would mind "having fun" with him. The thing is, I have never been with a man before. So if he and I were to do anything, it would be the first anything for me. I'm very old fashion and romantic when it comes to 'the first time', so it's difficult for me to see myself doing something with him without commitment. But you may be right that it might be the Universe's way of telling me to ease up.

    Before this, I had fallen for another guy that I have class with. It was an experience I never thought I would go through, but it did me good. The whole experience made me trust in my intuition a little bit more. While I was pinning over that guy, the whole time my inner voice was screaming at me that he wasn't the right one for me. And that happens every single time I fall in love with someone. Yet, this time, I haven't had that screaming in my ear.

    I don't know, so I will leave things be. I will work on balancing my life because I do feel like I'm about to float in to outer space soon. (laughs)

    Thank you so much for your help Watergirl. I'm glad that it wasn't coincidence this time. 🙂


  • Hope you don't mind if I give you a quick reading.

    I asked my cards what they would like to tell you:

    It seems like it's time to look for something that you like. The cards are showing that you need to work for yourself more. Everything else can be left to take care of itself, but that you need to find something for you. It may be something that you need to spend your time and money on too. Artemis is your Goddess card here, and she indicates play for me. That you should go out "hunting".

    The Angels say that it's time for play. You are being called to fill your days with fun, music and joy. This will definitely help you with confidence and restore your faith and power in yourself. And why not? They say that you are such a strong individual, and they love that about you.

    Again, thank you for your help and guidance.

    Eat well, rest well, and laugh every day.

    Hugs, love and blessings to you, Watergirl!

  • Hi El,

    I'm sorry if what i said came across that way - that's not what I meant at all! I just meant to use this opportunity to awaken that part of yourself that you have closed off. Flirtation is fun!! Or just admire him from afar - allow yourself to be a little infatuated just for the fun of it. All that fire I saw was what needs to be awakened inside of you. Honestly, it feels like you got hurt by someone you allowed yourself to trust and now you are gun shy. So that isolation to protect yourself now has you standing on a frozen tundra - it feels safe and yet you do not want to be there as you are starting to feel lonely. Usually when we start to feel that desire or yearning for a connection with another, but are not still ready, we find ourselves attracted to unavailable people. It's ok - it's just part of the proces of healing. Just use it as a first step. Obsessions are never good, but just allowing yourself to open up to flirting or even some innocent fantasy will start to open up that part of yourself. Use that energy to go out with some girlfriends and just have some fun - that energy will be attractive to others and you just might meet someone else. If you choose to just stay in your protective cocoon for a while longer, then like I said just use this teacher as a way to keep yourself feeling alive inside. When you grow tired of just dreaming or fantasizing about him, then open yourself up to what else is around you and notice if the men that keep coming along are still unavailable in some way. This will be an indicator that you still have some "cleaning up" to do with that past relationship that hurt you so much.

    Thanks for the reading. Yes, this week presented many opportunities for me to be strong! My work is my creative outlet and I did start to see manifestation results this week - it was very busy, but in the end satisfying. Now I just need to meet someone I can fantasize about so I can have some fun 🙂



  • Hello Watergirl,

    Glad this past week was good for you.

    I hope you do find someone that you can give all your attention to-- if only just in passing.

    Don't apologize for my misunderstanding. It's my fault for having intense reactions to the simplest thing said.

    Yes, I have a long list of being hurt. I've been told it even extends way back to my past lives.

    But I don't think I have anything to worry about him anymore. Last week We got into an argument, and I saw 'red' for the first time in a while.

    Things have gone from awkward to unpleasant, as I don't want to be in the same room with him anymore, and he doesn't even direct himself to me or looks at me. So that problem got solved. (laughs)

    I hope I pass the class though!


    Much love, and pleasant days.

  • I am desperate for a reading about my love life too, I have been talking to a a woman that I was in a previous relationship with, she is dating someone else but she isn't really sure about the relationship or what she wants, I love her dearly and she has told me she loves me too, I am a Pisces she is a Gemini.

  • Anybody?

  • LastCrusader I think it would be best if you make your own thread and ask for a reading there.

    Try making one in the Tarot or Psychic section too.

    Best of luck

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