Shuabby... could I have a reading please?

  • Hi Shuabby, if you have the time I would very much appreciate a reading.

    I am in the middle of a divorce after 25 years of marriage and things are not easy from any point of view.

    What do you see for me in the near future?

    Thank you for your kindness.


  • Questfort Light,

    In the future I feel a house move for you possible to another area or state where there is more warmth and sunshine as I feel you need the sun now. You feel that you gave the marriage the best that you could and finally gave up on it. The time has come for YOU and that means you will now be going out more socially and making new friends as old ones will fall away from you and you may lose a long time friend that will hurt , but be assured that another more wisdom and fun filled friend will take her place for you.

    You will feel some dispair over money for a short time but I am receiving that you will get what you want and enough to make a life for yourself at this point. Do u work? As I don't feel a job around you now. Do you want to work? As I see you becoming quite busy in the next six months with older people helping them in some ways.

    If you have a question that I have not answered than please send it along to me.

    Time will heal all wounds for you and yes you will be happy again with new people around you and children also in some way coming in here. A cat that is a dark tabby, a male is coming in around you and he will keep you such good company and he loves to play with string and a stick of some kind , also a dog either the dog will be a watchdog type , again a male will be a great comfort for you to have . I see a beautiful german shepherd.


  • Hi Shuabby,

    Thank you for the reading. I am glad you see a move. For the moment I don’t know where I can move to, my main problem is financial. I am already living away from home, in another town but it is a temporary place. I have a job of sorts that is, I am independent and this employment offers no security. Finding another kind of job is not realistic at my age, not having worked for so many years and with the unemployment rate… Funny you should see me helping the elderly. I have been thinking that if I won the lottery or something like that and I did not need to work for a living, the one thing I would like to do is help de elderly. Nobody seems to think of them, it is not glamorous enough, I suppose.

    Those animals you see would imply living in a house and not in town. I would love to live in the country, but I am afraid of being on my own. Country houses are for families, I need a social life of some kind. If I could have a dog again, it would be a German shepherd.

    We always had German shepherds when I grew up.

    Do you see if my apartment will sell anytime soon?

    Do you see a new home for me?

    Do you see a new relationship for me either with a new man or a rekindling of an old love. There is still the man I think of as the man of my life. He disappeared from my life some time ago, will he come back even as a friend?

    Thank you for sharing your gift. You are very kind.

    Warm regards


  • Gentle bump.

  • Hi Shuabby,

    If you have the time I would really appreciate a reading..I have been jobless for a year and ahalf and life in general has been great since my daughter passed away 4 years ago.Can u tell me when i would find something.If I am going to relocate and when.I am divorced.

    Also if i would get a job in my profession or something else.



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