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  • I'm a clairvoyant reader and come here when time allows to do readings.

    First of all the reason you sense a negetive man around you in the future is that your thoughts at this time are on the negetive side. You stated you have no career. Now is the time for you to start one, go to school part time if need be and get started on a career. You can go at night. I feel that you are good with your hands making gifts through crafts which can be a proficable hobby if you care to make it one.

    You will get a job in the next 5 days to weeks and I see CVS drugstore here for you. Have you been there yet? They offer fairly good benifits.

    I feel in the future that you will change your life a lot. You will get yourself together mentally and physically and become stronger with more will power and you may even open your own gift shop .

    People will see you in a different light and be pulled to you so to speak in helpful ways. Always give your troubles to God and the angels and watch how just believeing that you are blessed with his supernatural giving how things will turn around in your life.

    If you have children I feel two around you than your thinking positive and going after what you want and of course we know it may not be an easy road to travel , but the children will be helped just watching you spread your wings and fly.

    If you have a question , please send it to me and I will answer.


  • hi shuabby! this is so kind of you to take time to read my request and respond ! thank you so much !

    i do am looking for a job for more than 6 months but have only seen failure so far! i have a masters degree but because of lack of prior experience because i was home all the time tending my kid i am not able to find even single positive response. i have a choice to go to school but i am totally dependent on my parents and partner at the moment for all my needs and i don't want their monetary help to stand on my feet again. i don't know if it's right or wrong but i so wanted to do things on my own, get started on my own without their help as i have lived a life of a dependent and after going through a great deal of transformation ,both mentally and emotionally, i feel i am more ready to be on my own then i ever was before in my life.

    it's a very new feeling for me but very strong and positive . i haven't tried in CVS pharmacy. i am kind of frustrated now, and want to take a break and go to my parents for a while to relax and have some time off searching for job. one of my friends is very intuitive , although she is not a clairvoyant reader as you are, but she told me that my first job will come from where my parents live . so in a way i am hoping to try this out , as it is i am planning to go there. but i am not sure if it will happen this way or i am just groping for something in the dark and in reality there is no need for it ?!

    i also have this inner urge to do something that could help people/society in some way. it feels as if i have done it in my other lifetime and when i meditate i get visions that i am in a courthouse/legal office where people are sitting in large numbers and they are crying because their children are missing and they are looking at me and asking me to find their children. it is as if i am involved in some kind of investigation. i console them , and assure them that we will do our best to find their children and i make them feel comfortable by talking to them . we are a team of people who work there. i don't know why i get this but i have seen this vision quite a few times and my inner urge to follow a career that helps/serve community in some way fits well with it. i think i can counsel people and make them feel comfortable in their skin . i really feel drawn towards this kind of work. but i am not sure if i will ever do it in this lifetime or not.

    i do am good at creating things with my hands. i have tons of hobbies but i stopped pursuing them few years ago altogether. also i don't know which one to pursue even if i want to go in that direction :(((

    what do you think i should do ? go to my parents and take a break as i feel exhausted already ? do you think this move can open the door to work for me?or learn something new or get myself enrolled to learn some course that could help in enhancing the current status of my resume ?

    i am less inclined to think about this negative man now after reading your post because i truly agree that negativity attracts negativity and i am not helping myself by constantly thinking about it. but i do feel directionless and there is a great frustration and anxiety in my being. i feel lost !!!!!!!!

    thank you for reading me ! sometimes it just feels good that someone is taking time to listen to you when you are down and out. thank you for being kind and generous with sharing your gift with all of us around here.

    blessings !!!!



    There is a country setting with two older people (your parents) and I see that they are expanding their business in some way, You feel as though your child is a bit of a burden and holding you back at times and they will help you with this situation. Do they live by water?

    This would be a calming environment for you for awhile. I also read that there is a man that is married and you may find this not an easy romantic relationship to be or get involved in at this time. You must let go of the past and move forward and there are two suggested choices here for you to consider. A job involving the cruise industry , or looking into the nursing profession.

    Do you sing as this would be a great tharapy for you at this time.

    You will be moving out on your own by the end of this year into an apartment or condo ( you can rent them) . You will be meeting a new friend from TX, NV, AZ area a woman , light in coloring , and she is a good friend to you. Sally or Susie is what I receive here . Yes a new job is coming and you will make good money at it, an older man with light hair and eyes is connected with this job , so look for him in your search. That is what I have received to give you at this time.

    Take Care and Believe in yourself.


  • Shuabby you are very good at this, could you please do a reading for me ? Thanks!!!

  • hey shuabby, thanks for this wonderful insight. you are right. i do am concerned about my child's future and she is one responsibility that i cannot just ignore.if i go out to work i am always concerned that there will be no one to take care of my kid. it's a relief to know that my parents will me helpful in this regard in future. i don't own any business nor are they thinking of starting any , but it could be something that might come up in future so i am hopeful ! i have interest in music . my mom was a singer in her times . i have never thought of giving it a try but people do ask me to learn singing as they like my voice for some reason. i'll think about it now that you have also mentioned it :))

    the another information is very helpful. i'll remember what you said about the married man and be careful. also this man with lighter hair i think i have been getting him in my visions during meditations and i have felt that he will be a helpful force in my career. this reading also points towards the same.

    thank you so much once again for the wonderful insight. i feel blessed due to the fact that you decided to read for me and provide me with such helpful advice. cannot thank you enough !!

    love and best regards


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