~A reading for Autumn~

  • Hi ~ I would Love to have insight on what excitement fall brings on every phase of my life. Thank you so much for your kindness. Love & Blessing ~D

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  • Hi dmick59

    I would love to share a reading for you! I saw your post the other day and wanted to reply, however maybe it wasn't the right moment? I also feel like others may want to read for you, so maybe I wait.

    So, I used the tarot spread app on sacred - texts org which is a great simple application for the Celtic Cross. I have a pic attached of the results.

    The Significator that appeared to represent you in the reading is the Seven (7) of Pentacles, so let's refer to that as needed.

    The two cards at the center (Covers and Crosses) sum up your question, and they are the Justice and the High Priestess. The first thing in mind is that you feel you really deserve this Autumn break! (Justice). And You are secretly longing for it to be Autumn soon! (High Priestess). You do love the Fall don't you? A cozy cottage in the woods, love around a fireplace. Hot toddies whatever those are. You have a really romantic view of Autumn and I can see why look forward to that season. Season of love.

    The card above you, let's say that represents your goal for Autumn. And that is the 9 of Swords. I felt relief there, like Autumn this year will be a time of such relief and you will be consoled in a beautiful way. That little hope you have for Autumn will certainly come true this year.

    Beneath you is a King of Wands. There is someone who cares about you, who has factored in your life in a significant way. You and he have shared something special in the past. He has Fall colors on!

    Let's look at something about your recent past, or an influence now fading. That is the Hanged Man. The Hanged Man is you dreaming, day-dreaming over the water, wishing, wishing. You have been restricted in some way... then Justice. Then the Midnight Empress before you. There was something that left you hanging recently. Connected to the King of Wands and you as the 7 of Pentacles.

    Your life has been left in a state of stalling or limitation somehow in the past. You have been waiting to be free of that. And Fall represents your "symbol" for freedom from this past time of hanging. So with Fall I see a liberation for you Dmick59! It does appear that this Autumn will be especially delightful because that "bound" condition at last is GONE and you are floating away on Auburn leaves. Great big piles of leaves...

    Woosh! And down you go, falling on the pile of leaves your father gathered for you!

    "Woah... Darcy! You really splashed my leaves everywhere! (chuckles) Now your dad has to rake them all back up!"

    "Oh daddy... it is so much fun though! I... love to run to jump on them. You should run onto them too!"

    So the Empress (reversed, Midnight you might say), seems like you as a little girl again. That is what I think is happening for you, that play returns, and you rake leaves and others play, little ones, falling and laughing. In Autumn.

    Okay, the "Self" card seems to be your attitude at present. That is Temperance. So you are already blending in with the golden red hues of that season. Your clothes, already you look for the burnt orange, raw umber. Your mind is really already there! Blending reveals a secret wish that is granted, to blend in other ways too. I believe it is with this King of Wandyland. He will wisk you away!

    Oh, you must join me on my journey, oh King of Wandyland. You must see, what I have done to our cottage!

    The King of Wandyland lowers his gaze to you and meets your eyes. He sees inside of you. He also dreams of the cottage.

    "Oh you have made changes there... again?" the King smiles and asks.

    You coyly avert your eyes from his, and gaze out the window.

    "Oh, look! There! Did you see that, the first leaf of Autumn! Oh that is the sign you must join me. You will like the improvements!" you smile and laugh.

    The King pauses from his puzzle, and glances out the window. Rising slowly from his game, he locks his fair eyes with yours, and walks to you. And pulling you close, he whispers in your ear, "Dearest Queen, you are always seeing that leaf, even on the 4th of July."

    The "house" card, we can look at that as the influences about you this Autumn. The Queen of Pentacles would be feeling so rested and at peace. The Queens are in their place of relaxed environments. So the "environment" around you will be reflected in this card. You will feel like a Queen.

    Your "hope" card. The King of Pentacles. To see the Queen of Pentacles, the Earthy, warm, Autumn Leaves Queen, in the arms (adjacent cards) of the King of her own domain, together in a reading about Autumn can only declare something wonderful in love! Bring extra blankets, for when you want to sit on the porch swing together late at night.

    The "outcome" card is the Hierophant who seems to always have a certain authoratative ring to whatever he says. His words are always true and dependable. Nailing, or firewood. The sound of the wood in the fire is this card. The snap, crackles and pops of Autumn.

    Dear dmick59 I hope you felt the same happiness and exhilaration of Fall in that as I did! I believe this Autumn will be the one you really cherish and treasure more than any other this year. I think every phase of your life is touched by love in that season. So, whatever love touches, grows and thrives so that should apply to ALL other areas, financial, career, everything is enhanced this Fall for You!

    Best wishes for you always,


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  • Hi dmick!

    Yes I did see that. Let me ponder that a little more and I will reply, I was seeing something about you and how your family setting is impacting you. So I will share more a little later. 🙂

    All the best to you, astra

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  • Dear dmick59,

    Okay, thanks for hanging in there. Your message really touched me, I can totally empathize with what you are feeling in that situation.

    I will draw some more cards and then try to respond to what you shared.

    1/2) 6 of Wands and (2) 7 of Pentacles

    3/4) Temperance and 7 of Cups

    5/6) 7 of swords and 10 of Swords

    7/8) High Priestess and 8 of swords

    9/10) 4 of Pentacles and Ace of Swords

    Yes I agree I totally think you are very empathetic and sensitive to people. This situation with your family is probably training, helping you to deepen your own walk in Spirit, and to understand that people are simply trying to express themselves and always not the best method, you know? Deep down your family is all very beautiful people it is just that we all come into life with mixed baggage and attitudes to (unlearn) most of the time. You are showing them what a true child of the Stars is, so they see that! They do see that.

    You have some really sensitive cards, the 7's are very ethereal and reaching upward, the 7 of cups can come across as "distance" to others sometimes, so your family may not understand and may try to "provoke" a response to force you back down to earth. However your path is beautiful and you have nothing to really be concerned about.

    Your aim is blending, that seems to be what you are working with in the family situation. Blending, finding your balance and peace no matter what. Laughter helps I always try to laugh it off and smile. Whatever they are saying just smile and say something like, "I dreamed of the stars last night... and I was taken there." Just tell them something weird and that will get them responding to your "love journeys" instead of you feeling compelled to respond to their underworld journeys haha.

    Below you is that 7 cups dreamy card of love, so that is your " I feel like I am waiting for Love to return to me" energy.

    Behind you is the 7 of swords, that seems to be some of the banter in swords with the family. 7 of swords is a weird little card, it can be funny or it can go the other way, so best to always see the joke in everything. I am one to talk I have really been mr. serious so much in my past so I am grateful to be trying to laugh more.

    Ahead for you now is the 10 swords which is a crossroads of dialogue and thinking, so I see a change in the intellectual climate with you there. 6 of Wands center shows you are perfectly in the right path and all, very nice! Maybe some down time, 7 of pentacles, take plenty of breaks and love yourself.

    Your attitude seems really peaceful (High Priestess), your environment is the 8 of swords. That could be the atmosphere of the home at times. 8's can be really pushy like knowing what buttons to push. The High Priestess will help there. See yourself seated on a white throne in a white room with feathers floating everywhere when the family setting tries to get to you. Mystery is important for you and it doesn't hurt to answer a question with "I simply don't know. " Sometimes we feel like we have to respond to everything however you really don't.

    Your hope and the conclusion of these cards is the 4 of Pentacles. THat is a very stable and dependable physical setting, so that seems to be where all is heading which is very good for you. Quiet, calm, resting and foundations of the physical home life. I think things are going to really settle down for you very soon, and be so nice.

    Beginnings and endings, the Ace of Swords. So, you see? A nice beginning after that 10 of Swords, these cards really go together, as the 10 is really and Ace with a history. So expect a nice, simpler atmosphere of thinking and dialogue, I do see everything becoming really peaceful for you dmick.

    I know how it feels though. Someone close says something and you feel like omg I can't believe I have to listen to this, and I just want to cry... it is painful beyond words, however it must be important to learn something so it is all going exactly as it should for you. A NICE BREAK AHEAD dear dmick59!

    Love and much happiness to you,


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  • Dmick,

    Yes these family situations can be really tough sometimes, it is like they can know how to get you upset, believe me I know. All I can tell you is to keep smiling and be your gentle, nurturing self and it will build fortitude in you. These situations must happen for a reason, I wish I knew exactly why. One day as your children are much older though with their own kids, they will remember how you acted so calm and collected, and they will have their own situations to face. At least you are providing them with a role to follow... thank goodness! How many are growing up today with nothing to follow other than "who ever yells the loudest wins the argument".

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  • Hi Dmick59

    That sounds great on the yoga and pilates, I should try yoga sometime myself... I always think Yogi bear... 🙂

    I am looking at some cards for you on your C question, so here goes... an 11 card Celtic Cross:

    0 - The Ten (10) of Cups

    1 - The Knight of Cups

    2 - The Ace of Pentacles

    Okay so those are the 3 cards that sum up your question. This is mostly cups, and they are rather strong, the 10 is a crossroads, like an Ace with the added idea of a conclusion emotionally. The Knight is very focused emotionally, and the Ace Pentacles seems like a desire to begin a new physical patter in some way. So far it sounds like there is a strong desire evidenced by these cards to begin something very very emotionally nice and as a new material effort as well.

    Then the rest of the cards will shed light on that.

    3. The aim above is the Chariot, so that is a desire to move the relationship forward it seems.

    4. The foundation is the 10 of Wands, that is another crossroads card, saying you or he or both are trying to conclude one path (9) and start a new one (1) so 9+1=10. This is a "viewpoint" also in the relationship, and as a foundation it is something you both "own" or have achieved in the relationship which is a conclusion of an earlier path and a desire to start a new path (together it seems).

    5. The card to the left is a "change" card, could be something in your past the relationship has shared. That is the World. So at some point you and C must have really shared something rather complete, very fulfilling, something was really achieved between the two of you!

    6. This is a very nice social sharing position, could be something coming your way. That is the Hanged Man. That is reflection, not really anything happening. A lot of reflection though!

    7. Another reflective position card, and that is the King of Swords. That could be you thinking a lot about him, this card together with the Hanged Man seems to add up to a LOT of reflecting about or by, a King of Swords. I wonder that he is the one doing all the thinking.

    8. A door and development card, I sometimes think "gifts" from the outer world. This is the 2 of Wands, and that is an affirming card of path, role, purpose. So it sounds like a "development" that leads to an agreement or harmony of path somehow. Not sure how this is conveyed though, the preceding cards are not really in motion. 8 connects to strength and that is a "firm grip" on a situation. It seems like the tarot is saying there IS a mutual path here somehow between the two of you.

    9. This is a "hope" card, which is the 3 of Pentacles. 3's are growth and in pentacles they represent the "real world" so it seems a real longing to see a physical growth of the relationship. I would say the two of you are really wanting to connect physically, see each other, meet up, something like that.

    10. A "wheel" card, circles, what is turning, is the Judgement card which relates to release, freedom, movement, developments. This is a pretty strong sign that something significant is turning between the two of you leading to a freedom to meet up is what I get.

    I get good vibes through all of this Dmick. I think it wasn't time when you saw him those times in the store. Right action, maybe not quite time though. I see you two connecting at some point physically (3P as hope). There will be a meet up somehow it seems. Knight Cups, 10's are itching to move forward and leave 10 land. The Chariot above. The Ace Pentacles. 2 Wands is very affirming (yes energy). This all sounds great to me that the universe is arranging something for the two of you.

    I hope that helps. 🙂

    love, astra

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