Captain...could you give some insight please??

  • Hi Dear Captain,

    I am back in battle with the ex-husband (well, more like his family I believe). Officially it is him that I am battling. I need to know if my court date next week will be favorable to me for my children's sake. I really just want this mess over with, but I don't want him coming into and out of the boys' lives. I am so physically tired of all of this mess...My ex husband and his family are so vicious on the attacks they have been sending my way. I have a lawyer now, so I believe that will help me immensely, but I am still very scared. Please pass on any information you may have for me. Please please.

    Thank you for any advice or information you can give me.


  • The power that your ex and his family had is fading away rapidly. They can no longer hurt you. You and your children will be fine.

  • And fear means lack of trust in a Higher Power (and yourself or anyone else) to look out for you. Believe in your own strength and reach out for angelic help.

  • Thank you Captain....I keep forgetting to ask for help....I do have aabig problem with that. Lol. Thank you for the reminder. 🙂 I am seeing blue skies and white clouds for some reason....Thank you for sending such peaceful. Caring words mys way. Big happy skies to you! 🙂

    Thanks again


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