I feel depressed:((can someone please help me ?

  • i have been looking for a job for past one year and nothing good has happened. can someone please read and see what is coming up for me career wise? i am totally disconnected to my life and surroundings because of my inability to change this situation for better and i feel depressed and feel like running away to somewhere! i don't have a career . my intuition picks up that i will find a job in future but then i see someone around me who is deceptive and doesn't want me to do good in life. he seems to be selfish and an opportunist. i feel like crying when i feel him around me in future. all this happened during meditations and now i have stopped meditating altogether. can you guys please help me understand what is coming up career wise and who is this selfish man and what is he doing in my life in future?

    many thanks for your help!

  • Hi Ace of Cups, I'm sorry to hear that you are struggling at the moment.

    Perhaps you will find someone who feels you would benefit from a reading and offer you one. In the mean time the last few posts by the Captain on her blog may be of some encouragement to you, as they touch upon turning around situations that feel stuck. Also, on psychic protection.

    It sounds like a difficult lesson you're working on at the moment, but you can come out the other side. You can make it.

    All good wishes.

  • hey greenshoots! thank you so much for the good wishes! they mean a lot at this time in my life. i'll definitely check out captain's blog. thank you for taking time to read my post and add your viewpoint.

    i'd request readers on this forum once again to provide me some insight if they can. i actually feel very nervous and uncomfortable going through this transition. any help would be really helpful!

    thank you!

  • Hi aceof cups,

    Here is a reading, I pick up on feelings to help you see from a different perspective.... hopefully it will help.

    it like you are feeling deceived...or someone working against you

    you need to know that in time it will work itself out...need patience

    you have all these dreams, like you threw them in the air and you can't reach them

    its also not helping that you are going from one thing to another

    but recently someone gave you good advise

    and with jumping from one thing to another...you are feeling dull... you need to focus

    that focus will allow you to achieve something

    you also have been worried about a guy... think about this one...he’s always looking for a fight...and I get the feeling he is I can do this I can do that....look at me

    there has been a lot of change and disruption, feels like things falling apart

    you need to take control...use your skills of working with others set a plan and go for it....think it out and think it thru...

    and the deception that was up above, you will figure out who it is...

    Give it time and you need to set your own direction and work thru it...make a goal and work towards it...having dreams is great now go get them...it won't just fall to you...work for it

    Hope that helps,

  • funny I was just browsing...I didn't realize shuabby gave you a reading...good advise...

    this reading is similar...just from a different perspective

  • hey tarot-nick , this is great piece of information. i just came back and saw both your responses!! i'll keep this in mind going forward. i do feel deception strongly but will take it easy now that i atleast know there is someone around me who can be deceptive and be more cautious. you are very right about the need of taking control in my hands and focussing on the matter at hand . i do tend to give away my power randomly to others that always works against me. thanks for the reading. i'll try to update you on this in future ! thank you once again for your time and insight.


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