No forgiveness

  • Can anyone advise what can be done in a household where people are holding onto anger and hurt?

    My partner and my teenage son had an altercation about 6 weeks ago which resulted in my partner saying he would only come to the house when my son wasn't around (I share custody of my son with his father so he is there half the week). I have been frustrated that the situation has not improved but now my partner says he feels uncomfortable in the house even when my son isn't there! I am new to feng shui but I understand that buildings can hold emotions and memories of the past can linger. Both my son and partner are very strong willed and don't let things go.

    This is starting to make me feel ill and I can't carry on like this.

  • HMMM when theres a difference of opinions or conflict.... there's always professional help

    like parenting & counseling for both your partner & for your son.... if he's at an age ( 15 -16-17- ) well there's really nothing to do but be patient and continue to be loving understanding and remind him always that you are there for him ..NO MATTER WHAT...

    HE COMES FIRST.. BEFORE ANYONE ELSE IN YOUR LIFE......i would also recommend that you share this with the boys father...... maybe thw both of you can help your son get past some blocked up anger or frustrations in his life...

    a little space is also good.... but not so much that he disappears on you... lolol

    let me know how it goes...

    peace to you & yours


  • Hi Mile

    Thanks for your response.

    My son and I have been having counseling for about 5 weeks and there has definitely been some improvement in the way we communicate with each other. I feel he is really making an effort. I have had no luck bringing anyone else to the table though! There is no back up from his father and my partner is stuck stuck stuck in is indignation!

    I hear what you say about putting my son first and being there for him. Although I get frustrated I have faith that he will get through it.

    I will keep plodding on.



  • anytime Lola, gladto help..

    I hear ya i have two boys myself, when they were younger, they had their moments of being difficult &

    Lola, continue with his counseling, he will level out & and find his place in life

    finding him part time volunteer work will help him to grow U& become a proper independant loving young man / personality his character will shine bright with proper guidance & love...

    peace to you !!

    xx Mille

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