Scorpio desperatly needing some insight!! Reading please!

  • My BD - Nov, 4, 1984. His BD- May 21, 1984.

    This is a guy Ive been involved with for the past 6 months. He is an alcoholic and has been sober for a week now. Things have been going downhill for the past 2 months but Ive been still hanging on and offering my love and support because I love this guy. Since hes been sober, hes been acting like he could care less towards me, totally non- chalant. Im not sure if thats guilt or what. Ive gone above and beyond for this guy and I get nothing back and at this point I would just like to know whats going on with him towards his feelings for me. Do I walk away, or keep holding on? Is there someone else?

    As a scorpio, this is killing me. A reading would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • Ashley, this relationship tends to be easiest for friendship and worst for marriage or a long term commitment. It is characterized not by a struggle for power but by a serious attempt to give the relationship a direction. This cannot always be accomplished by unanimity of opinion, which too often leads to well-meaning decisions that are never implemented - one partner really has to take the lead. This decision-making power however may change hands from one situation to another, reversing the roles of leader and follower. When areas of expertise or experience are clearly defined, the choice of leader is obvious, but conflicts may arise in day-to-day situations as to how roles are played out, and it is here that the relationship's intuitive focus either succeeds or fails.

    A love relationship will favour your partner taking the lead even if it doesn't appear that he is being aggressive or forceful in any way. He may use emotional manipulation to get what he wants. He can often be highly passionate but your depression may emerge in direct proportion to sexual intensity. For someone like your partner who needs to be appreciated and expects joy to be the result of such lovemaking, this can be paralysing. If neither of you is willing or able to take the lead and adopt a realistic hard line, a marriage or love affair may flounder, tending to drift, lose direction, and finally wind up on the rocks. Any children you might have would suffer from having nervous or depressed parents preoccupied with their own problems and rarely having time for the kids, a very tragic result. Friendship is so much easier between you two since you can form an extremely close and empathic bond, where the lead can change effortlessly with little or no conflict. Resentments and annoyances will surface here as well but can usually be expressed and released, where they may not in a romantic, more intensely emotional relationship.

    Your partner's greatest challenge is learning to balance giving and receiving. His way forward is to understand that offering help to others and receiving support back (not just taking from others endlessly) is fundamental to his psychological growth. He has big dreams but may find himself unable to translate these dreams into reality and may thus plunge into egotism, unhappiness, defensiveness, and frustration. It is very important for him to get into the driving seat of his life and stop depending on others because, if he can find the strength to take action, the chances are extremely good that he will succeed. Up until the age of thirty, there will be an emphasis in his life on learning, study and communication and, because of this, he will probably have been an alert and quick learner at school or college. His ability to learn quickly may have worked against him however as he may have found himself restless or bored with formal education or training. His early years may have been difficult as a result because others could not relate to his often ingenious turn of mind. After the age of thirty, however, there should be a turning point which shifts his perspective toward emotional security and stability - and it is during these years that he is most likely to come into his own. As long as he is careful that his confidence does not turn into conceit, there is very little that can stand in the way of his success from then on.

  • Thank you for responding. Although it's not what I hoped for, I appreciate the honesty Captain!

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