Was I used? Gemini man, Scorpio woman.

  • My birthday - November 4, 1984

    His Birthday - May 21, 1984

    I desperatly need a love reading! This man has had me on an emotional rollercoaster for the last 6 months. He has struggled with addiction and PTSD and I have been there for him through it all. Things have been falling apart the last 2 months and we arn't on speaking terms anymore. He decided to get sober a week ago and we hung out a few times since, but it was so akward and he could barely speak to me. I dont know if thats guilt for the way hes treated me, or a general dislike towards me now that he is sober. I love this guy and his non chalance towards me is so hurtful, to the point where I have had to delete all contact with him. Im also getting a gut feeling that there is someone else. If someone could please give me some insight so I can either continue supporting this guy and loving him, or walk away for good, I would be so appreciative. As a scorpio, this unknown is KILLING ME!

    Thank you so much!

  • Maybe he has manipulated you with his words, his promises. Maybe you have taken these words and promises far more seriously than he intended. Whichever one is the truth, you have definitely fallen for him. You believe you are destined to be together. He may be love of your life, but at this point in his life, you are not yet, love of his life.

    The connection between you is not a romantic one - I will not say it can't be - it's just that in order for that to happen, you have to allow him a lot of space and time to be on his own. How much is a lot, only he knows the answer to that. How long are you willing to wait, only you know the answer. This is a true test to your idea of relationship, of commitment between two people, of your idea of love and lovers, your idea of settling down together.

    Also a great test of your patience. You are surefooted, consistent, determined, assertive. He can be all these, but only when under great pressure, or when he has made up his mind to achieve something - and it takes a long time to make up his mind. If you push him, he will despise you and avoid you like a plague. He is constantly changing, could be change of residence, change of job, change of mind, change of social circle, whatever it is, he likes a change or two in his life. Anything permanent can cause him to feel restricted/limited and he will fall into depression/addiction. He may also become rude/violent, self-destructing himself, shuts down and turn away everyone that loves him or cares for him. As I said before, you have to allow him a lot of space and time to be on his own.

    No matter how cold he appears to you, he is actually amazed and greatful by how devoted you are, how much time and energy you have spent, to help him heal. These are the qualities he adores you for and he often wonders if he can ever repay you. He will be in your life for a long time, due to so much appreciation of your support when he was in need and the qualities he admires in you. You have fallen deeply for him and so your heart will keep longing for him for a long time.

    This is all I can see in the charts. I hope this helps. I am not here much, if you have any more question, maybe someone else can help. Take care!

  • This makes alot of sense and you got a lot of things right on the head. Thank you for replying. Do you feel anything in regards to their being someone else?

  • Some of us only initiate change, when necessary. Stability is just as important as change to us. But to others, stability is equal to stagnant. They can go weeks or months the most, before the urge to initiate change, comes back.

    I cannot say for certain, that there is someone else. I can say that the current transits are increasing his popularity. Old friends, new friends, friends of friends, all pouring out into his life. This is a good time to re-build his life after depression./ addiction. None of these is permanent, so it is best that he takes advantage while it lasts - which is a test of patience on your part. If he does meet someone new, or rekindle romance (this can go as far as the year 2000, years before he met you) you need to remember that none of these is permanent.

    I hope this helps!

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