May I have a reading Captain or from any reader who is available

  • I have had a friend for 55yrs. We went through many experiences and I felt we where like sisters The past 5 yrs she has changed a lot and I feel as if I do not know her any more I have had several breakdowns in the last 10 yrs. she is very strong, She knows my past & I know hers, Her husband and mine where best friends. They died many yrs ago. I have had many hardships in my life and I am completely puzzled and saddened at the situation I am in with her. I have one blood sister lefti in this world and she say,s We as a family never understood your strong attachment to her as we felt she never understood you (example) I would say something is white and she would say it,s black. This is what I have been told many times over the yrs. and lately I SEE IT AND FEEL IT . Why did it take so long?? What was blocking it from me.?

    My date is Feb. 5th 1943 ..7;30 P.M. Hers is Jan 6th 1942

  • There is rarely a dull moment in this relationship. There is excitement aplenty but you two can wear each other out, as well as those around you, if you don't moderate your drives a bit. Prone to overstressing yourself, you Leinida must be careful to keep the relationship from pushing you beyond your limits. Your friend should be tough enough to stay the pace but can come to resent the relationship's tendency to seduce her away from her beloved work/projects. But the attraction towards ever more imaginative endeavours is hard for both of you to resist and you may end up sacrificing whole areas of your lives to keeping its insatiable flame burning brightly.

    A friendship here may be seriously dedicated to having as much fun as possible. Laughter plays an important role here, not only as an indicator of good times and close feelings but as an escape from more serious matters, often ones that desperately need attention. Your friend can often feel burdened by the responsibility of personal, home or work matters and loves to escape with you into light fun times. She reacts badly to real or imagined criticism or rejection. This relationship is usually characterized by a tendency to avoid the unpleasant, whether feelings, duties, or deep psychological problems. You two are capable of enjoying each other for years on end, but then one day things come crashing down under the accumulated weight of the longtime inattention to your problems.

  • Hello Captain, how nice of you to respond to my post, I will go back to my Artistic interests, my writing ,My paintings and more reading. I no longer have the need or desire to be a social butterfly to simply please others, the truth be known I never did.. I know now what it is...... I don,t feel comfortable in a PLASTIC WORLD where people are self absorbed., and concern themselves more with Their hair and creams and material things, "as for me " I like being with my children,

    grandchildren, .. and along with the artistic side I enjoy music ( I have 2 son,s that are professional musicians).............. and very important and gratifying to me is developing a better understanding of our Spiritual World and how it can help me in my desire to be Enlightened. I really don,t know how this will turn out,,, I am fine either way. I guess I just did a bit of a RANT. I,m laughing now. OK .... I,m done....... Thank you for your time and wisdom..... leinida

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