Making my own Oracle deck

  • How hard would it be to combine certain tarot cards that seem to say some of the same things as a way of cutting down the number of cards in a deck? If I could do that and collect all positive meanings together and all negative together, I could use new names for the cards and have a complete deck that never used a reverse card. Any ideas would be appreciated. I have many diverse type of decks gilded tarot plus other non tarot decks. I feel like if someone else can make an oracle deck I can too. Just bought blank tarot cards for the creation process. Just need the spark of an idea.

  • Tarot cards are really just a way to prompt the reader's psychic visions if they cannot do it without any help. The images on the cards have a different effect on each individual reader. I think the guides or explanations that go with them may do more harm than good if they distract the reader from their own interpretation. And I have never liked the idea of reversed cards. I think the simpler and less distracting the card, the better. Many of the images are about archetypes. Lots of card decks are just variations of each other. Perhaps mundane objects (like an apple or a tree) that are around us every day might stimulate a vision. Maybe colours would do it. Maybe photgraphs of different people or animals might work. People 'perceive' in different psychic ways - some see, some hear, and some feel. Maybe a deck that combines the visual, audio and some sort of touchy-feely sensation? If cards could be tailored to each individual, it would be great.

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