Captain, may i ask for a reading?

  • Hello again CAPTAIN! Hope all is well and life is magical where you are. I have been blessed to have your readings in the passed, and with your help i've actually been preparing for my big move to Los Angeles. For the longest time, it has been scheduled for later this month but now it seems EVERY obstacle life can imagine has been thrown my way. My father has disowned me and whatever reason, my roommate and I can’t hold down an apartment. I no longer know if i'll be able to move in with my roommate and might have to start looking for another place to live. It's not ideal, but i may have to live on my own.

    These past few months have been trying and from our last reading, I knew I was in for a tough year but I had NO IDEA how tough it would really be. I guess this situation is good, as it forces me to think on my feet and be a stronger individual. But I can’t help but question myself now. Do you still see me moving to Los Angeles in the near future and what do you foresee for me career wise? Any help is greatly appreciated, Captain. Thank you for all your insight.

    My name is Bryan Mora and my birthday is May 13 1988

  • It sounds simple, Bryan, but taking time out to think about the pros and cons before you make a decision will show that you are prepared and therefore less likely to attract seemingly 'bad luck'. I feel your greatest challenge is learning to control your impulses and to think before you act - your way forward is to understand that self-control is the key to success in your life; without it, you are like a reed blown about by the wind. You have a rather untamed 'wild child' nature that will need some self-discipline. You possess the ability to win friends quickly and easily and, as a result, to attract good fortune. Unfortunately, this can sometimes make you the object of envy or resentment. Thus you may have to go it alone at crucial points in your life if you want to get anything done. I know practical concerns and routine can be boring and unfulfilling sometimes. With your love of movement, change and variety, if you do find yourself stuck or restricted in anyway, you may get depressed or behave recklessly. But acquiring practical knowledge and learning to really commit to what you want is what life is trying to teach you at the moment. Life is testing you to see if you can stick to your guns or will instead just give up. Focus on your goals and don't stop until you reach them, no matter what. Earnestness and sense of purpose - combined with the enthusiastic enjoyment of life that is your defining feature - are the keys to finding success in all areas of your life. Your possibilities for happiness and achievement are limitless. Your lifepath is to learn to commit yourself on a deeper level to people and situations. Once you find it within yourself to delve deeper, your destiny is to invigorate, inspire and—if necessary—shock others into progressive ways of thinking and doing things. You may not be able to control what happens to you in life, but you can control how you react to challenges and changes.

    Before the age of thirty-seven, you need to work on deepening and strengthening your physical and mental approach and outlook on life; after that age, you will become more concerned with emotional commitment.

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