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  • I don't know why, but for some reason, people keep using the word "retarded" to describe me. I feel for those who actually are intellectually disabled, but I've never felt this word described me. I don't try to act stupid or anything like that. So, what is it? I would say that people are using it just to be mean, but the way some have treated me, it's obvious they actually believe that I actually have an intellectual disability. It's just a frustrating way to go through life. Is there anything I can do to stop this? Will it get better over time? I just never had to deal with anything like this before and it hurts.

  • HIya

    Yes such accusations hurts like h*ll and they gnaw at you. Frankly it says a lot more aboiut the person themselves who utters this accusing you claiming what you is. it is their own personality.

    what they splur out is JALOUSY. nada more nada less.

    trust me when i tell u this. ive had my fair share of namecallings accusations n such bllsht sent my way online, to my face, in writings ALL my life.

    BUT when i thought about it and started to say this it stopped some. I said:

    What you say i am really shows who you are as a person and what your personality is as.

    I would also say, "What you claim i am really shows who you are deep down as a human being"

    At others times i would just retort, " thats your opinion which i do not share ever." Or " Well seems to me you have a problem which aint mine."

    I guess it depends on who it is. When it becomes unbearable i have said to the a*s listen, you´re accusations, namecalling hurts deeper than you realize. why must you hurt people?"

    N if nothing helps just say " I am sorry your life stinks right now, but i aint your enemy. dont make me one"

    In ways ive found such nasty people respond well to the unexpected kindness and grace one shows in face of their nastinesses. my various responses have been made in various situations. id say they all work.

    Just know this dear, you´re one smart tough cookie and dont let anyone else say you aint.


  • or you can ask them with a smile "why are you describing yourself as a retard" if it gets really bad and then walk away I used this a few times and after awhile they came back and apologized

  • mh83

    You will find that in life there are people that know how to use words to get at other people like what you are now going through. The best way to handle this is when it is said to you, start to laugh in front of them and than walk away. Laughing lets them know that they have not hurt you with what they just said to you. It should stop them in their tracks.

    Sometimes we have to endure such things to build what some would call backbone, life is full of these kind of people and you have to learn how to handle them and protect yourself from being hurt and beleiveing what has been said to you. I would also suggest to you that you ask for devine protection before you leave your home and ask that Arch Angel Michael walk with you and protect you from any negative people you may encounter through out your day.

    Happiness is coming your way and I see you at a party like a bithday party soon where you will really enjoy yourself and some new make-up that you will buy will make you feel so good when you put it on and wear it. Some new clothes also in deeper colors will make you feel wonderful and uplift your spirit. A good friend is coming your way if not already around you her name begins with an A and she has a lot of spirit and you will learn from her in a good way.

    Hold you head Up


  • Thanks to all who responded. This is just a difficult part of life that I have to accept. It seems like some people just don't have respect for their fellow beings. And some people just seem to have no concept of the fact that what they say might hurt others. Or they don't care that they're hurting someone else. Charmed and shadowmist- you have reminded me that sometimes it's OK to say something back. And Shuabby- you reminded me that even if something seems unpleasant that it can be an opportunity to grow. Thanks again, everyone.

  • yw dear

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