Would like a reading regarding my college class

  • Hell im 34 yrs old and currently in my last course of my veterinary technology program. it is a surgery lab clas where everything is hands on. we take everything we learned and apply to the spay and neuter being performed on the animals. anyway im struggling with my grades in these weekly labs where we do one of 3 positions throughout 3 rounds of 3 times at each position. im barely passing them and the last couple iv failed. luckily I passed my midterm. Iv been studying really hard( more then ever in my life!) I go into lab confident and feeling prepared and ready and to my dismay/surprise I flunked it! so I know the majority of the information knowledge I need to know but I get points off cause I forget steps in the procedures or certain tasks and details that add up to deduct a lot from the total grade. please help me, what am I doing wrong! why cant I get a good handle on this class? will I pass it? and graduate from my program???

  • Try to focus on one step of the procedures at a time. Look at each question and write down the steps you need to take in order to answer it, use that as your guide and do one step at a time.

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