Astra Angel please do a reading for me!

  • Hi Astra,

    I would like you to do a reading for me please. I recently started seeing a guy and i seem to like him a lot and would like to know from you if i am wasting my time with him or i should move on. his dob May 24th 1979 and my aug 12,1973.


  • Hi brokenheart2011

    I looked at 10 cards for you and this is what I got:

    Significator: 9 of Cups

    Covers: 10 of Cups (r) crossed by an 8 of Wands

    Past: 6 of Wands

    Ahead: Ace of Pentacles

    Crowns: Magician

    Beneath: 7 of Pentacles

    Self: 10 of Wands

    House: King of Swords (r)

    Hopes: Hermit

    Outcome: The Empress (r)

    I would say that you have very high hopes for this to work out (9 cups representing you).

    The covering and crossing cards show a 10 cups rev crossed by the 8 wands. That 10 cups is a crossroads card, it says you have completed one emotional pattern and are awaiting starting a new one (Ace). So it sorta shows you at a holding place in moving forward with this person, although you really want to (8 of Wands).

    The foundation of your relationship style is 7 of Pentacles. Recently, a very developed path that was quite successful for you. Personally. And yet now all of a sudden you are at a standstill, or trying to determine what to do. The 6 of Wands could show a very happy setting that you are now leaving emotionally (10 cups) and yet are still waiting until you know it is the right thing to do. The 7 of Pentacles under you shows that you have a history moving slowly in relationships. I think you are wise to do that, take it slow and plenty of pauses as long as you need.

    The Magician crowning you shows what you would really like in a relationship! Happy, innocent, fun, like kids, playing, simply having fun together and the love is magic! Your hopes in love are very important to you and very aspiring, so that is great, a high standard in love.

    Before you is the Ace of Pentacles, and that is a new physical pattern, and holds all of the potential for a new home, physical, security patterns. That seems to say something new will soon begin for you that is a physical realization (of some form).

    Your "self" in this matter, your attitude is the 10 of Wands, and that is another 10 which indicates more crossroads sorts of settings. This shows me that you are having to really weigh out life and relationships before you take chances. You are really a pondering sort, you really try to understand the other person so well before you dive in.

    The "house" is a King of Swords (r) so there is an influence around you, coming from your outward reality that is a patterned 3 of intellect. This means you seem to be encouraged to grow intellectually, and it relates to more hidden areas of life. This almost sounds like you are very interested in psychology and what makes us tick. You are a student of love, as well as a participator.

    The hope is the Hermit. Ah and now we see why you pause so long before you allow yourself to drink deep of love's still, dark waters. It is because your concept of love is so deep and beautiful, so heavenly, that you must wait for the perfect Knight to arrive. Only then, only when you know this man's heart very well, do you open to him fully. You remain the hermit for a while, even a relationships because it is a higher relationship you seek. You are after the heavenly love dear brokenheart2011, and nothing less will do.

    The outcome is the Empress (r). This is a lovely card of nurturing and tenderness, as this is a subconscious orientation of the card, (mc), you are experiencing a "night time" nurturing setting. The moon, stars, the cups of love sound nice with the Empress. The Empress reversed sleeps, and she dreams and she dreams of love.

    Well, I tell you what, the Ace of Pentacles and the Empress are both super nice cards. To me the cards looks very promising, I saw nothing here that seemed to say "run!" haha... I hope that helps. From the two 10's showing, I caught a little sight of you feeling a little weary in love, and would like a partner who was easy going. I can circle back and look at your charts.

    Woah, I just looked at his chart and his is wild, he has Venus, Mars, Mercury, Moon and Chiron all in Taurus! So an earthy guy who probably likes to eat at Outback a lot. His Sun is very near in Gemini. So he loves to communicate about all of that Taurus stuff, anything Earthy and loving would be his mo. This man could be very physical in his relationship style, so watch his tentacles.

    So your a Leo, and his Jupiter is in Leo, so his Jupiter is going to make you feel nice about you when you are around him. He expands your happy warm personality.

    you have Mars in Taurus. So things could be pretty exciting between you two physically. Your moon and jupiter in aquarius, so you have a real love of mysterious sorts of settings, night time walks on the beach under a moon, arm in arm with someone you love, you totally live for.

    Venus in Virgo, love must have a time and a place! (and don't leave your socks there 🙂

    It is very interesting that your chart placements are very well distributed around the entire wheel. And his are very concentrated in Taurus. So he probably feels a very nice "relief" when he is around you, as you balance him in that way.

    okay I probably told you way more than you wanted haha... blessings and happiness!


  • Astra,

    Thanks so much for the reading 🙂 your readings are so good, so on point and amazing! it perfectly describes me 🙂 its been a long time now that i have been getting readings from you and every time is very good.

    can you tell me Astra about my job situation?

    can you tell me anything about the way this guy feels about me?



  • Hi brokenheart2011,

    You know, I looked at some cards for you on the career question yesterday. I think you are heading toward something new in career. It looked like you were really doing some soul searching about finding the kind of work path you really love! Is that sorta what is going on with you? I didn't see any pentacles at all, except the one inside the Emperor, so the money is not the important thing for you, it is doing work you love so much to do. Because it is coming from your heart.

    I will look at some cards now on your guy... hang on...

    10 of Wands / companion a / midnight

    Page of Pentacles /companion b / midnight

    10 of swords / crowns / midnight

    The Knight of Cups / beneath / noon

    The 2 of Swords / Behind / noon

    The Page of Cups / ahead / noon

    The 4 of Swords / Self / midnight

    The Knight of Pentacles / House / noon

    The King of Swords / hopes / noon

    The Hermit / Outcome / noon

    Ten of Wands and the Page of Pentacles

    That sounds like your paths crossed and there was instant physical communication, this is all happening below conscious awareness. It shows something going on though, and the path crossroads sort of hints at another path trying to close. Maybe.

    Ten of Swords, night, above - whew that is intense. That shows he is really thinking about something for sure, and it must be connected to this 10 path effort.

    K night of Cups, beneath, that shows he has a background here as seeking love, relationship, something nice, he believes in love.

    The 2 of Swords, behind at noon, something recent. I almost wonder if that is an earlier swordsy relationship. 2's say companions. Something may not have worked out for him. Leaving him trying to start again...

    Page of Cups, ahead. And that is noon So that shows he is really fond of you, and wants to take a risk in love with you. I think his heart is open again to love.

    His attitude is quiet though. the 4 of swords at midnight. I wonder that he is shy? The Hermit at the end of the reading says he is searching for a deeper love. His attitude seems to be at rest on the matter. He is paused while he decides, how to move ahead with you.

    House, Knight of Pentacles. I am not sure what this card means here.

    Hopes, King of Swords. That is weird. Why is he hoping for more swords? He just got down with the one swords thing, and he wants more? It could be communication hope with you, Kings are patterned 3's, so they are growth in their suit. So he wants to communicate with you, I think is the sense here.

    And the outcome, the Hermit. Like I said, he seems to be on some sort of higher love search. Maybe his medium is words and thoughts on canvas. His heart is all about love though I think, The knight and the Page of Cups sounds like a sincere guy.

    I hope something nice develops here for you brokenheart2011!


  • Thanks Astra, you are an Angle once again:)

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