Are Aquarian men unromantic???

  • Just wondering! From a gemini.

  • Their sign says they are distant type people, I happen to have an attraction a strong attraction to an Aquarian man and I am a pieces, go figure. He is attracted to me also but he plays head games I call it any way. He's constantly is a "thinking things threw mode", I call it "FIGURE FIGURE CAVE YOURSELF IN MODE! " He is very charming and appears to be caring for man kind, but in retrospect he's looking out for himself in a realationship. I could go on forever to try to understand him but I won't, he's a man with male needs and a being of the human race if he acknowledges it or not!

  • I have hinted to him I need romance, or some sort of gesture on his part if things are going to progress....but...yeah, he has a lot to deal with right now, and I told him I just dont feel like a priority for him...almost ready to throw in the towel.

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